Friday, April 30, 2010


Sunday, May 2nd, 2010

1pm to 4pm

Under I-95 at Front St. and Mifflin St.
Philadelphia, PA

The exhibition is free and
open to the public.

Color photocopies of the photos included in the installation will be available for purchase at 5 dollars each as supplies last.

America will also be available for purchase. The event will happen rain or shine. It's going to be off the hook.

Please contact with any questions.


What Is I-95

Directions to Front and Mifflin

i-95.10 flyer I-95

There's about 30 photos new this year and about 40 that have weren't in it last year, but have reinserted themselves in the installation. It's complete.
Why can't I simmer? Because I am always anxious about the loss of the depth of blacks on the laminated prints. Do I need to be anxious about that? No. Am I anxious about that? Yes. Every fucking year I second guess my lamination methods even though I have tried many and have picked a kind of lamination that's best for ALL AROUND use and keeps the total cost of photo printing at approximately 6000 bucks.

Still can't simmer.
5th and Moore april 30 2010_9849 web

1 if you reading this 2.jpg
9 years ago

Spotlight on I-95 Workers.

Ilene Baker
Lynn Bloom
Manuel Dominguez, Jr
Alison Feldish
Charday Laverty
Alex Mechanick
Marianna Peragallo
John Powell
Savannah Roberts
Christine Rybicki
Christine Settino

Spotlight on I-95 Workers... Lynn Bloom

Greatest person ever.

Spotlight on I-95 Workers... Ilene Baker

-Ilene Baker, Lord of Percy's End.


To Sir With Love
Songwriters: R. Granier; Marc London; Don Black

Those schoolgirl days, of telling tales and biting nails are gone,
But in my mind,
I know they will still live on and on,
But how do you thank someone, who has taken you from crayons to perfume?
It isn't easy, but I'll try,

If you wanted the sky I would write across the sky in letters,
That would soar a thousand feet high,
To Sir, with Love

The time has come,
For closing books and long last looks must end,
And as I leave,
I know that I am leaving my best friend,
A friend who taught me right from wrong,
And weak from strong,
That's a lot to learn,
What, what can I give you in return?

If you wanted the moon I would try to make a start,
But I, would rather you let me give my heart,
To Sir, with Love

Spotlight on I-95 Workers... Savannah Roberts

1. Hallie Savannah. seeker of justice. bringer of pain.

2. Savannah Roberts has worked on 195 for ten years. over a third of her life.

3. Savannah Roberts is soft on the outside and hard on the inside.

4. Savannah Roberts once had a pap business card that said queen pretty. she also believes almonds are the best nut.


Aside: I love my sister so much I don't know what to do.

Spotlight on I-95 Workers... Christine Settino

"The Notorious Christine Settino"

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Last time for standing and standing at a color copier. I think I've spent a full 3 and a half years standing at a copier.

And thanks to Meredith Jones and Emmy Venuto, friends from when I was copying and copying Merion Art and Repro. I would go there after work, on the way home. And thanks to Merion Art and Repro.


Last time for getting paint for the pillars. Plus, may I suggest Home Depot over Lowe's for getting your paint matched.
I have thought about just ending this blog right after the show on Sunday, but I don't think I'm quite ready for that. I think I still might be posting for a while, as I hash through what happens right after 95.

Thanks to Mike Macfeat for this excellent book suggestion.

Aside: The origin of the word boycott comes from "Capt. Charles C. Boycott."

"Captain Charles Cunningham Boycott was a British land agent whose ostracism by his local community in Ireland as part of a campaign for agrarian tenants' rights in 1880 gave the English language the verb to boycott, meaning 'to ostracise'."


Thanks to everyone who has participated and helped in I-95. A long thank you list is forthcoming after the show. I am filled with gratitude for the enormous amount of support I've receieved.
Sunday May 2:

8-9AM: LB and I begin putting up all the photos- we should be done by 11 dependent on weather.

10:30 AM: (to be determined) people bring the tables, photos, for sale, maps, etc down and start set up

11 AM: Volunteers for handing out maps, making sure people don't take the photos down, and general info show up and get a little briefing. Depending on weather, it looks like 30% chance of showers right now so it might be a little wet... sweeping up puddles, and making sure photos are adhering might be priority.

11:30AM- 12PM: Hopefully me and the wife can get home to shower and change

NOON- everything should be in place, with table set up although it doesn't start till 1.

1PM Show starts

2PM to 4:30PM: I sign at a table, whatever people bring me.

5PM everything goes back to the studio

8PM: South Philly Tap Room, ostensibly for signing but really for party time

Check out Richard Renaldi at University of the Arts aka PCA

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Sunday, May 2nd, 2010

1pm to 4pm

Under I-95 at Front St. and Mifflin St.
Philadelphia, PA

The exhibition is free and
open to the public.

Color photocopies of the photos included in the installation will be available for purchase at 5 dollars each as supplies last.

America will also be available for purchase. The event will happen rain or shine. It's going to be off the hook.

Please contact with any questions.


What Is I-95

Directions to Front and Mifflin

i-95.10 flyer I-95

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


1. Philadelphia, PA (If You Reading This)
2. Camden. NJ (Woman in Salmon Shirt)
3. Philadelphia, PA (Save)
4. Philadelphia, PA (Wawa Parking Lot)
5. Philadelphia, PA (Bed in the Little Room)
6. Philadelphia, PA (Kike Grocery)
7. Philadelphia, PA (Nan and Petey)
8. Philadelphia, PA (Metropolitan Hospital)
9. Philadelphia, PA (9th and Snyder Lottery)
10. Madrid, Spain (Woman With Red Hair And Blue Dress Outside of
11. PA Turnpike (Econolodge)
12. Chicago, IL (Tonya)
13. Fairbanks, AK (Fairbanks Truck)
14. Atlantic City, NJ (Blue and Red Motel)
15. Philadelphia, PA (Two Pregnant Women)
16. Philadelphia, PA (If You Break the Skin)
17. Las Vegas, NV (Red Carpet)
18. Philadelphia, PA (Doors in Open Structure)
19. Philadelphia, PA (Al Showing Chest)
20. Conyngham, Pa (Top of the 80's)
21. Muckleshoot Reservation (Sage Jumping)
22. Philadelphia, PA (Philly Fried Chicken)
23. Terre Haute, IN (Together We Make Dreams Come True)
24. Philadelphia, PA (Benny Krass)

25. Philadelphia, PA (Vanessa)
26. Philadelphia, PA (Everything Is Name Brand)
27. Philadelphia, PA (Mummers Kissing)
28. Philadelphia, PA (Paula's Union Hall)
29. Anchorage, AK (Mountain Range O'Malley)
30. Philadelphia, PA (Shot Appliances)
31. Las Vegas, NV (Your Future Starts Here)
32. Folcroft, PA (Ashley's Grandmother)
33. Las Vegas, NV (Circus Circus Lights)
34. Scranton, PA (Firefighters)
35. Philadelphia, PA (Taken Down Posters Cantrell St.)
36. Philadelphia, PA (Mummer in Front of Gas Station Convenience Store)
37. Truth or Consequences, NM (Truth or Consequences Couple)
38. Philadelphia, PA (Michael Myers)
39. Camden, NJ (Camden Mattresses)
40. Camden, NJ (Uniform City)
41. Lectoure, Gers, France (Mario)
42. Philadelphia, PA (Melrose Diner Payphone)
43. Philadelphia, PA (Woman Walking at Berks Full)
44. Philadelphia, PA (Lights in Chinatown)
45. Centralia, PA (We Love Centralia)
46. Philadelphia, PA (Toasting from Window)
47. Las Vegas, NV (Adam and Eve Room)
48. Scranton, PA (Woman Behind Balloon)
49. Chicago, IL (If You Can Dream It)
50. Pottsville, PA (Dorthia)
51. Atlanta, GA (Rainbow Video)
52. Crystal, NV (Ah So Sexy)
53. Philadelphia, PA (Mummers Urinating)
54. Philadelphia, PA (Half House on Boulevard)
55. Philadelphia, PA (Bunny)
56. Philadelphia, PA (Wench On 2 St.)
57. Camden, NJ (Beth)
58. Las Vegas, NV (Photo Mural)
59. Philadelphia, PA (Whopper)
60. El Paso, TX (Woman in Front of Hair Color)
61. Gulfport, MS (Billboard w/ Vinyl Blown Off)
62. Chicago, IL (Mexican Football Fans with Man Sitting)
63. Philadelphia, PA (Tattooed Penises)
64. Philadelphia, PA (West Phila Mattress)
65. Philadelphia, PA (Escalades)
66. Darby, PA (Pepsi Painted Over)
67. Frazier Park, CA (Nigel at San Andreas Fault)
68. Philadelphia, PA (Mask on Back of Head)
69. Outside Las Vegas, NV (Cell Palm)
70. Philadelphia, PA (How Do I Look?)
71. Philadelphia, PA (Wearing White T-shirt)
72. Chicago, IL (Cinderblocks)
73. Philadelphia, PA (Yellow Flea Market Curtain)

74. Philadelphia, PA (Daddy Tattoo)
75. Denver, CO (Balloons By Judy's House)
76. Fairbanks, AK (It's A Long Way To The Top)
77. NA
78. Philadelphia, PA (Green and Red Food Market)
79. Gulfport, MS (Venetian Blinds Blown Out)
80. Philadelphia, PA (I----- Smoking)
81. Whittier, AK (Whittier Basketball)
82. Camden, NJ (Thin Woman with Cherry Water Ice)
83. Atlantic City, NJ (Red Carpet Mirror Ceiling)
84. Camden, NJ (Lisa)
85. Las Vegas, NV (Giant Mouth Pleasures)
86. Philadelphia, PA (Neighbor in Street)
87. Philadelphia, PA (Take A New Look)
88. Camden, NJ (Camden Vent)
89. Asbury Park, NJ (Asbury Tilly)
90. Philadelphia, PA (Rosemarie's Bed)
91. Camden, NJ (Camden Crack)
92. Philadelphia, PA (Ridge Ave.)
93. Asbury Park, NJ (Alarm Calls Police)
94. Philadelphia, PA (Leo's Mantle with Medications Flash)
95. Philadelphia, PA (Showing Sternum Scar)
96. Biloxi, MS (Shirt and Pants Hanging)
97. Camden, NJ (Salt Pile)
98. Philadelphia, PA (I Love You Memorial)
99. Las Vegas, NV (Kelley)
100. Miami, FL (Man in Wheelchair)
101. Philadelphia, PA (Holding Crack)
102. Philadelphia, PA (Ice on Stairs in Projects)
103. Crystal, NV (Honey He Really Fuck Up)
104. Philadelphia, PA (Woman In Yellow At Berks El Stop)
105. Las Vegas, NV (Motel Deadly Quiet)
106. Philadelphia, PA (Mummer with Blunt)
107. Palmer, AK (Landing Strip)
108. Philadelphia, PA (Gunshot in Leg on Gurney)
109. Philadelphia, PA (Titanic)

110. Springfield, PA (Chandelier)
111. Philadelphia, PA (Marines Billboard)
112. Wildwood, NJ (Redemption)
113. Philadelphia, PA (American Face Paint Making Out)
114. Philadelphia, PA (Man's Back)
115. Monmouth County, NJ (All Americans)
116. Muckleshoot Reservation, WA (Johnny Moses)
117. Las Vegas, NV (Allied Forces)
118. Philadelphia, PA (Vietnam Hand)
119. Camden County, NJ (This Is Your Warning)
120. New Orleans, LA (Red, White and Blue Gas Station)
121. Chicago, Il (Woman Throwing Box from Window)
122. Las Vegas, NV (Father and Son Greyhound)
123. Near Reading, PA (You Can Feel Good About)
124. Philadelphia, PA (Cars)
125. Philadelphia, PA (Let's Roll/ Anxious)
126. Palmer, AK (Car at Water)
127. Philadelphia, PA (Dollar Magic)
128. Limerick, PA (Virginia)
129. Biloxi, MS (McDonalds)
130. New York, NY (Sincere's Arm)
131. Denver, CO (Judy Padilla)
132. Las Vegas, NV (Circus Circus from Parking Lot)
133. El Paso, TX (Woman at US/Mexico Border)
134. Philadelphia, PA (Bulletholes)
135. Chicago, IL (Yes We Did)
136. Philadelphia, PA (Linda Sunoco)
137. Near Ellengowan, PA (Coal Billboard)
138. Las Vegas, NV (Sheila and William)
139. Philadelphia, PA (Keep the Fuck Out)
140. Philadelphia, PA (Buddy)
141. El Paso, TX (Carlos Parents On Bed)
142. Philadelphia, PA (Paris In Jail)
143. Philadelphia, PA (Alzheimer's)
144. El Paso, TX (Power/Ower)
145. Gulfport, MS (Clothes In Lot)

146. Madrid, Spain (Woman Holding Dead Bird)
147. Philadelphia, PA (South Philly Fireworks Reed and Juniper)
148. Philadelphia, PA (New Tattoo Jorge)
149. Anchorage, AK (Skateland)
150. Philadelphia, PA (Everything)
151. Biloxi, MS (Vincent)
152. Philadelphia, PA (Smoking in Bed)
153. Philadelphia, PA (Death to the KKK)
154. Ocean City, NJ (Chanel Navel Ring)
155. Las Vegas, NV (Satisfaction Guaranteed)
156. Philadelphia, PA (Do Rag)
157. Pottsville, PA (Visitors)
158. Fairbanks, AK (Home on Trailer)
159. Camden, NJ (Christine Putting On Eyeliner)
160. Philadelphia, PA (Gunshot Wound)
161. Philadelphia, PA (Phylicia's Wall)
162. Philadelphia, PA (Merry Christmas House)
163. Scranton, PA (Hillary Supporter)
164. Philadelphia, PA (Bags on Floor)
165. Philadelphia, PA (Victoria Hysterectomy Scar)
166. Rural Southern NV (Most We Feared)
167. Philadelphia, PA (Smoking at Stove)
168. Gulfport, MS (TV on Second Floor)
169. Las Vegas, NV (Casino Walkby)
170. Philadelphia, PA (Monique Showing Black Eye
171. New York, NY (World Trade Center)
172. Philadelphia, PA (Refinery)
173. Near Gorman, CA (Hills by San Andreas Fault)
174. Philadelphia, PA (Benny Krass Jokes)
175. Philadelphia, PA (Mummer With Flag)
176. Camden County, NJ (Bushes in Front of Tech School Door)
177. Pottsville, PA (Half House Pink)
178. Las Vegas, NV (Man Nude on Bed)
179. Atlanta, GA (Equitable Reflected Outside Window)
180. Philadelphia, PA (Kelly Harper)
181. Gulfport, MS (Refrigerators)
182. Las Vegas, NV (Bed With Pillows)
183. Muckleshoot Reservation (Holding Xmas Present)
184. Gulfport, MS (Fist with Dollars)
185. Philadelphia, PA (High Hopes)
186. Philadelphia, PA (Shark Bite)
187. Philadelphia, PA (Swastika Tattoos)
188. Landsdowne, PA (Good Night)
189. Las Vegas, NV (No Trespassing with Man Walking)
190. Philadelphia, PA (Jean)
191. Camden County, NJ (Stay Alive)
192. Philadelphia, PA (Election Night)
193. Madrid, Spain (Woman Selling Lottery Tickets)
194. Philadelphia, PA (Mattress Flip)

195. Las Vegas, NV (We Will Win)
196. Las Vegas, NV (Ken and Don)
197. Muckleshoot Reservation (Kaia)
198. Philadelphia, PA (Frank Sinatra)
199. Biloxi, MS (Mom Were OK)
200. Philadelphia, PA (Flowers on Table)
201. Philadelphia, PA (Nicks Pizza)
202. Anchorage, AK (How Universal Can It Be?)
203. Crystal, NV (Art Showing Loaded Revolver)
204. Northern New Jersey (Three Smokestacks from Train)
205. Philadelphia, PA (Sisters)
206. Chicago, IL (Woman at Cabrini Green)
207. Philadelphia, PA (Melissa's Handstand)
208. Camden, NJ (Bail Bonds)
209. Philadelphia, PA (2922 Princeton Ave.)
210. Camden, NJ (Camden Teardrop)
211. Philadelphia, PA (I Love You Billy)
212. Philadelphia, PA (Mummer w/ Bud)
213. Philadelphia, PA (Seafood Soul)
214. Wynnewood, PA (Star)
215. Camden, NJ (Two Women Camden)
216. Asbury Park, NJ (Asbury The City)
217. Biloxi, MS (Gold Tooth Wedding Ring)
218. Philadelphia, PA (Basketball Hoop)
219. Ocean Springs, MS (We Love Having You Here)
220. Philadelphia, PA (Victory Annex)
221. Auburn, WA (Drive In)
222. Pahrump, NV (Fireworks)
223. Biloxi, MS (MLK Parade Orange)
224. Asbury Park, NJ (Good Food Here)
225. Philadelphia, PA (New Years Blazer)
226. Camden, NJ (White Trash Whorse)
227. Philadelphia, PA (Interior Election Night)
228. Philadelphia, PA (Don't Drink or Sit Deleted)
229. Philadelphia, PA (Angel)
230. Lectoure Gers France (Butcher Shop)
231. Philadelphia, PA (Call Unto Me)
I-95 95 map 2010

Tastykakes, 10 Dollars, Potential BJ

A New Jersey man was arrested in Asbury Park Friday for offering an undercover police officer $10 and a box of Tastykakes in exchange for a sex act.

Printing For Under A Highway

Here's how the photos are prepared for I-95:

Archival ink-jet prints are printed at 838 Cantrell St. on an Epson 4800.


the prints are laminated at Taws with a 3mm matte laminate and an adhesive backing. The 3mm matte laminate is an all purpose, all-weather solution for presenting the photos. The way I'd like to present the photos is adhesive back, no lamination. That's not feasible because they wouldn't hold up in the rain for the duration of the show. And they would be too fragile to touch, and all the images should be able to be touched. So they have to be laminated.

Another option that I really like is "deep crystal lamination" which is anti-glare. I love the look of it, but it's too heavy for adhering to the pillar and has a tendency to peel up at the corners. Plus, it's super expensive.

So 3 mm lamination it is. The only downside of this kind of lamination is the glare factor, but I'm ok with that. Some images can be seen from a distance and are more difficult to see right up on them unless someone gets underneath them. But I'm ok with having people work to see the photos.


the prints are picked up from Taws and I trim them to the edge. Now they are sitting at the studio weighed down with stacks of books on them to keep them from curling.
Your Future Starts Here, Uniform City, New Tattoo Jorge, Most We Feared, Fist With Dollars, Sisters and Basketball Hoop all need to be printed as the originals for the last of the small copies and then done with the 5 dollar photos.

Friends! Because many folks are coming from out of town, I would be greatly appreciative if people would share things to do, places to eat and places to stay.

Philadelphians! Please help out our out-of-town friends! Out-of-town friends! Please help each other out!

Click here,, and let people know about Philadelphia.

Specific questions? Ask them here!


Walter said that on Saturday he's taking the el to check out Love Letters,

and then headed to McGlinchey's, site of Sarah Stolfa's book "The Regulars."

Philadelphia, PA: Greatest City on Earth

that is all.

Spotlight on I-95 Workers... Christine Rybicki

Christine Rybicki can not be described in a 2 sentence biography.

Monday, April 26, 2010

i-95.10 flyer web melrose
easter day_5959 web
easter day_5703 web
magic time_1 web

Know What I Think?

a dream come true_1728 web
tasker st_8938_2 web


10 years of work, May 2, 2010. Final I-95.

i-95.10 chanel

Sunday, April 25, 2010

In Memoriam by Lord Alfred Tennyson

Ring out, wild bells, to the wild sky,
The flying cloud, the frosty light:
The year is dying in the night;
Ring out, wild bells, and let him die.

Ring out the old, ring in the new,
Ring, happy bells, across the snow:
The year is going, let him go;
Ring out the false, ring in the true.

Ring out the grief that saps the mind
For those that here we see no more;
Ring out the feud of rich and poor,
Ring in redress to all mankind.

Ring out a slowly dying cause,
And ancient forms of party strife;
Ring in the nobler modes of life,
With sweeter manners, purer laws.

Ring out the want, the care, the sin,
The faithless coldness of the times;
Ring out, ring out my mournful rhymes
But ring the fuller minstrel in.

Ring out false pride in place and blood,
The civic slander and the spite;
Ring in the love of truth and right,
Ring in the common love of good.

Ring out old shapes of foul disease;
Ring out the narrowing lust of gold;
Ring out the thousand wars of old,
Ring in the thousand years of peace.

Ring in the valiant man and free,
The larger heart, the kindlier hand;
Ring out the darkness of the land,
Ring in the Christ that is to be.
Thank you Marianna, Ashley, Alison, Christine, Manny and Mom for all of your work today.
As I've been thinking about projects I'd like to work on, one is about Nogales... Nogales Sonora, Mexico/ Nogales Arizona, USA. I've been reading a lot about Nogales and know that I want to work on something there.

Nogales, Sonora

Nogales, Arizona

Arizona Immigration Law Sparks National Uproar

Saturday, April 24, 2010

I Love Lauren Black!

To make a donation go to

Thanks to everyone who helped clean today; Julia, Sam, David, Christine, Christine, Manny, Ashley, and my mom Ms. Baker and my wife, Ms. Bloom.

Thank you.


i-95.10 chanel

Friday, April 23, 2010

Now is the time I begin obsessing about weather.

Alex Mechanick's Support of Doug Pike

Do you know about Doug Pike? OK, I don't really know about Doug Pike but I know Alex Mechanick would like you to vote for Doug Pike in this online poll. Who is Alex? I was Alex's babysitter for many, many years and will generally do what he asks because I love him so much. And he is a genius with political ambitions, so I'm a little surprised that he's not running for congress in the 6th.

Who is Doug Pike? Doug Pike is running for congress in the PA house district 6 primary. Click on the title and vote for him if you are a supporter.

Here's what Alex says about why this poll matters...
"The last thing this district is another Bob Roggio, unable to talk in depth on policy and unable to run a single TV ad against Gerlach. And that's exactly what Manan Trivedi is - a guaranteed Republican win in the fall." And no one wants that.

And here's a little extra something he wrote that was intended to push me over the line...
"P.S. I was very tempted to slip the line "now is the time for all good former babysitters to come to the aid of their party" but I resisted the temptation. Kinda."

Alex knows that I am an anarchist and am beholden to no party... but if he's referring to the "former babysitter" party, he knows that's a party I'll rush to aid.
Thanks to the Wexner for letting me do a whole big piece there. When I'm working on a pushpin installation, there's a moment when I see the connections that I want to make in the space and the Wexner installation has the three photos seen below in the center of the installation. I'm really grateful to have been able to do this project.

salt pile_1619_1 web

wench with american flag outside dolphin_9839_1 web

al_6219_1 web
airport garage parking lot_9640 web
i-95.10 chanel

Greetings From Columbus Airport

About to come home and work straight through May 2, 2010.

Why am I awake? Because one of the biggest days of my life is coming up. And because beyond that, I have another biggest day of my life coming up. That would be my solo show at the Philadelphia Museum of Art in 2012. You read that correctly. January 2012, PMA solo show in the Berman and Stieglitz Galleries.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

salt pile_1619_1 web

Wexner: Works for Columbus

Finished installing at the Wexner, falling asleep in my hotel room, but I find it to be imperative to tell everyone who's reading this how much I love the Wexner folks. Thanks to Mark, Dave, Christine, Katy, Jill, Bill and all who helped with the installation and getting me out here. Special thanks to Bill Horrigan... Bill is awesome.

wexner install_9671 web

wexner install_9666 web

wexner install mark and amy_9654 web

wexner install_9645 web


Aside, I have got to come back to the Wexner for the Arnold Classic. When this I-95 craziness is over, I'm working on a proposal.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Thanks to everyone who's coming to help this Saturday at 1. If you can, bring your own broom!

Also, we could use some help on Saturday May 1st at 1pm. And on the day of the show, too... for a final sweepup and help handing out maps and provide info for people. We’ll have a volunteer training meeting the day before the show, May 1, at 3pm at my studio, 838 Cantrell St. Please email Ms. Marianna Peragallo to volunteer or with any questions....

And we will love for folks to record the day of the show, and the clean ups, everything. You can upload all images to the flickr group here... I-95.10 flickr

Countdown Dated Photos

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

flowers_6165 web


Spotlight on I-95 Workers... Alison Feldish

Alison Feldish was born and raised in Halifax, Pennsylvania. She is a graduating senior from the Tyler School of Art, where she studies sculpture, photography and cultural theory. She ingests an absurd amount of coffee daily and is obsessed with dogs.
windows blown out venetian blinds

gulf towers apts mom were ok4-1web copy

man's mans back flash .jpg

3 smokestacks web

146-victoria scar print4x6.jpg

fairbanks truck_9210 web

Bikini Atoll
Charday Laverty is looking for a job. If you have any leads, let her know at 95.
Yearly edition prints going out this Friday.


You know what? I am filled with love and joy.
The 30s were obviously a great success if for my 40th birthday my lady got me a vacation and my family contributed to vacationing fun. Score!

Also, I am pretty much the luckiest person ever because I have the greatest wife in the history of all wives and the greatest family ever. Good night.
woman man and dog in car_1944 web

food_1604-Edit_1 web

star_1538-Edit_2 web

I'm done with editing, but I continue to compulsively go over my photos even though I have so much other stuff to do.

Monday, April 19, 2010

smoke by airport_4601 web
woman with red hair and blue dress_8135 web

al_6219_1 web

top of the 80s web

fire fighters_1837-Edit web

mario_9575 web

pay phone at melrose diner_1104 web

if you can dream it you can do it_8651 web

whopper_5277_1 web

gay pride_4259 web cropped

hotel room ceiling_mirror red carpet 2751_2 copy 2_1 web

lisa_7939 web

neighbor_0117 web

take a new look cropped web

woman in yellow shirt at berks el stop_0150 web

yes we did_0510_1 printing web

woman showing dead bird_7565 web

death to the kkk_4228 web

chanel navel ring_6909 web

wench with american flag outside dolphin_9839_1 web

woman selling lottery tickets_9775 web

flowers_6165 web

nick's pizza_3877 web

butcher shop_9653_1 web