Thursday, May 28, 2009

Best Post Office in Philadelphia? 4th and Bainbridge.

The 4th St. post office has at least 2 of Philadelphia's greatest postal workers. One of those great workers is Karen. Karen was blasting War Pigs by Black Sabbath when I stopped in the post office today.

Karen's area is adorned with many enjoyable things, my favorite being the "artist formerly known as Prince" tissue box.

prince tissue box_1217 web

Karen rocks an "artist formerly known as Prince" necklace

karen's necklace_1242 web

And an "artist formerly known as Prince" tattoo and an "artist formerly known as Prince" ring

karen tattoo and ring_1244 web


karen_1241 web

4th St post office? Yes.


Yujean said...


Unknown said...

love her! She used to come into retrospect all the time. By far the best postal worker I've ever encountered anywhere!

Peg and Awl said...

Karen is the best for sure! This is also the only FUNCTIONING post office in Philadelphia!!!