Sunday, May 29, 2011

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Friday, May 27, 2011

charday day before shipping out_5067_1 web
The great Charday Laverty, the day before she left for the army. Hopefully soon to grace a billboard.
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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

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Saturday, May 21, 2011

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Friday, May 20, 2011

Save Our Stiffel

Culturally Diverse South Philly Jewish Senior Center is Desperate for Funds!

South Philadelphia -- (May 12, 2011) May is “Older Americans Month,” but, nearly 450 seniors -- ages 65-95, from many ethnic and religious backgrounds -- will be forced to leave their senior center. The facility provides many with not only a daily hot lunch, but camaraderie, fun and over 20 programs and special events.
The historic Jacob and Esther Stiffel Senior Center, located in the heart of South Philly since 1928, must raise $200,000 to offset its deficit by June 30 or it will shut its doors. The area’s diverse, thriving senior community (including Jewish, Italian, Irish and Vietnamese) will be greatly affected by its closing.
Save Our Stiffel has formed to meet this immediate challenge. We are scrambling to secure tax-free donations from caring individuals, philanthropists and corporations, with the pledge of future funds to ensure these aging seniors have neighborhood access to this unique and historic center. PLEASE, spread the word!

All tax deductible donations can be made to:
Stiffel Senior Center
604 Porter Street, Philadelphia, PA 19148
attn: Susan Hoffman

Email from Madrid

"Hi friends!

I am writing you because I am amazed with the spanish people. We: disorganized and anarchist, are becoming united to stand against a system that didn´t give us any future. That´s why people of every condition and political views and age, is in the strees in a pacific and organized way, no political partys or sindicates are involved. Today I was there in the morning, they constructed a kitchen, nursery, comunication team, garbage team, and there is a space where people can write the ideas for a manifest. Asembly every 10 hours. I really feel this is a big moment in our history and I am amazed and happy to be able to be part of the change. But I can feel that all my friends from other countries, Denmark, Luxemburg, France, Italy, Armenia, Georgia, Bulgaria, Germany, .... should also go to the streets and stand for their rights. Because this is noy a spanish revolution, it´s something that is connecting people. I want to convince you that we can change the things if we are united. Go and take the streets! Send info to everybody you know and find info about it in the internet. Internet has been our tool to spread the voice when the first two days there was no news on the mass media about it. Please spread the voice in your neibohood!

United we camp! "

From my friend Coco in Madrid.
Desde mi amiga Coco en Madrid.

Fotomuseo: Fantistico

Last week I was in Bogota and it was fantastic. I was there for essentially 2 days, albeit non-stop days. I'm very honored to have been invited to participate in the exhibition and to teach a workshop. Many thanks to Fotomuseo for inviting me and thanks to all who helped me out... particularly Gilma Suarez, Mauricio Hernández, Gabriela Medina, Nicolas Otero and Sylvia.

The Fotomuseo is a non-profit organization whose mission is to disseminate the important values in national and international photography to different segments of the Bogota population, by means of itinerant street exhibitions which decentralize and democratize the culture.


• During FOTOGRAFICA BOGOTA 2011, our fellow citizens will enjoy 45 days of exhibitions in urban landscape, galleries and museums, completed with conferences, workshops, films and more.

• A fair that gathers several of the most representative exponents of this medium, will take place at the IV international Photography Biennial, FOTOGRÁFICA BOGOTÁ 2011: TESTIMONY AND VISION – BEYOND PHOTOJOURNALISM, organized by FOTOMUSEO - Museo Nacional de la Fotografía, which will take place in Bogota from May 4th to June 15th, this year.
With Mexico as special guest along with 28 artists from 23 different countries and 16 local artists, this fair will be boosted by a week of conferences led by curators and writers from all over the world. FOTOGRAFICA also offers the academic and artistic community workshops, and a film program, which will allow them to enjoy photography and its captivating magic.
The artists invited to this event, stand out for their vocation to transform and capture features that go beyond from the evident and the expected. They come from the most diverse geographical places in the world such as Germany, Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Canada, Chile, Cuba, China, Ecuador, The United States, Spain, Estonia, France, Italy, India, Indonesia, Iran, Japan, Mexico, Poland, England, South Africa, Switzerland and Venezuela.

• Two special projects for 2011: Disparando Cámaras Cazucá (Shooting Cameras Cazuca) and Mirada a la fotografía joven (A view on new photography)
Disparando Cámaras Cazucá is led by children and adolescents who had been victims of forced displacement. They portray their everyday life through photography and reflect their dreams by creating their own imagery.
The second project is an incentive for photography students from universities involved with the Biennial: Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Universidad de Bogotá Jorge Tadeo Lozano, Universidad Externado de Colombia, Universidad Distrital Francisco José de Caldas, LaSalle College International, Centro de Diseño Taller 5, UNITEC, Universidad del Rosario, and Universidad Central."


Disparando Cámaras Cazucá was incredibly powerful.

daesy_3873 web

Daesy is a photographer who participated in Disparando Cámaras Cazucá.


pedro sending an email to martin during martins skype talk_4181 web

Here's Pedro Meyer sending a photo of Martin Parr on screen, to Martin Parr, while Martin was giving a lecture, from England, via skype. Also, Pedro Meyer gave an amazing lecture. And I am saying that as a person with very limited Spanish.


martin with the quadafi watches _4173 web

Martin Parr showing a spectacular collection of Gaddafi watches.


The exhibition space I was in, Fundacion Gilberto Alzate Avendano, was in La Candelaria and the other photographers exhibiting in the building were Francesco Giusti, Juan Fernando Ospina, Martin Parr and Marco Lopez.

fotografica bogota_3926 web

fotografica bogota_3927 web

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judy stein a desde philadelphia!_4034 web

Does this blow you away? Here's Judith Stein! Yes! In Bogota! Philadelphia representing strong.
It was so great. It took me a second to compute that someone I knew from Philadelphia was there. Thanks for stopping at the exhibition you guys!


bogota exhibition_3925 web

Here's what was happening outside the exhibition.

outside the exhibition_3992 web

And then a few minutes later, here's what was happening outside the exhibition.

Mucho amor y muchas gracias.

Thursday, May 19, 2011


I was happy to see all of the songs above. I missed the one below, but I'm not complaining.

Kicking it into high gear with the PMA. Book, prints, billboards, public programs. It's on Philadelphia.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

te amo_4449 web

te amo_4381 web

These are 2 winners. Thank you, fotomuseo.

Photos From Last Week

san jacinto mountains_2299 web

San Jacinto Mountains, May 7, 2011, Southern California

pioneertown_2716 web

Pioneertown, May 8, 2011,Southern California

san andreas fault_3077 web

San Andreas Fault, May 9, 2011, Southern California

rattlesnake_2848 web

Rattlesnake, May 10, 2011, Southern California

home_3776 web

Home, May 11, 2011, Philadelphia, PA

philadelphia international airport_3780 web

Philadelphia International Airport, May 11, 2011, Philadelphia, PA

Bogota, Columbia
Fotos Turisticas

construction_3911 web

Construction In Bogota, May 12, 2011, Bogota, Columbia

home in bogota_3923 web

Home in Bogota, May 12, 2011, Bogota, Columbia

couple_4074 web

Couple in Bogota, May 12, 2011 , Bogota, Columbia

art opening in bogota_4100 web

Art Opening In Bogota, May 12, 2011, Bogota, Columbia

eagle on a wheel_4094 web

Eagle On Wheel, May 12, 2011, Bogota, Columbia

sleeping colombian soldier_4071 web

Sleeping Soldier, May 12, 2011, Bogota, Columbia

woman serving lunch at punto rapido_4234 web

Woman Serving Lunch at Punto Rapido, May 13, 2011, Bogota, Columbia

la estrella en bogota_4239 web

La Estrella En Bogota, May 13, 2011, Bogota, Columbia

red carpet en bogota_4203 web

Red Carpet, May 13, 2011, Bogota, Columbia

viva sin drogas_4353 web

Viva Sin Drogas, May 13, 2011, Bogota, Columbia

lecture_4366 web

Lecture, May 13, 2011, Bogota, Columbia

bogota building_4480 web

Building On The Way To The Airport, May 14 2011, Bogota, Columbia

italian market festival_4632 web

Gene, mason and actor extraordinaire, dancing with me at 9th and Catherine. . May 15, 2011, Philadelphia, PA

italian market festival_4701 web

Man, May 15, 2011, Philadelphia, PA

italian market festival_4685 web

#1 Grandma, May 15, 2011, Philadelphia, PA

italian market festival_4674 web

Italian Girl, May 15, 2011, Philadelphia, PA

italian market festival_4769 web

Dancing Outside J + J Pizza, May 15, 2011, Philadelphia, PA

italian market festival_4892 web

Dancing Outside J + J Pizza, May 15, 2011, Philadelphia, PA

Monday, May 16, 2011

Greetings From South Philadelphia

It was a spectacular day at the Italian Market Festival yesterday. Highlights include running into John and Candace, Nan Kelly, and my mom and Otto. But the best moment by far at the was the dance outside of J+J pizza, when a police officer took out his handcuffs and went to fake arrest some guy who wasn't keeping up with the line dance. Thanks for that.

italian market festival_4852 web

italian market festival_4855 web

italian market festival_4872 web

italian market festival_4871 web


italian market festival_4674 web