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Fuck you to whoever stole our trunk full of drinks. Popped the lock, then the trunk and STOLE ALL OF OUR DRINKS FROM COSTCO. It happened overnight, so neighbors by Dickinson and Juniper, please be aware of a car break in incident. It's nuts because it had to be either several people or one person coming back and unloading. What the fuck?

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izzy_3583 web

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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

"Poetry is the way we help give name to the nameless so it can be thought."
- Audre Lorde

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

In Loving Memory of Lawrence Edward Rose, Jr. 10/19/87 - 7/12/07

mattress flip

Lawrence "Boo" Rose is pictured here standing on the right, in back of the mattresses. He was shot in June 2007, close to where this photo was made, and died on July 12, 2007.

Today I met his mother, Dorthea, and his sister, Sumayya. I'll write much more about this later, but I love Dorthea and Sumayya and we are now in it for life. Boo has brought a lot of joy into the world through this photo and I hope that his image will continue to bring love, connection and healing for as long as it will be seen.

rip boo_3569 web

Sumayya, Lawrence's sister, memorial tattoo.

Dorothea Richards_3572 web

Dorothea Richards, Lawrence's mother.

Love you.


"Do not go gentle into that good night.
Rage, rage against the dying of the light."


Be Near Me When My Light Is Low
Lord Alfred Tennyson

Be near me when my light is low,
When the blood creeps, and the nerves prick
And tingle; and the heart is sick,
And all the wheels of Being slow.
Be near me when the sensuous frame
Is rack'd with pangs that conquer trust;
And Time, a maniac scattering dust,
And Life, a Fury slinging flame.

Be near me when my faith is dry,
And men the flies of latter spring,
That lay their eggs, and sting and sing
And weave their petty cells and die.

Be near me when I fade away,
To point the term of human strife,
And on the low dark verge of life
The twilight of eternal day."


We are all near, and many have benefited from your life and your presence. I have benefitted in too many ways to count.

Monday, July 25, 2011


Sunday, July 31 at 6:00pm - August 1 at 12:00am

Philadelphia, PA

Created By
Esadiva Maven

Dear Friends,

I am asking for your help! My little sis and I collecting SNEAKERS to send to needy/impoverished people of AFRICA.. There are 300 MILLION without !! I ask you to dig in your closets and find OLD/GENTLY USED SNEAKERS -MEN, WOMEN, KIDS....ANY SIZES ..THEY DO NOT HAVE TO BE NAME BRAND!!!






15 Wonderful Words With No English Equivalent

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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Welcome Back...Well the names have all changed since you hung around, But those dreams have remained and they're turned around.

Many, many thanks to the art museum for recovering the files below. And many thanks to Ms. Sam Gainsburg for commandeering the mission.


maverick_3134 web

tabitha_3071_1 web

kia_5294_1 web

Kia and her cousin_5273_1 web

half house camden_5345 web

Who'd have thought they'd lead ya (Who'd have thought they'd lead ya)
Here where we need ya (Here where we need ya)

Captivating Films, Complicated Truths

Wednesday, July 20, 2011



1. Philadelphia, PA (If You Reading This)
2. Camden. NJ (Woman in Salmon Shirt)
3. Philadelphia, PA (Save)
4. Philadelphia, PA (Wawa Parking Lot)
5. Philadelphia, PA (Bed in the Little Room)
6. Philadelphia, PA (Kike Grocery)
7. Philadelphia, PA (Nan and Petey)
8. Philadelphia, PA (Metropolitan Hospital)
9. Philadelphia, PA (9th and Snyder Lottery)
10. Madrid, Spain (Woman With Red Hair And Blue Dress Outside of
11. PA Turnpike (Econolodge)
12. Chicago, IL (Tonya)
13. Fairbanks, AK (Fairbanks Truck)
14. Atlantic City, NJ (Blue and Red Motel)
15. Philadelphia, PA (Two Pregnant Women)
16. Philadelphia, PA (If You Break the Skin)
17. Las Vegas, NV (Red Carpet)
18. Philadelphia, PA (Doors in Open Structure)
19. Philadelphia, PA (Al Showing Chest)
20. Conyngham, Pa (Top of the 80's)
21. Muckleshoot Reservation (Sage Jumping)
22. Philadelphia, PA (Philly Fried Chicken)
23. Terre Haute, IN (Together We Make Dreams Come True)
24. Philadelphia, PA (Benny Krass)

25. Philadelphia, PA (Vanessa)
26. Philadelphia, PA (Everything Is Name Brand)
27. Philadelphia, PA (Mummers Kissing)
28. Philadelphia, PA (Paula's Union Hall)
29. Anchorage, AK (Mountain Range O'Malley)
30. Philadelphia, PA (Shot Appliances)
31. Las Vegas, NV (Your Future Starts Here)
32. Folcroft, PA (Ashley's Grandmother)
33. Las Vegas, NV (Circus Circus Lights)
34. Scranton, PA (Firefighters)
35. Philadelphia, PA (Taken Down Posters Cantrell St.)
36. Philadelphia, PA (Mummer in Front of Gas Station Convenience Store)
37. Truth or Consequences, NM (Truth or Consequences Couple)
38. Philadelphia, PA (Michael Myers)
39. Camden, NJ (Camden Mattresses)
40. Camden, NJ (Uniform City)
41. Lectoure, Gers, France (Mario)
42. Philadelphia, PA (Melrose Diner Payphone)
43. Philadelphia, PA (Woman Walking at Berks Full)
44. Philadelphia, PA (Lights in Chinatown)
45. Centralia, PA (We Love Centralia)
46. Philadelphia, PA (Toasting from Window)
47. Las Vegas, NV (Adam and Eve Room)
48. Scranton, PA (Woman Behind Balloon)
49. Chicago, IL (If You Can Dream It)
50. Pottsville, PA (Dorthia)
51. Atlanta, GA (Rainbow Video)
52. Crystal, NV (Ah So Sexy)
53. Philadelphia, PA (Mummers Urinating)
54. Philadelphia, PA (Half House on Boulevard)
55. Philadelphia, PA (Bunny)
56. Philadelphia, PA (Wench On 2 St.)
57. Camden, NJ (Beth)
58. Las Vegas, NV (Photo Mural)
59. Philadelphia, PA (Whopper)
60. El Paso, TX (Woman in Front of Hair Color)
61. Gulfport, MS (Billboard w/ Vinyl Blown Off)
62. Chicago, IL (Mexican Football Fans with Man Sitting)
63. Philadelphia, PA (Tattooed Penises)
64. Philadelphia, PA (West Phila Mattress)
65. Philadelphia, PA (Escalades)
66. Darby, PA (Pepsi Painted Over)
67. Frazier Park, CA (Nigel at San Andreas Fault)
68. Philadelphia, PA (Mask on Back of Head)
69. Outside Las Vegas, NV (Cell Palm)
70. Philadelphia, PA (How Do I Look?)
71. Philadelphia, PA (Wearing White T-shirt)
72. Chicago, IL (Cinderblocks)
73. Philadelphia, PA (Yellow Flea Market Curtain)

74. Philadelphia, PA (Daddy Tattoo)
75. Denver, CO (Balloons By Judy's House)
76. Fairbanks, AK (It's A Long Way To The Top)
77. NA
78. Philadelphia, PA (Green and Red Food Market)
79. Gulfport, MS (Venetian Blinds Blown Out)
80. Philadelphia, PA (I----- Smoking)
81. Whittier, AK (Whittier Basketball)
82. Camden, NJ (Thin Woman with Cherry Water Ice)
83. Atlantic City, NJ (Red Carpet Mirror Ceiling)
84. Camden, NJ (Lisa)
85. Las Vegas, NV (Giant Mouth Pleasures)
86. Philadelphia, PA (Neighbor in Street)
87. Philadelphia, PA (Take A New Look)
88. Camden, NJ (Camden Vent)
89. Asbury Park, NJ (Asbury Tilly)
90. Philadelphia, PA (Rosemarie's Bed)
91. Camden, NJ (Camden Crack)
92. Philadelphia, PA (Ridge Ave.)
93. Asbury Park, NJ (Alarm Calls Police)
94. Philadelphia, PA (Leo's Mantle with Medications Flash)
95. Philadelphia, PA (Showing Sternum Scar)
96. Biloxi, MS (Shirt and Pants Hanging)
97. Camden, NJ (Salt Pile)
98. Philadelphia, PA (I Love You Memorial)
99. Las Vegas, NV (Kelley)
100. Miami, FL (Man in Wheelchair)
101. Philadelphia, PA (Holding Crack)
102. Philadelphia, PA (Ice on Stairs in Projects)
103. Crystal, NV (Honey He Really Fuck Up)
104. Philadelphia, PA (Woman In Yellow At Berks El Stop)
105. Las Vegas, NV (Motel Deadly Quiet)
106. Philadelphia, PA (Mummer with Blunt)
107. Palmer, AK (Landing Strip)
108. Philadelphia, PA (Gunshot in Leg on Gurney)
109. Philadelphia, PA (Titanic)

110. Springfield, PA (Chandelier)
111. Philadelphia, PA (Marines Billboard)
112. Wildwood, NJ (Redemption)
113. Philadelphia, PA (American Face Paint Making Out)
114. Philadelphia, PA (Man's Back)
115. Monmouth County, NJ (All Americans)
116. Muckleshoot Reservation, WA (Johnny Moses)
117. Las Vegas, NV (Allied Forces)
118. Philadelphia, PA (Vietnam Hand)
119. Camden County, NJ (This Is Your Warning)
120. New Orleans, LA (Red, White and Blue Gas Station)
121. Chicago, IL (Woman Throwing Box from Window)
122. Las Vegas, NV (Father and Son Greyhound)
123. Near Reading, PA (You Can Feel Good About)
124. Philadelphia, PA (Cars)
125. Philadelphia, PA (Let's Roll/ Anxious)
126. Palmer, AK (Car at Water)
127. Philadelphia, PA (Dollar Magic)
128. Limerick, PA (Virginia)
129. Biloxi, MS (McDonalds)
130. New York, NY (Sincere's Arm)
131. Denver, CO (Judy Padilla)
132. Las Vegas, NV (Circus Circus from Parking Lot)
133. El Paso, TX (Woman at US/Mexico Border)
134. Philadelphia, PA (Bulletholes)
135. Chicago, IL (Yes We Did)
136. Philadelphia, PA (Linda Sunoco)
137. Near Ellengowan, PA (Coal Billboard)
138. Las Vegas, NV (Sheila and William)
139. Philadelphia, PA (Keep the Fuck Out)
140. Philadelphia, PA (Buddy)
141. El Paso, TX (Carlos Parents On Bed)
142. Philadelphia, PA (Paris In Jail)
143. Philadelphia, PA (Alzheimer's)
144. El Paso, TX (Power/Ower)
145. Gulfport, MS (Clothes In Lot)

146. Madrid, Spain (Woman Holding Dead Bird)
147. Philadelphia, PA (South Philly Fireworks Reed and Juniper)
148. Philadelphia, PA (New Tattoo Jorge)
149. Anchorage, AK (Skateland)
150. Philadelphia, PA (Everything)
151. Biloxi, MS (Vincent)
152. Philadelphia, PA (Smoking in Bed)
153. Philadelphia, PA (Death to the KKK)
154. Ocean City, NJ (Chanel Navel Ring)
155. Las Vegas, NV (Satisfaction Guaranteed)
156. Philadelphia, PA (Do Rag)
157. Pottsville, PA (Visitors)
158. Fairbanks, AK (Home on Trailer)
159. Camden, NJ (Christine Putting On Eyeliner)
160. Philadelphia, PA (Gunshot Wound)
161. Philadelphia, PA (Phylicia's Wall)
162. Philadelphia, PA (Merry Christmas House)
163. Scranton, PA (Hillary Supporter)
164. Philadelphia, PA (Bags on Floor)
165. Philadelphia, PA (Victoria Hysterectomy Scar)
166. Rural Southern NV (Most We Feared)
167. Philadelphia, PA (Smoking at Stove)
168. Gulfport, MS (TV on Second Floor)
169. Las Vegas, NV (Casino Walkby)
170. Philadelphia, PA (Monique Showing Black Eye)
171. New York, NY (World Trade Center)
172. Philadelphia, PA (Refinery)
173. Near Gorman, CA (Hills by San Andreas Fault)
174. Philadelphia, PA (Benny Krass Jokes)
175. Philadelphia, PA (Mummer With Flag)
176. Camden County, NJ (Bushes in Front of Tech School Door)
177. Pottsville, PA (Half House Pink)
178. Las Vegas, NV (Man Nude on Bed)
179. Atlanta, GA (Equitable Reflected Outside Window)
180. Philadelphia, PA (Kelly Harper)
181. Gulfport, MS (Refrigerators)
182. Las Vegas, NV (Bed With Pillows)
183. Muckleshoot Reservation (Holding Xmas Present)
184. Gulfport, MS (Fist with Dollars)
185. Philadelphia, PA (High Hopes)
186. Philadelphia, PA (Shark Bite)
187. Philadelphia, PA (Swastika Tattoos)
188. Landsdowne, PA (Good Night)
189. Las Vegas, NV (No Trespassing with Man Walking)
190. Philadelphia, PA (Jean)
191. Camden County, NJ (Stay Alive)
192. Philadelphia, PA (Election Night)
193. Madrid, Spain (Woman Selling Lottery Tickets)
194. Philadelphia, PA (Mattress Flip)

195. Las Vegas, NV (We Will Win)
196. Las Vegas, NV (Ken and Don)
197. Muckleshoot Reservation (Kaia)
198. Philadelphia, PA (Frank Sinatra)
199. Biloxi, MS (Mom Were OK)
200. Philadelphia, PA (Flowers on Table)
201. Philadelphia, PA (Nicks Pizza)
202. Anchorage, AK (How Universal Can It Be?)
203. Crystal, NV (Art Showing Loaded Revolver)
204. Northern New Jersey (Three Smokestacks from Train)
205. Philadelphia, PA (Sisters)
206. Chicago, IL (Woman at Cabrini Green)
207. Philadelphia, PA (Melissa's Handstand)
208. Camden, NJ (Bail Bonds)
209. Philadelphia, PA (2922 Princeton Ave.)
210. Camden, NJ (Camden Teardrop)
211. Philadelphia, PA (I Love You Billy)
212. Philadelphia, PA (Mummer w/ Bud)
213. Philadelphia, PA (Seafood Soul)
214. Wynnewood, PA (Star)
215. Camden, NJ (Two Women Camden)
216. Asbury Park, NJ (Asbury The City)
217. Biloxi, MS (Gold Tooth Wedding Ring)
218. Philadelphia, PA (Basketball Hoop)
219. Ocean Springs, MS (We Love Having You Here)
220. Philadelphia, PA (Victory Annex)
221. Auburn, WA (Drive In)
222. Pahrump, NV (Fireworks)
223. Biloxi, MS (MLK Parade Orange)
224. Asbury Park, NJ (Good Food Here)
225. Philadelphia, PA (New Years Blazer)
226. Camden, NJ (White Trash Whorse)
227. Philadelphia, PA (Interior Election Night)
228. Philadelphia, PA (Don't Drink or Sit Deleted)
229. Philadelphia, PA (Angel)
230. Lectoure Gers France (Butcher Shop)
231. Philadelphia, PA (Call Unto Me)
art opening in bogota_4100 web

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"Sometimes we drug ourselves with dreams of new ideas. The head will save us. The brain alone will set us free. But there are no new ideas still waiting in the wings to save us as women, as human. There are only old and forgotten ones, new combinations, extrapolations and recognitions from within ourselves, along with the renewed courage to try them out. And we must constantly encourage ourselves and each other to attempt the heretical actions our dreams imply and some of our old ideas disparage. In the forefront of our move toward change, there is only our poetry to hint at possibility made real. Our poems formulate the implications of ourselves, what we feel within and dare make real (or bring action into accordance with), our fears, our hopes, our most cherished terrors."

Audre Lorde
"Sister Outsider: essays and speeches"

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Buck Moon

buck moon_3181 web

buck moon_3170 web

South Philadelphia Buck Moon
gusher site_3827 web

Sneaker Drive

Thanks to E. MAVEN for putting this together...

"I am asking for your help! My little sis and I collecting SNEAKERS to send to needy/impoverished people of AFRICA.. There are 300 MILLION without !! I ask you to dig in your closets and find OLD/GENTLY USED SNEAKERS -MEN, WOMEN, KIDS....ANY SIZES ..THEY DO NOT HAVE TO BE NAME BRAND!!!






Sunday, July 17 · 6:00pm - 9:00pm

Philadelphia, PA

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

There is a big job fair today at citizens bank park. Around 60-70 of the areas hottest companies will be on hand to give instant interviews. This event is free to attend and parking is also free. 10am-2:30pm.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Email is fixed, but why bother? I'm hundreds of thousands of emails behind on everything. And my cell phone is not fixed. I opened it today to "16 unheard messages." Thank G-d, I've got my super assistant, Grace Ambrose, helping me out.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Can't send email from my regular e-mail and won't be able to figure it out until Tuesday. I can check messages on facebook tonight if you need me.

Friday, July 08, 2011

Betty Ford, a trained dancer, poses after dancing atop the Cabinet Room table in the final days of her husband's administration in 1977

Thursday, July 07, 2011

A few nights ago I had I dream I was hanging out with the friendliest cat ever. It was a long-haired, mostly white cat and would come over and put an arm around a person and hug them. Also this cat had a Flyers logo tattooed onto it's front leg. The tattoo was in the cat's skin, but the hair grew out in the colors of the tattoo.

Nostos: the very first thinking about the structure

The Odyssey: Book II

"Dawn came, showing her rosy fingers through the early mists, and Telemachus leapt out of bed. He dressed himself, slung a sharp sword over his shoulder, strapt a stout pair of books on his lissom feet, and came forth from his chamber like a young god."

Rouse Translation, 1937


"When primal dawn spread on the eastern sky her fingers of pink light, Odysseus' true son stood up, drew on his mantle, slung on a sword-belt and a new-edged sword, tied his smooth feet into good rawhide sandals and left his room, a god's brilliance upon him."

Fitzgerald Translation, 1961

I'm mostly going with the Fitzgerald translation, but for this passage I'm going with the Rouse translation.

charday day before shipping out_5067_1 web


The Odyssey: Book IV

"Never, anywhere, have I seen so great a likeness
in man or woman"

el hatch_1031 web
el hatch_6727 web
el hatch_6734 web
el hatch_6728 web


The Odyssey: Book III

"Now Zeus forbid, and the other gods as well,
that you should spend the night on board, and leave me
as though I were some pauper without a stitch,
no blankets in his house, no piles of rugs
no sleeping soft for host or guest! Far from it!
I have all these, blankets and deep-piled rugs,
and while I live the only son of Odysseus
will never make his bed on a ship's deck--
no, not while sons of mine are left at home
to welcome any guest who comes to us. "

The Odyssey: Book XXIII

"That bed
that rest is yours whenever desire moves you"

bed with pillows_1 web.jpg


Felix Gonzalez-Torres
by Ross Bleckner
BOMB 51/Spring 1995, ART

Felix Gonzalez-Torres

Loss Within Loss: Artists in the Age of AIDS by Edmund White

Cookie Mueller. From Cookie Mueller's wikipedia page:

"Cookie Mueller grew up with her parents in the Baltimore suburbs in a house near forests, a mental hospital and railroad tracks. She was nicknamed Cookie as a baby: "Somehow I got the name Cookie before I could walk. It didn't matter to me, they could call me whatever they wanted." During her childhood Cookie, along with her parents, brother and sister, took roadtrips across the country:
'In 1959, with eyes the same size, I got to see some of America travelling in the old green Plymouth with my parents, who couldn't stand each other, and my brother and sister, who loved everyone. I remember the Erie canal on a dismal day, the Maine coastline in a storm, Georgia willow trees in the rain, and the Luray caverns in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia where the stalagmites and -tites were poorly lit.'"

Walking Through Clear Water in a Pool Painted Black by Cookie Mueller

La Corona
La Corona
The Crown
The Crown

Antoinette Conti_0232_1 web

Fernando Treviño_5409_1 web


The Odyssey: Book IV

But now it entered Helen's mind
to drop into the wine that they were drinking
an anodyne, mild magic of forgetfulness.
Whoever drank this mixture in the wine bowl
would be incapable of tears that day--
though he should lose mother and father both,
or see, with his own eyes, a son or brother
mauled by weapons of bronze at his own gate.

hands_7621 web


fortune web.jpg


The Odyssey: Book III

"The sun rose on the flawless brimming sea
into a sky all brazen- all one brightening
for gods immortal and for mortal men
on plowlands kind with grain."


"The butcher-boy puts off his killing-clothes, or sharpens his knife
at the stall in the market, I loiter enjoying his repartee and his shuffle and break-down."

Walt Whitman, Leaves of Grass

The Odyssey: Book III

"Aretos brought clear lustral water...
Thrasymedes who could stand his ground in war,
stood ready, with a sharp two-bladed axe,
for the stroke of sacrifice, and Perseus
held a bowl for the blood. And now Nestor,
strewing the barley grains, and water drops,
pronounced his invocation to Athena
and burned a pinch of bristles from the victim.
When prayers were said and all the grain was scattered
great-hearted Thrasymedes in a flash
swung the axe, at one blow cutting through
the neck tendon. The heifer's spirit failed.
Then all the women gave a wail of joy--
daughters, daughters-in-law, and the Lady Eurydike,
Klymenos' eldest daughter. But the me
still held the heifer, shored her up
from the wide earth where the living go their ways,
until Peisistratos cut her throat across,
the black blood ran, and life ebbed from her marrow."


Book III

"they kept on to their journey's end. Behind them
the sun went down and all the roads grew dark."


are we not drawn onward
drawn onward to new era


To see thoughts and work behind cultural products doesn't diminish the magic of the final product. Knowing the chemical process of how a Polaroid works doesn't lessen the amazement of when the image appears.


Fragments from Wedding Songs

"Raise high the roof-beam, carpenters.
Like Ares comes the bridegroom
taller far than a tall man.

Artists, raise the rafters high!
Ample scope and stately plan--
Mars-like comes the bridegroom nigh,
Loftier than a lofty man. "

The Poetry of Sappho


Butler’s Authoress of the Odyssey: Gendered Readings of Homer, Then and Now
Mary Ebbott


La Corona

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

At the studio today born again white guys in recovery said Namaste to Asian neighbors. They sometimes say Namaste mistakenly to Mexican neighbors. An illegal casino is happening in the kitchen right across the alley from the backyard and I can't keep up with weeds. I scheduled cement work in May and they kept pushing it back until they totally bailed on me. I need electrical work and there's no internet at the studio.

Thanks to my next door neighbors, who are the greatest and so patient with my weed up keep. My neighbors on the other side are friendly, but speak minimal English.

I feel behind on everything and I'm working non-stop. I'm on facebook about 3 hours a day at this point while I'm waiting for large files to open, but I'm thinking that's going to cut down quite a bit when I don't have to stare at the computer waiting for something to open.

I've got a crazy stalker which had been slowing me down, but I refuse to hold back on my commitment to transparency through the end of 10 Years. My lady had said that comes with recognition for one's work. OK, I'll try and handle it.

Ron's got a set of new teeth and they look great. I'm having a show at the art museum. Paid for my root canal today, and always anxious about money. Taxes need to be done.

declaration of independence on side on mom's house, percy's end_8009 web

Happy 4th of July from Percy's End, 19147.

The Knight/NEA Community Arts Journalism Challenge

Just as cultural institutions pursue new methods to engage audiences in the digital age, so too must our information portals find innovative ways to inspire and engage communities by providing platforms for high quality cultural coverage and criticism.

The Knight/NEA Community Arts Journalism Challenge application will be available on July 6th.

It is specifically focused on eight communities where Knight Foundation invests:

Akron, Ohio
Charlotte, N.C.
Detroit, Mich.
Macon, Ga.
Miami, Fla.
Philadelphia, Pa.
St. Paul, Minn.
San Jose / Silicon Valley, Calif.

No idea is too unusual. Embedding a nonprofit reporter in a for-profit news organization? Creating a new collective to share professional work on a volunteer basis? Asking the community to decide which arts stories are best and put up the money to cover those? Have better ideas that never would have occurred to us on our own? Fill out and submit the online application form at

Knight Foundation and NEA will award first round winners up to $20,000 to develop their “Idea to Action” plans to provide a clear description of your project and how it will impact arts journalism in your community including new ideas for collaboration and sustainability. From this pool, we will identify a second round of winners who will receive up to an additional $80,000 to implement their idea over a two year period.

Applications must be received by midnight (EST), Thursday, Aug. 18, 2011

Disposable Heroes: The Dufala Brothers turn trash to treasure and back again.

Yes for Steven and Billy and yes for the Northeast and yes for Philadelphia. Whhooooooo!
I have moved into the next level generation, where people under 30 have no idea what I'm talking about. I was talking about stuff today with an acquaintance of mine and no one around knew these things but us.

1. Rula Lenska
2. Susie Chapstick
3. Sizzlean
4. "Cream Rinse"

Philadelphia Magazine: The Death of Handwriting

Um, I love Philadelphia Magazine and I am THRILLED every time I'm in it. THANKS, PHILADELPHIA MAG! Happy 4th of July!


Also, I'm glad to be above that ass Joey Vento. Hello! I'm a 4th generation immigrant. My grandmother was born at 1717 Point Breeze Ave. Shove it you piece of dreck, Vento.


Check out DreamActivist Pennsylvania.

DreamActivist Pennsylvania is an organization that consists of undocumented youth and allies who are committed to defending the rights of immigrant youth, their families, and the communities they live in.


Tuesday, July 05, 2011





globe_7973 web

Saturday, July 02, 2011

Friday, July 01, 2011

election day_5865 web
Call For Documentary Photography
of Today’s Economic Hard Times

The current economic hard times Philadelphians and other Americans are experiencing share many features with earlier times like the Great Depression. In other respects, today’s problems are very different. During the Depression era, there was great interest in discovering how the hard times affected real people, which led to the rise of programs such as The Farm Security Administration, whose Photo Department became famous for thousands of images that profoundly changed how Americans looked at themselves and at the poor in their midst.
This upcoming photography exhibition evoking today’s economic hard times will be a backdrop to a five-part series of educational programs called Class Warfare In Philadelphia, which is being held between September 8th and November 3rd. There will be an official opening for the exhibit as part of the September 8th Forum on Foreclosures being held at Moonstone Arts Center, 110A South 13th Street in Philadelphia. Topics of additional forums will include vacant land; public unions; financial institutions (a la “Inside Job”); community organizations involved in local class warfare; and a debate by candidates for Sheriff of Philadelphia.
Deadline for photography submissions for CLASS WARFARE is 7/31/11. Photographers should email low-resolution jpegs to curators Eric Mencher ( and Ted Adams ( for consideration. Forty photos will then be selected for the exhibit; they will also be included in a slide show along with images from the many other submissions.
Photography selection will be completed by 8/15/11. All photos must be framed and delivered to Moonstone Art Center, 110A South 13th Street, between 8/29/11 and 9/2/11, 11 a.m.-7 p.m. Information: or 215-551-6149.