Thursday, September 22, 2011

Notes from the Memphis Airport La Quinta or One Day In Mississippi or The Day Troy Davis was Murdered

September 20, 2011- In the evening, flew into Memphis, Tennessee.
Above Memphis, Tennessee

sky_7232 web

In Memphis, Tennessee

crossroads memphis_7398 web

Memphis at Night

elvis presley blvd inn_7469 web

September 21, 2011- Drove from Tennessee to Mississippi

Route 61

no trespassing_8121 web

no trespassing_8089 web

gold_8159_1 web

highway 61_8253 web

highway 61_8267_1 web

highway 61_8280 web

working on highway 61_8303 web


Clarksdale, Mississippi: Crossroads

tires at the crossroads_8404 web

tires at the crossroads_8531 web

crossroads pole_8444 web

cadillac at the crossroads_8605 web


To Rosedale, Mississippi

cotton_8651 web


Rosedale, Mississippi: Crossroads

information center cadillac at the crossroads 2_8676 web

wood sign at the crossroads_8678 web

kayla_8798 web

kayla showing gunshot wound_8807 web

kayla_8810 web

kayla_8817 web

kayla showing gunshot wound_8832_1 web

kayla showing gunshot wound_8872 web

kayla showing gunshot wound_8875 web

Wishes for a speedy recovery and much love to Kayla Reed, who seemed to be waiting for me at the crossroads. She was shot last month in Chicago and came down to stay with some of her people in Rosedale. She's healing up ok, she was shot 3 times and one of the bullets went right through her hand and that's causing her the most problems.

Looking forward to seeing you again, Mz. Reed.


Route 1

gas station_8994 web


Clarksdale, Mississippi: Riverside Hotel

room where bessie smith died_9143 web

riverside motel room_9175 web

rat_9196 web

rat_9188 web


Clarksdale, Mississippi: Crossroads

tires at the crossroads_9346 web

tires at the crossroads_9386 web


Highway 61

cotton_9400 web

cotton_9398 web

cotton_9443 web

no trespassing_9551 web


September 22, 2011- In the morning, flew back home to Philadelphia, PA from Memphis, TN.

Above Memphis, Tennessee

sky_9736 web

Clarksdale Sites

Robert Johnson Blues Foundation

Cross Road Blues

Robert Johnson: the Legend, the Devil, the Crossroads, and 27

How to Locate the Devil's Crossroads of Robert Johnson in Mississippi

Robert Johnson sold his soul to the devil in Rosedale, Mississippi

How to Locate the Devil's Crossroads of Robert Johnson in Mississippi

Bessie Smith


Geographical Investigations of the Alluvial Valley of the Lower Mississippi, 1944. By Harold Fisk.


Unknown said...

damn zoe! these are awesome!

if you are near tunica go eat here:

ZS said...

I drove by the Blue and White! I want to go back on a real trip, not a one day deal and that's high on my list. I did go to the Blue Levee in Rosedale it was amazing. Also, love you, Manny.

Fritsch said...

Heartbreaking beautiful storytelling, Zoe. Since days I keep returning just to drown in this one of a kind post. Damn brilliant!

All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

ZS said...

Thanks, Fritsch!