Monday, June 18, 2012

Letter to the President from CA Conrad

Dear President Obama:

Thank you for being the first president in United States history to make clear the inequity lesbian and gay Americans are facing. You’re very brave.

It’s extraordinary that you would risk your career by coming out in favor of lesbian and gay marriage. As a gay man I want to thank you, as a country’s leadership can make all the difference in stemming violence against LGBTQ people.

Because you are so brave president Obama, let me implore you to please talk openly about the gay genocide underway in Iraq since your inauguration. For several years this extermination program against gay men has been sanctioned by both Sunni and Shiite clerics, and has cost thousands of lives.

No political asylum has been granted to a single gay man in Iraq, and all who seek protection have been turned away from the Green Zone. As an American gay man I am not interested in my rights if they destroy the rights of gay men abroad. The lesbians and gay men who serve in the United States military have helped to destabilize the secular government of Iraq, and have indirectly led the way to this most alarming genocide against gay men.

Gay men and women have no allies in Iraq against this rising religious extremism. It would make all the difference if you would talk about the genocide. In the end gay marriage and military service for LGBTQ Americans is pointless if we endanger the rest of the world without any effort to rescue those LGBTQ people left behind in a country we have torn apart.

Your speaking out against this genocide would lead the way to creating petitions for political asylum and safe homes for these persecuted gay men. As an American I am horrified by this genocide resulting from our invasion and occupation of Iraq. And as an American who voted for you, who has had great confidence in you, I ask you to please speak up for these gay men in Iraq who have no voice and no protection.

Your voice will mean everything. Thank you Mr. President.

Most Sincerely,

Philadelphia poet

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