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Devils Tower in Every Home

Drake Passage



1-Methylphenidate 180
1-Alprazolam 90
1- Trazodone 60
1- Sertraline 30
5- Andes Mints
2- Pimple Ball


How Photos Are Made.


“Gelatin has been used in the production of photographic products for over 100 years.
The gelatin used in photographic products comes from the bones and hides of pigs and cattle. Gelatin is manufactured from the protein collagen. The exact manufacturing process used depends on the properties the gelatin needs to have. The hides or bones are soaked in an acidic or basic aqueous solution for a period of time ranging from hours to months followed by a gradual increase in temperature to extract the gelatin. The gelatin solution is then drained and washed. After the pH is adjusted, the gelatin is filtered, clarified, concentrated, and dried. In some cases the gelatin is chemically treated some more. The gelatin used by Eastman Kodak in its photographic products comes from a subsidiary company, Eastman Gelatine Company (www.eastmangelatine.com). Eastman Gelatine produces gelatin for the imaging, pharmaceutical, and food industries. The gelatin produced for the imaging industry is the highest purity gelatin produced because of the sensitivity of the silver halide crystals to any chemical impurities.”

February 2015

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Good Afternoon.  Get Ready.