Thursday, September 10, 2009

The woman in the portrait that I wanted at Carrefour said no to having her image in the street, so indoor slideshow only for that image. I have to choose the big ones tonight and will swap out that one for another. Jesus Fucking Christ this is a lot of work y NO HABLO ESPANOL. Pero, todos los dias un poco mas. Pero muy muy poquito.

woman holding bird carrfour


Anonymous said...


and hey, i never got my postcard from camp straussundbloom. boo!

ZS said...

That's because despite the fact that it's September, they still haven't been mailed. The mail date had to be pushed back to the fist week of October because campers wanted to work on each postcard for like what seemed to be 10-12 hours each. Camp Straussundbloom extends it's deepest apologies for the delay.