Thursday, December 08, 2011

Billboard Project Map

Made by the incredible cartographer and overall awesome lady Michelle Schmitt.


Anonymous said...

Zoe this is so inspiring. I'm hoping to get to Philly to see the billboards in person! How did you make this happen? It's a perfect extension of your I95 installation- so great!
Eagerly following your progress. -s

ZS said...

Thanks Sonja... I honestly CAN NOT believe this is happening. 54 billboards! And wait until you hear it happened... the museum bought space on 7 billboards and all the rest are DONATED! By two differnent companies, Krain and Clear Channel. And now get ready to hear the thing that's going to BLOW YOUR MIND. The great majority of the billboards were donated by CLEAR CHANNEL! I have loved working with Clear Channel... they are supporting an anti-marketing, anti-ad, conceptual art project, filled with subversive and difficult images with incredible generosity. We are the most unlikely partnership in the history of the world.