Thursday, July 08, 2010

stephen and matt on oiled beach_8136 web

my oiled haz mat shoes_7849_1 web

waveland_7768 web

waveland_7408_1 web

waveland_7484 web

waveland_7533 web

waveland_8306 web

gulf_7367 web


Cutter said...

Sometimes, there really are no words.

Jonathan Young said...

simply simply amazing zoe !
Your work is poetry.

ZS said...

Thanks Jonathan!

And Jon, you are right, there are no words for this... and there are also no photos. It's indescribable. It's a disaster that's beyond description.

addie said...

you were born to document this disaster, zoe. keep up your excellent work.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for documenting this while you can. Lovely and heartbreakingly sad.

We've killed this beautiful place; bad guys walk away looking remarkably clean; roll credits; everybody back in their cars.