Sunday, April 26, 2009

car accident_0931 web

The photo above was high in the running for a while, but I opted to include the two photos below instead.

car at water_0885 web

fairgrounds parking lot palmer landing strip_6701 web

I wasn't sure about having both of these images in the mix this year, but I wanted a "leaving" and a "dead end" image and this is a good pairing if they are at least 1/2 a block from each other. There's very different implications in the two car photos; one having literally driven into a mountain and the other driving out of the water. With the inclusion of the "dead end" photo, the "car coming out of water" image is a lock.


David S Kessler said...

If you haven't seen it yet, you should check out the movie Frozen River from last year. great movie and similar imagery as this.

ZS said...

I love Frozen River! I think Melissa Leo should have gotten best actress for it. And I thought of that film a lot while I was up there. Aside from the story of the film I couldn't stop thinking that the landscape changes in a way I never thought of before... all the marshes and ponds freeze and you can walk endlessly, there's completely different pedestrian routes in summer... and some driving routes are different.

nina corvallo said...

i like your edit. Even though I like all three images.

Heart As Arena said...

Melissa Leo should get Best Actress for LIFE. Happy to see her finally getting some props, even if not the Top of the Props that she deserved.

ZS said...

She should have gotten an academy award, a grammy, an emmy and the tony for Homicide. seriously.