Monday, January 31, 2011

From Brighton Photo Biennial

The Man Who Planted Trees By Jean Giono

"rebuilt" homes osage ave_4573 web

Osage Ave homes, rebuilt by the City of Philadelphia
I loved The King's Speech but I'm so tired of movies that make me like the British royal family. Those people are thieves and murderers. For CENTURIES! So stop trying to make me feel bad about their "obligations."

I mean, first Helen Mirren makes me like Queen Elizabeth and now Colin Firth make me like George the 6th?
My GOD! Britannia! Stop your PR machine!

Fire after Move bombing, looped archival video.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Egypt may have turned off the Internet one phone call at a time

I think 40 and up might be the last generation of Americans who have a long span of shared cultural references. This is on the basis of limited media outlets, particularly UHF television that kept Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein in rotation through the 1980's.

On that note, here's Marty Feldman.

Mack the Knife- Bobby Darin

My favorite version of Mack The Knife is sung by Bobby Darin.


Mack the Knife

Written by: Kurt Weill/E. Bertolt Brecht/Marc Blitzstein

Written in 1928 as “Moritat” or “Theme from the Threepenny Opera” aka “The Beggar’s Opera” and introduced in that production by Weill’s wife, Lotte Lenya

Produced by: Ahmet Ertegun/Nesuhi Ertegun/Jerry Wexler

Arranged by: Richard Wess

Orchestra conducted by: Richard Wess

Appears on: That’s All ~ The Bobby Darin Story ~ The Legendary Bobby Darin ~ Something Special LPs

A Side of: “Was There a Call for Me”

Recorded: December 19, 1958

Released: August 1959

The #5 song of the 1955-59 Rock Era

Was #1 for 9 weeks in 1959

14th most popular single in Billboards HOT 100 History

Bobby’s first (and only) number one song

Won the Grammy for “Record of the Year” in 1959


Mack The Knife

Oh, the shark, babe, has such teeth, dear
And it shows them pearly white
Just a jackknife has old MacHeath, babe
And he keeps it … ah … out of sight.

Ya know when that shark bites, with his teeth, babe
Scarlet billows start to spread
Fancy gloves, though, wears old MacHeath, babe
So there’s nevah, nevah a trace of red.

Now on the sidewalk … uuh, huh … whoo … sunny mornin’ … uuh, huh
Lies a body just oozin' life … eeek!
And someone’s sneakin' ‘round the corner
Could that someone be Mack the Knife?

A-there's a tugboat … huh, huh, huh … down by the river don’tcha know
Where a cement bag’s just a'droopin' on down
Oh, that cement is just, it's there for the weight, dear
Five'll get ya ten old Macky’s back in town.

Now, d'ja hear ‘bout Louie Miller? He disappeared, babe
After drawin' out all his hard-earned cash
And now MacHeath spends just like a sailor
Could it be our boy's done somethin' rash?

Now … Jenny Diver … ho, ho … yeah … Sukey Tawdry
Ooh … Miss Lotte Lenya and old Lucy Brown
Oh, the line forms on the right, babe
Now that Macky’s back in town.

Aah … I said Jenny Diver … whoa … Sukey Tawdry
Look out to Miss Lotte Lenya and old Lucy Brown
Yes, that line forms on the right, babe
Now that Macky’s back in town …

Look out … old Macky is back!!


Snyder Ave.

Friday, January 28, 2011

pma_5094_1 web

pma_5190_1 web

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Man_at_Broad_an…alnut_073103_10_ cropped

The photo above is 35mm and never made it past a first tier edit of I-95. I haven't seen it in years and am sure I made the right choice.

184 man's chest .jpg

I've used the above photo in one or two I-95s and in several slideshows, but it's not as strong as the photo below.

man's mans back flash .jpg

The photo above is the one that has made the final I-95 edit. Thanks to the guy who let me make these photos of him. Thank you.


raw scans of 35mm work
Thanks to John Mannion at Lightwork, kicking off the begining of a long, long process of what's going down.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Coming Up- Panel Discussion: Evolving Practices in the Presentation and Care of Contemporary Photographs at Milwaukee Art Museum

Panel Discussion: Evolving Practices in the Presentation and Care of Contemporary Photographs

Learn about the issues surrounding the presentation and care of contemporary photographs with artist Zoe Strauss; dealer Michael Foley of Foley Gallery (New York); Sherman Fairchild Conservator of Photographs Nora Kennedy of the Metropolitan Museum of Art; and Max Yela, curator of special collections at the UW-Milwaukee Libraries.

Lubar Auditorium
Free with Museum admission

Sunday, January 23, 2011

I'm going over a lot of my old work for the exhibition catalog.

hindenburg  web

hindenburg 1 web

hindenburg 2 web

hindenburg 3 web

hindenburg 4 web

hindenburg 5 web
whirlforce matches 2 web

whirlforce matches 1 web

Gulf Oil Spill Blood Tests Reveal Alarming Levels Of Toxic Chemicals In Residents

Saturday, January 22, 2011

"Aerial View looking southeast, showing [Fairmount Dam,] Waterworks site and Philadelphia Museum of Art on hill."

Fairmount Dam, 1819-1821
Schuylkill River at Fairmount Avenue, Philadelphia PA

Could anyone please give me a little history on the Schuylkill River Water Works falls? Thanks.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Welcome PMA intern Grace Ambrose!

Prepare for months of slaving over owl post.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Memorial Photographs: An Interview with Jason Lazarus

Reteaching Gender and Sexuality from PUT THIS ON THE MAP on Vimeo.

Put This On The Map

The formative years, when I was working on honing and crafting my vision. Or when I was drunk and sitting on a strangers shoulders taking a photo with my "good" camera. Good camera meaning the one that took 35mm film and not the disc camera.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

UFO Symposium 1968 Shepard UFO Shape Array
Somtimes I have to give a shout out to the Big Tea Party. Created, written and hosted by 2 people: I love Elizabeth Fiend and Valerie Keller.
How did this happen?

I started I-95 in 2000. In 2002 I got a Leeway Grant, and from that I was in a Leeway winners group show at the Art Alliance. From that, Helen Cunningham asked if my photos could be published with the Fels Fund annual report. Her husband, Ted Newbold, saw my work and suggested that Kate Ware, the former curator of photographs at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, take a look at my work. So I went and met her and the Art Museum bought 8 of my prints. I first met my curator, Mr Peter Barberie, during the course of one of my meetings there. He astutely asked about the post 9/11 component of my work.

So that was a big, big deal. And then in 2004, Peter Shaw, a local collector, saw my work and bought a bunch of stuff for the St. James apartment building at 8th and Walnut. Then I applied for a Pew Fellowship in the Arts and was fortunate enough to be awarded a fellowship. That was another big, big deal. One of the jurors on the Pew panel was Chrissie Iles, who was a curator of the 2006 Whitney Biennial and she called and asked if I wanted be in the Biennial. Yes. And that was a success. And from that Bruce Silverstein gallery asked me to get on board. And that was a success. And then Todd Oldham hooked me up with the guys from AMMO books and I made America and that was a success. Then I got a United States Artists Fellowship. And then I went to France and worked on a project in Lectoure and to Anchorage, Alaska for an AIR fellowship and to Spain to teach a workshop and have a show in Madrid and be in a show in Segovia. Plenty of other things happened but this is a basic framework of how I came into the "art world." Now I'm back with Peter, who I met years ago when he was a fellow and I was a lady who didn't know that calling the Philadelphia Museum of Art "the Art Museum" was unsophisticated.

As all these incredible things happened I worked on I-95, which was my focus for 10 years. I-95 ended this May, exactly as I planned in 2000. That is done and now the Art Museum show is coming up and I'm going to work on it like I did on I-95, which is as if my life depends on it.

Who thinks that life's dreams are possible? One thing I was certain of is that I wanted my work to connect to my life, to the lives of the people in my portraits, to the places in my photos, to the folks in my neighborhood, to the canon of street photography and to 60's and 70's conceptual art. I'm happy that I've succeeded on some levels.

It's on, friends. It's on, and I'm filled with gratitude, ambition, desire, drive and love.
I'm going to try to consolidate my internet stuff. Facebook and this blog... I'm kind of spread out. And I'm about to change everything as it has been as I start a full year of work. I'm up for it.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Patrice Lumumba

Friday, January 14, 2011

I've got 2 extra tickets for admission to the PMA and the Philly Stake discussion tonight... if you want them, the first two folks who email me at info (@) zoestrauss (dot) com can have them.

Art Community Conversations: Arts Initiatives in Philadelphia

Bite Magazine: On The Beach

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Who's Got The Power?

Art Community Conversations: Arts Initiatives in Philadelphia

Art Community Conversations: Arts Initiatives in Philadelphia
Fridays at 6:30 pm

January 14, with Philly Stake and photographer Zoe Strauss
Location: Alter Gallery (Gallery 176), First floor, Modern and Contemporary Wing
Free after Museum admission
Join a conversation around one of Pistoletto’s mirrored tables, shaped in the contours of the Caribbean and Mediterranean Seas, and learn more about community-based arts initiatives in Philadelphia. Members of innovative arts organizations basekamp, Art Sanctuary (in conversation with Aaron Levy, Executive Director and Chief Curator of Slought Foundation), and Philly Stake (with acclaimed photographer Zoe Strauss) will lead informal conversations outlining their vision, history, and current projects as well as discuss their efforts to diversify the arts landscape of the city.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Stock Tips from Zoe Strauss

I'm writing something right now and about to lose my mind because I'm using the words "dichotomy" and "synecdoche." Taking a break to talk about stock.

Stock can be made in any number of ways:

I use a bastardized version of stock mirepoix because I'm allergic to raw carrots. Mine is onions, celery and parsnips, which is the traditional mirepoix in fond blanc. Also, I don't chop it as fine as traditional mirepoix.

Mushroom stock is delicious and should be made with dried mushrooms for more depth.

Putting a portabello mushroom top in a chicken base stock darkens the stock but can add something good.

When making any kind of stock, use yellow onions and make sure to put the onion skin in... it adds a great color.

I like a little bit of fresh dill, but even little too much can overpower the stock.

If you are making stock with chicken, crack the bones.

Stock can be frozen and used through the winter.

Vegan stock is delicious and if you make it a few times and note the different vegetable, herb and spice proportions, you should have the basis for a stock recipe that you love. Dice the vegatables instead of quartering them. I would add at least 2 tbs of oil to the stock at the start.

Some people say don't stir because it clouds the stock. I say stir, so what if it's a little cloudy?


Damn right.

The Meaning of “Blood Libel”

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Hola. Coma Estas?


"Two Women" Project by Tanyth Berkeley

Check out the kickstarter fundraising for "Two Women" by Tanyth Berkeley.


Monday, January 10, 2011

amanda and son_4406 web

Alaska, 2009

The Interrupters Official Trailer - World Premiere at Sundance 2011

Sunday, January 09, 2011

Today started out with seeing the great Amy Stein, Brian Ulrich, Will Steacy and Justin James Reed, who are all staying in this Exile on Main Street house on 11th St for a POC gathering.

Then I saw Gabe and Lee at the Reading Terminal and I love those guys.

Then the Mrs. and I had an amazing visit to the Acme (details forthcoming)

And then we went to Colin and Ann's house for the Eagles game, Yes, the Eagles game was a disappointment, but it wasn't a total loss because I got to hear hundreds of knock knock jokes from kids.


Friday, January 07, 2011

This Gabe Kotter doppelganger is a vendor at the Spectrum and once when LB and I were watching the news we saw him standing in line at Scrapplefest and he was chanting "Scrapple! Scrapple! Scrapple!"

The Bonnie Banks o' Loch Lomond

By yon bonnie banks and by yon bonnie braes
Where the sun shines bright on Loch Lomond
Where me and my true love will ne-er meet again (alternate: Where me and my true love were ever lak/wont to gae)
On the bonnie, bonnie banks o’ Loch Lomon'.


O ye’ll tak’ the high road, and I'll tak' the low road
And I’ll be in Scotland afore ye
For me and my true love will ne-er meet again
On the bonnie, bonnie banks o’ Loch Lomon'.
‘Twas there that we parted in yon shady glen
On the steep, steep sides o’ Ben Lomon'
Where in purple hue, the hielan hills we view
And the moon comin’ out in the gloamin’.


The wee birdies sing and the wild flowers spring
And in sunshine the waters are sleeping
But the broken heart, it kens nae second spring again
Tho’ the waeful may cease frae their greetin'. (alternate: Tho' the world knows not how we are grieving)


Call and Response: 1974 Cleveland Browns

Birds of The Acme Parking Lot: Part III

birds of the acme parking lot_1141_1 web

birds of the acme parking lot_0832_1 web

birds of the acme parking lot_1052_1 web

birds of the acme parking lot_1162_1 web

birds of the acme parking lot_1327 web

birds of the acme parking lot_1275_1 web

birds of the acme parking lot_1195 web

Thursday, January 06, 2011

An incredibly beautiful and disturbing film.

Monday, January 03, 2011

mummer with green face paint_9144 web

Bonjour de Philadelphie. Bonne annee, tous.
froggy carr_0652 web

(Soma)tic Poetry Exercises

I am very proud to be a part of CA Conrad's (Soma)tic Poetry Exercises. CA Conrad is a genius poet and poet genius.

This exercise includes peas and I love peas. Frozen peas have been at the top of my list forever, but recently I had some canned peas in Louisiana and they were delicious. Canned peas have been absent from my life for a long long time, but now they are back with a Southern flair.

Sunday, January 02, 2011


ghost_8995 web

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comic at the dolphin_9545 web

broad st_0426 web

mummer with gold face paint_9129 web

mummer with green face paint_9144 web

arms around_9221 web

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kids with face paint in van_9239 web

comic in maroon and yellow_9710 web

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cotton candy_0148 web

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clean bathroom_0703 web

top hat_0582 web

quaker city_0251 web

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pink comic_0275 web

we're gonna get locked up_0108 web

dolphin bartender_9413_1 web

ruben amaro jr_9448 web

overhead wire and silly string_0639 burned web

purple and orange mummer_9583 web

acme worker and sister_0445_1 web

2st union pub_0558 web

slipper silhouette_9581 web