Monday, June 18, 2012

Excerpts from a Letter to the President from Zoe Strauss

"The idea I could be invited to the White House for a LGBTQ event, in my lifetime, is something I could have never imagined.  Thank you." 


"While I am thrilled about your support for marriage equality, I am hoping you will work to make marriage equality a reality by federal legalization and support of same-sex marriage. " 


"...Please get that DREAM Act through. 


"... I would suggest reinstating Glass-Steagall as a start."


"America should rethink the current structure of capitalism as the basis of the US economic foundation.  I am looking forward to a when there’s truly economic and human rights for all, globally. "


"And from my friend Sally, who helped me with the words above, 'Single payer national health insurance for all.'  I totally agree with her. "

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