Friday, December 09, 2011

Fugue state

Last night at about 2:30 AM I woke myself up laughing at something I was dreaming about, and then found that I WAS STILL WORKING ON THE COMPUTER, cropping the Pacific Ocean image IN MY SLEEP. Then as I was coming to, totally confused, I saw that Gandalf was in a haze of light talking to the hobbits before they sailed away from Middle Earth and managed to wake up enough to turn off the muted Lord of the Rings and get upstairs and in bed with my lady.

Side note- often I talk in my sleep and at times with increased stress or when I'm working overtime, this increases.

Here's a good example of my sleep talking:


ZS (asleep)- "I just decreased the font size"
LB (awake)- "What?"
ZS (asleep)- "I'm so glad you're not Pippa Middleton."


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