Monday, October 31, 2011

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Thursday, October 27, 2011


1. The spectacular Bob Raughley. One of Delaware's finest. I love that guy.

2. Marlo, a man whose son got in trouble for words, but his son learned an important lesson.

3. A woman who was getting on my nerves so much. Jesus, she didn't stop talking. And then she mentioned that after hurricane Katrina, her sister was found dead in her New Orleans home, on top of her refrigerator.

4. A man who blamed unions for the downfall of everything.

5. A barber who lived and worked in West OakLane. He had just bought a horse and named her Loretta Lynn. He was also baffled by my being gay.

6. A flight attendant who had a lesbian mother and had just moved back to Southern Louisiana.

7. A man who had to fly back to a city he wasn't from to face DUI charges. He hadn't told anyone in his family and make up an excuse for why he had to go back.

8. A woman who was drunk and crying and explained "my dad died two weeks ago." She stopped crying in the first 30 minutes of our flight and got excited about her trip to Florida. She had a pretty heavy Philadelphia accent.

9. A woman who fasted one day a week along with a prisoner who she mentored.

10. Juanita who really reminded me of my mother-in-law.

11. The awesome Valerie Wilson. First, she got some free drink tickets because someone was rude to her when she was checking in, so she generously offered to get me a drink so we could have "cocktails on a plane." We talked about a lot of things and I asked if she would write something brief about one of my photos. I was honored to receive it from Valerie. Thank you, Ms. Wilson.

Everyone Needs A Second Chance.

How far would we be as a nation, as a community, and as a people if we gave second chances? A second chance to the mother who lost her children to addiction, or the youth who made a mistake as a kid, or the man who lost his job and became homeless, or a soldier who returned from war mentally scared, or the person who committed a crime and paid his debt to society. A second chance to find their uniqueness, respect their journeys and redefine their forever changing authentic selves.
Second chances don’t come often enough, but when they do come, who knows what kind of difference we all could make. Conceivably we will become better teachers, better doctors, better neighbors, better friends, better lovers, better parents or simply better human beings.

By Valerie Wilson

181- everyone deserves 2nd chance.jpg


There are so many amazing things that happened with the above seatmate discussions that I haven't listed here.


12. Earlier this week, this woman and I were waiting to be picked up at the Philadelphia airport. She said "I always wear these glasses when someone picks me up from the airport."

I always wear these glasses when someone picks me up from the airport_3488 web

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Atlanta Celebrates Photography Lecture Tomorrow!


Artist Lecture: Thu, Oct 27, 7pm - 9pm

The Atlanta Contemporary Art Center
535 Means St., NW
Atlanta, GA 30318 [map: Google Maps]
p: (404) 688-1970

Hope to see you then if you live in Georgia.

Wait. What?

Monday, October 24, 2011

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Class Warfare In Philadelphia: Program 4 – Unions and the Public Sector

LA news, from the LA Times, about a big LA personality.
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Saturday, October 15, 2011

CalArts Visiting Apartment Re-do

when I arrived

visiting artists apartment_1834 web
and now!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

10 Years

Are you ready for this?

Zoe Strauss
10 Years

Edited by Peter Barberie
With essays by Peter Barberie, Sally Stein and Zoe Strauss

Forward by Timothy Rub

Chronology by Samantha Gainsburg and Grace Ambrose

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

No Joke.

Love you, Dagger.

Monday, October 10, 2011

options_1487_1 web

Desperate times, desperate measures.

Avian Compulsion

birds and power lines_1642 web

I am absolutely compelled to photograph birds. It's a Pavlovian photography moment that's akin to a dog whistle being blown into Snoopy's lifted beagle ear. The ensuing photographs are almost always completely uninteresting, but I couldn't care less. I can not stop myself.

Johnny Cash List

Thanks to my lady for sending me this.

Cal Arts Curriculum

no trespassing_8142 web

Mortgage crisis in Memphis.

Thinking of Allan with love and gratitude.

Here's My Brother In The NYT

Sunday New York Times: What's popping with notables as Andrew W.K., Robin Roberts, Marcus Samuelsson, Fred Armisen, Diane Savino, Al Sharpton, Isaac Mizrahi, Ed Koch, Wendy Williams, Mario Batali, Cyndi Lauper, Russell Simmons, Steve Earle & Allison Moorer, Cornel West, Padma Lakshmi, Cedar Walton, John McEnroe and Cosmo Baker.

Dear Friends, My cell phone is not holding a charge for very long, making it difficult to use unless it's plugged in. So I'll be difficult to get a hold of for a little bit until I get a new battery or am back in my CalArts dorm room. Thanks for your patience.

"who's calling, please?"
"2005 calling to claim your battery."

Greetings From Southern California!

valencia ca_1349 web

How Can Anti-Authoritarian Critical Thinkers Rise Above Their Pessimism and Fight?

Sunday, October 09, 2011

Enjoying dorm life for the first time ever in my dorm room at CalArts. Weight room is the illuminated window in the background. Earlier today I had 3 freshman music majors in for a chat. They just came in through my window, which is kind of like a door as you can see.
The prism has popped up a remarkable number of times in the last 2 weeks.

South Philadelphia

Philadelphia Facebook Group Friend

I keep seeing images of prisms_0942 web
Occupy LA

The Half-Life of History: with photographs by Mark Klett and text by William L. Fox

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