Friday, May 20, 2011

Email from Madrid

"Hi friends!

I am writing you because I am amazed with the spanish people. We: disorganized and anarchist, are becoming united to stand against a system that didn´t give us any future. That´s why people of every condition and political views and age, is in the strees in a pacific and organized way, no political partys or sindicates are involved. Today I was there in the morning, they constructed a kitchen, nursery, comunication team, garbage team, and there is a space where people can write the ideas for a manifest. Asembly every 10 hours. I really feel this is a big moment in our history and I am amazed and happy to be able to be part of the change. But I can feel that all my friends from other countries, Denmark, Luxemburg, France, Italy, Armenia, Georgia, Bulgaria, Germany, .... should also go to the streets and stand for their rights. Because this is noy a spanish revolution, it´s something that is connecting people. I want to convince you that we can change the things if we are united. Go and take the streets! Send info to everybody you know and find info about it in the internet. Internet has been our tool to spread the voice when the first two days there was no news on the mass media about it. Please spread the voice in your neibohood!

United we camp! "

From my friend Coco in Madrid.
Desde mi amiga Coco en Madrid.

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