Thursday, April 30, 2009

Things Everyone Can Help With On May 3rd!

1. It will be damp and possibly raining on May 3rd. If any of the photos are peeling up from the pillars, smooth them back down.

2. Don't let anyone take them off until 4 PM.

Thanks my friends!



From Points South via I-95

I-95 N to the Columbus Blvd- Exit 20 towards Washington Ave (0.2 mile)
Take the ramp toward Snyder Ave / Oregon Ave (0.1 mile)
Turn slight right onto S. Columbus Blvd (0.2 mile)
Turn right onto Tasker St (0.1 mile)
Turn left onto S. Front St (0.2 mile)
End at S. Front & Mifflin

From Points North via I-95

I-95 N to the Columbus Blvd- Exit 20 (on the left) towards Washington Ave (0.2 mile)
Turn right onto S. Columbus Blvd (0.7 mile)
Turn right onto Tasker St (0.1 mile)
Turn left onto S. Front St (0.2 mile)
End at S. Front & Mifflin

From New Jersey Turnpike and Points East:

Jersey Turnpike to Exit 4.
Follow Route 73 to Route 38 West.
Follow Route 38 West to US 30 West over the Ben Franklin Bridge.
When you exit the bridge, immediately merge right onto I-95 S toward Chester / Philadelphia International Airport.
I-95 N to the Columbus Blvd- Exit 20 (on the left) towards Washington Ave (0.2 mile)
Turn right onto S. Columbus Blvd (0.7 mile)
Turn right onto Tasker St (0.1 mile)
Turn left onto S. Front St (0.2 mile)
End at S. Front & Mifflin

From PA Turnpike and Points West:

Take I-76 E toward Philadelphia
Merge onto Vine Street Expressway / I-676 E / US 30 E via Exit 344 on the left toward Chester /
Philadelphia / International Airport
Take the Columbus Blvd- Exit 20 (on the left) towards Washington Ave (0.2 mile)
Turn right onto S. Columbus Blvd (0.7 mile)
Turn right onto Tasker St (0.1 mile)
Turn left onto S. Front St (0.2 mile)
End at S. Front & Mifflin


Septa Trip Planner... click here and type in "s. front st and mifflin st." as destination.

From City Hall, take the Broad St. Line SOUTHBOUND to SNYDER and exit. Then take the 79 bus on Snyder Ave. EASTBOUND to Front and Snyder. Walk NORTHBOUND toward Target. It's a 4 minute walk to Front and Mifflin.


Here’s what happens on Sunday, May 3 2009 at Front and Mifflin Sts. in Philadelphia, PA. There’s 231 photographs under I-95 from 1PM to 4PM. All of the photos will be up at 1PM.

There’s photos for sale at the table, and maps and photo lists, golf pencils, water and pretzels. Color copies are 5 dollars each, please ask for them by number. Every photo in the show has a number written on the ground in front of the image. If you want to buy a copy, tell the people at the table the number and they’ll get it for you. Working at the table will be Allison, Yujean, and Savannah. Ashley will be available for answering questions. Maria is security.

Savannah: #1 Sister of all time!
Yujean: intern from The Philadelphia Center
Ashley: intern from Moore
Allison: intern from Tyler
Maria: Ashely's lady friend

also starring Manny Dominguez, Jr, Ilene Baker, Christine Settino and the one and only Lynn Bloom.

At 4 when the show is over people are welcome to take the photos from the pilasters. PLEASE TAKE ONLY ONE, SO THAT EVERYONE WHO'S THERE CAN GET ONE. If there's images up at 5 oclock, you can go back and take another, but please wait.

There’s adhesive backing on the photos, so if you think you want to take one bring saran wrap or paper to put on the back. And bring some for other people, too.

For folks who are just wandering in who or don’t know about the maps and photos for sale at the table, please tell them how the show works. Also, there's no need for a map if you want to see the show without notions of where the photos were made. It's installed so that you can do it however you want.


1. There's a lot of walking to see this installation. It's a total of 2 square city blocks, so be prepared. I will have bottles of water at the info/sales table that you can grab. Bring a folding chair if desired. Also, I would say it takes about an hour to an hour and a half to do the whole thing.

2. The info/sales table will be on the Miffin St. side of the underpass. It's not necessary to stop there, but I will have maps and lists of the photos included in the installation. Remember, you can start and end anywhere in the installation, the numbers are only for ease of purchase and if you'd like to know where the photo was made.

In the last couple of years the line to buy photos has been pretty slow moving, so my super as"sis"tant, Savannah Roberts and my #1 intern, Charday Laverty who won't be in attendance because SHE'S JOINED THE FUCKING ARMY, have come up with some organizational changes to speed things up. If you are interested in buying a photo, please, PLEASE, request the image by number. Every photo has a number at the base of the pillar that corresponds to the map and you can pick up maps and golf pencils at the table in the front.

At least two people will be manning the sales/info table from 1 to 4 and the two main anchors are Ms. Savannah Roberts, Ms. Yujean Park and Ms. Allison Feldish. They are bright and charming young women who can answer many of your questions and help you if you are interested in making a purchase. I will also be able to answer questions. However, I will most likely be semi comatose and unable to be my usual erudite self.

There will be at least 2 color photocopies of every photo in the exhibition available for purchase, as supplies last. All photos are 5 dollars.

3. The show is from 1PM to 4PM, which means that after 4PM folks are allowed to take the photos from the pillars. I am requesting that people only take ONE photo per person. If you want to grab another, wait til 5PM and then go to town.


4. Please be aware that some of the subject matter is sensitive and deals with adult themes.

5. Here are DIRECTIONS to the show.


This will be a difficult year without Mary Ann Black there, my aunt and cheerleader. Love you and miss you, Mary Ann.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I-95.09 Clean Up

Friends, if anyone can come help clean up under I-95

Friday from Noon to 1


Saturday from Noon to 1

I would be eternally grateful. Just show up! Bringing your own broom is welcome.

With Love,

Set List 4/29/09 Bruce Springsteen at the Spectrum

1. Badlands
2. Ties That Bind
3. Outlaw Pete
4. Spirit In The Night
5. Working On A Dream
6. Seeds
7. Johnny 99
8. Youngstown
9. Raise Your Hand
10. London Calling
11. Red Headed Woman
12. Thundercrack
13. Hungry Heart featuring Adele Springsteen
14. Promised Land
15. Streets of Philadelphia
16. Kingdom of Days
17. Radio Nowhere
18. Lonesome Day
19. The Rising
20. Born To Run

21. Hard Times
22. Thunder Road introduced with a recording of Harry Kalas
23. Tenth Avenue Freezeout
24. Land of Hope & Dreams
25. America Land
26. Kitty's Back


One of the greatest shows ever.
flyer buddy i-95.09

Set List 4/28/09 Bruce Springsteen at the Spectrum

Out In The Street
Outlaw Pete
She's the One
Working on a Dream
Johnny 99
The Ghost of Tom Joad
Raise Your Hand
The Fever
Mountain of Love
Waitin' on a Sunny Day
The Promised Land
The Wrestler
Kingdom of Days
Radio Nowhere
Lonesome Day
The Rising
Born to Run


Hard Times Come Again No More
You Can't Sit Down
Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out
Land of Hope and Dreams
American Land
Rosalita (Come Out Tonight)

My lady called "You Can't Sit Down" by the Dovells, which is not a surprise because my lady pretty much knows everything. Looking forward to tonight.


Aside, 2 Bruce Springsteen shows the week of I-95 is a sort of a talisman preventing any jinx. So far this week has shaped up with good signs.
You know, I came back from Alaska thinking that I had make work as a blueprint for another project and while that's true in many respects, I've found that I came back with some complete work too. The photo below is one that took me a little while to see it's worth as it's own image... but I have to say that I fucking killed it with this one. In real space, the foreground mountain of parking lot snow is miles from the mountain peaks that jut out in the background. The human hand and landscape configuration is really strong in this. Back to work.



i-95.09 car coming out of water web


Sunday, May 3th, 2009

1pm to 4pm

Under I-95 at Front St. and Mifflin St.

The exhibition is free and
open to the public.

Color photocopies of the photos included in the installation will be available for purchase at 5 dollars each as supplies last.

America will also be available for purchase. The event will happen rain or shine. It's going to be off the hook.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Hello Friends.

At I-95 I will sign America and color copies, so please feel free to bring a book for me to sign if you want. I'm trying to figure out the best time to sign stuff, I think I'm going to devote 2PM to 3PM for signing. Signed things are good, but there's no need for signing either. The images are the same signed or not.

In Philadelphia you can get a copy of America at...

The Joseph Fox Bookshop
1724 Sansom Street

Bindlestiff Books
4530 Baltimore Ave

Penn Book Center
130 S. 34th Street

All Indiebound booksellers.
This year's edit is very much a plan for next year, it's a loose edit, and I think a number of images in 95 this year won't be in next year. This year's installation will be really good, but next year's...
abstraction and representation
reality and illusion
handmade and mechanical
direct and obscure
allegory and fact


Monday, April 27, 2009

gas tank_2019 web

This was one that made it in by the skin of it's teeth. The night sky, oil, moon and echoing of forms in another photo included this year, Rollercoaster, made Gas Tank one to get in the mix.

gas tank_2019 web

roller coaster wildwood web.jpg

1. Philadelphia, PA (If You Reading This)
2. Camden. NJ (Woman in Salmon Shirt)
3. Philadelphia, PA (Save)
4. Philadelphia, PA (Bed in the Little Room)
5. Philadelphia, PA (Wawa Parking Lot)*
6. Philadelphia, PA (Kike Grocery)
7. Philadelphia, PA (Nan and Petey)*
8. Philadelphia, PA (Metropolitan Hospital)
9. Philadelphia, PA (Philly Fried Chicken)
10. Muckleshoot Reservation, WA (Sage Jumping)
11. PA Turnpike (Econolodge)
12. Chicago, IL (Tonya)
13. Fairbanks, AK (Fairbanks Truck)*
14. Atlantic City, NJ (Blue and Red Motel)
15. Muckleshoot Reservation, WA (Kaia)
16. Philadelphia, PA (If You Break the Skin)
17. Las Vegas, NV (Red Carpet)*
18. Philadelphia, PA (Doors in Open Structure)
19. Philadelphia, PA (9th and Snyder)*
20. Philadelphia, PA (Don’t Drink or Sit Deleted
21. Biloxi. MS (MLK Parade Soul Patrol)
22. Brookhaven, PA (Thomas Jones)*
23. Philadelphia, PA (Benny Krass)
24. Las Vegas, NV (We Will Win)

25. Philadelphia, PA (Vanessa)
26. Philadelphia, PA (Everything Is Name Brand)
27. Philadelphia, PA (Mummers Kissing)
28. Outside Las Vegas, NV (Palm Cell Tower)
29. Anchorage, AK (Mountain Range O’Malley)*
30. Philadelphia, PA (Shot Appliances)
31. Las Vegas, NV (Your Future Starts Here)
32. Camden, NJ (Two Women Camden)
33. Philadelphia, PA (Lights At Phillies Game)
34. Honeybrook, PA (Boys Wrestling on Stage)*
35. Philadelphia, PA (Taken Down Posters Cantrell St.)
36. Philadelphia, PA (Mummer in Front of Gas Station Convenience Store)
37. Frazier Park, CA (Nigel at San Andreas Fault)*
38. Philadelphia, PA (Michael Myers)
39. Near Pahrump, NV (Appliances Under El)
40. Camden, NJ (Uniform City)
41. Philadelphia, PA (Woman at Broad and Tasker)*
42. Camden, NJ (Camden Mattresses)
43. Philadelphia, PA (Woman Walking at Berks Full)
44. Philadelphia, PA (Lights in Chinatown)
45. Centralia, PA (We Love Centralia)
46. Philadelphia, PA (Paula's Union Hall)
47. Las Vegas, NV (Adam and Eve Room)
48. Scranton, PA (Woman Behind Balloon)
49. Atlanta, GA (Rainbow Video)
50. Pottsville, PA (Dorthia)*
51. Philadelphia, PA (Toasting from Window)*
52. Philadelphia, PA (West Phila Mattress)
53. Philadelphia, PA (Mummers Urinating)
54. Philadelphia, PA (Half House on Boulevard)
55. Philadelphia, PA (Bunny)
56. Philadelphia, PA (Mask on Back of Head)
57. Camden, NJ (Beth)
58. Las Vegas, NV (Photo Mural)
59. Philadelphia, PA (Model Lao New Year)*
60. El Paso, TX (Woman in Front of Hair Color)
61. Gulfport, MS (Billboard w/ Vinyl Blown Off)
62. Chicago, IL (Mexican Football Fans with Man Sitting)
63. Philadelphia, PA (Tattooed Penises)
64. Palmer, AK (Parking Lot)*
65. Philadelphia, PA (Escalades)*
66. Darby, PA (Pepsi Painted Over)
67. Crystal, NV (Ah So Sexy)
68. Philadelphia, PA (Wench On 2st.)*
69. Anchorage, AK (Empty Sign Frame)*
70. Chicago, IL (Cinderblocks)
71. Philadelphia, PA (Pregnant in Flesh Colored Shirt)*
72. Philadelphia, PA (How Do I Look?)
73. Philadelphia, PA (Yellow Flea Market Curtain)

74. Philadelphia, PA (Daddy Tattoo)
75. Denver, CO (Balloons By Judy’s House)*
76. Philadelphia, PA (I----- Smoking)
77. Asbury Park, NJ (In God We Trust)
78. Philadelphia, PA (Green and Red Food Market)
79. Philadelphia, PA (Rosemarie’s Bed)
80. Camden, NJ (Camden Vent)
81. Whittier, AK (Whittier Basketball)*
82. Camden, NJ (Thin Woman with Cherry Water Ice)
83. Philadelphia, PA (I Love You Memorial)
84. Truth or Consequences, NM (Truth or Consequences Couple)
85. Las Vegas, NV (Giant Mouth Pleasures)
86. Muckleshoot Reservation, WA (Holding Xmas Present)*
87. Wasilla, AK (None Of These Buildings Are For Sale)*
88. Philadelphia, PA (Fluorescent Light)
89. Asbury Park, NJ (Asbury Tilly)
90. Philadelphia, PA (Light Switch Thermostat)*
91. Camden, NJ (Camden Crack)
92. Philadelphia, PA (Ridge Ave.)*
93. Las Vegas, NV (Kelley)
94. Philadelphia, PA (Leo’s Mantle with Medications Flash)
95. Philadelphia, PA (Showing Sternum Scar)
96. Biloxi, MS (Shirt and Pants Hanging)*
97. Camden, NJ (Salt Pile)
98. Philadelphia, PA (Holding Crack)*
99. Las Vegas, NV (Alarm Calls Police)
100. Miami, FL (Man in Wheelchair)*
101. Fairbanks, AK (It’s A Long Way To The Top)*
102. Philadelphia, PA (Ice on Stairs in Projects)
103. Crystal, NV (Honey He Really Fuck Up)
104. Philadelphia, PA (Gunshot in Leg on Gurney)
105. Las Vegas, NV (Motel Deadly Quiet)
106. Philadelphia, PA (Mummer with Blunt)
107. Palmer, AK (Landing Strip)*
108. Near Phila. PA (Covered Highway Graffiti)
109. Philadelphia, PA (Titanic)

110. Palmer, AK (Car at Water)*
111. Philadelphia, PA (Marines Billboard)
112. Wildwood, NJ (Redemption)*
113. Philadelphia, PA (American Face Paint Making Out)
114. Philadelphia, PA (Man's Back)
115. Las Vegas, NV (Allied Forces)
116. Biloxi, MS (McDonalds)
117. Monmouth County, NJ (All Americans)
118. Philadelphia, PA (Vietnam Hand)
119. Las Vegas, NV (Father and Son Greyhound)
120. New Orleans, LA (Red, White and Blue Gas Station)
121. Philadelphia, PA (Dollar Magic)
122. Camden County, NJ (This Is Your Warning)
123. Philadelphia, PA (Linda Sunoco)
124. Philadelphia, PA (Cars)*
125. Philadelphia, PA (Let's Roll/ Anxious)
126. Springfield, PA (Chandelier)*
127. Wildwood, NJ, (Rollercoaster)*
128. Near Reading, PA (You Can Feel Good About)
129. Muckleshoot Reservation, WA (Johnny Moses)
130. New York, NY (Sincere’s Arm)*
131. Denver, CO (Judy Padilla)
132. Las Vegas, NV (Circus Circus from Parking Lot)
133. El Paso, TX (Woman at US/Mexico Border)
134. Philadelphia, PA (Bulletholes)
135. Philadelphia, PA (Nodding Out)*
136. Las Vegas, NV (Sheila and William)
137. Philadelphia, PA (Buddy)*
138. Limerick, PA (Virginia)
139. Philadelphia, PA (Keep the Fuck Out)
140. Near Ellengowan, PA (Coal Billboard)
141. El Paso, TX (Carlos Parents On Bed)*
142. Las Vegas, NV (No Trespassing with Man Walking)
143. Philadelphia, PA (Alzheimer's)
144. El Paso, TX (Power/Ower)
145. Los Angeles, CA (Get Back Up Again)*

146. Folcroft, PA (Ashley’s Grandmother)*
147. Philadelphia, PA (South Philly Fireworks Reed and Juniper)
148. Philadelphia, PA (New Tattoo Jorge)
149. Anchorage, AK (Skateland)*
150. Philadelphia, PA (Everything)
151. Biloxi, MS (Vincent)
152. Philadelphia, PA (Smoking in Bed)*
153. Philadelphia, PA (Wishbone)*
154. Fairbanks, AK (Home on Trailer)*
155. Las Vegas, NV (Satisfaction Guaranteed)
156. Las Vegas, NV (Hotel Room Mirror)
157. Philadelphia, PA (New Phenom Penn)
158. Philadelphia, PA (Gunshot Wound)
159. Pottsville, PA (Visitors)
160. Philadelphia, PA (Do Rag)
161. Philadelphia, PA (Phylicia’s Wall)
162. Philadelphia, PA (Merry Christmas House)
163. Scranton, PA (Hillary Supporter)
164. Philadelphia, PA (Bags on Floor)*
165. Philadelphia, PA (Victoria Hysterectomy Scar)
166. Rural Southern NV (Most We Feared)
167. Philadelphia, PA (Jean)*
168. Gulfport, MS (TV on Second Floor)
169. Las Vegas, NV (Casino Walkby)
170. Philadelphia, PA (Monique Showing Black Eye)
171. New York, NY (World Trade Center)*
172. Philadelphia, PA (Refinery)
173. Near Gorman, CA (Hills by San Andreas Fault)*
174. Chicago, Il (Woman Throwing Box from Window)
175. Philadelphia, PA (High Hopes)*
176. Camden County, NJ (Bushes in Front of Tech School Door)
177. Pottsville, PA (Half House Pink)*
178. Las Vegas, NV (Man Nude on Bed)
179. Atlanta, GA (Equitable Reflected Outside Window)
180. Philadelphia, PA (Kelly Harper)*
181. Philadelphia, PA (Everything Is Not One Dollar)*
182. Las Vegas, NV (Bed With Pillows)
183. Gulfport, MS (Refrigerators)
184. Gulfport, MS (Fist with Dollars)
185. Philadelphia, PA (Election Night)*
186. Philadelphia, PA (Shark Bite)
187. Philadelphia, PA (Swastika Tattoos)
188. Philadelphia, PA (Gas Tank)*
189. Philadelphia, PA (Paris in Jail)*
190. Philadelphia, PA (Mummers Kissing Top Hat)
191. Camden County, NJ (Stay Alive)
192. Philadelphia, PA (To the Heros)
193. Houston, AK (Yellow Car Flag)*
194. Philadelphia, PA (Mattress Flip)

195. Terre Haute, IN (Together We Make Dreams Come True)
196. Las Vegas, NV (Ken and Don)
197. Biloxi, MS (Mom Were OK)
198. Philadelphia, PA (Frank Sinatra)
199. Philadelphia, PA (Phillies Win World Series)*
200. Asbury Park, NJ (Asbury The City)
201. Philadelphia, PA (Basketball Hoop)
202. Anchorage, AK (How Universal Can It Be?)*
203. Crystal, NV (Art Showing Loaded Revolver)
204. Northern New Jersey (Three Smokestacks from Train)
205. Philadelphia, PA (Circus Tent)
206. Chicago, IL (Woman at Cabrini Green)
207. Philadelphia, PA (Melissa Handstand)
208. Camden, NJ (Bail Bonds)
209. Philadelphia, PA (2922 Princeton Ave.)
210. Camden, NJ (Camden Teardrop)
211. Philadelphia, PA (I Love You Billy)
212. Philadelphia, PA (Mummer w/ Bud)
213. Philadelphia, PA (Seafood Soul)
214. Wynnewood, PA (Star)
215. Camden, NJ (Camden Woman Pink Shirt)
216. Philadelphia, PA (Election Day)*
217. Philadelphia, PA (Lincoln Field)
218. Philadelphia, PA (Hope Not Dope)
219. Biloxi, MS (Gold Tooth Wedding Ring)*
220. Ocean Springs, MS (We Love Having You Here)
221. Auburn, WA (Drive In)
222. Pahrump, NV (Fireworks)
223. Biloxi, MS (MLK Parade Orange)*
224. Asbury Park, NJ (Good Food Here)
225. Philadelphia, PA (New Years Blazer)
226. Camden, NJ (White Trash Whorse)
227. Las Vegas, NV (Circus Circus Light Bulbs)
228. Philadelphia, PA (Castaways)
229. Philadelphia, PA (Angel)
230. Philadelphia, PA (Pennsport Caterers)
231. Philadelphia, PA (Call Unto Me)

*new for 2009 show
60 new photos

Sunday, April 26, 2009

car accident_0931 web

The photo above was high in the running for a while, but I opted to include the two photos below instead.

car at water_0885 web

fairgrounds parking lot palmer landing strip_6701 web

I wasn't sure about having both of these images in the mix this year, but I wanted a "leaving" and a "dead end" image and this is a good pairing if they are at least 1/2 a block from each other. There's very different implications in the two car photos; one having literally driven into a mountain and the other driving out of the water. With the inclusion of the "dead end" photo, the "car coming out of water" image is a lock.

Great News!

A sign indicating the overwhelming success of I-95.09.

From the Connecticut Post today...

"GREENWICH -- A luxury yacht once owned by singer-songwriter Billy Joel sank into the sea early Saturday near the dock where it had been moored at a Cos Cob marina.

The 35-foot vessel, which still bears the Piano Man-dubbed name "Sea Major," was found almost entirely submerged about 8:30 a.m. Saturday near a pier at the Riverscape Marina on River Road."

109 titanic2

Thanks so much to my pen pal, Ms. Susan Morgan, for emailing me this breaking news.
I saw a Franz Kline show at the Academy in 1986, "The Vital Gesture: Franz Kline"

Franz Kline: Mahoning

And here's a sofa available at Interior Concepts, a few blocks from my house.

And here's an image I made this year

palmer_0862 web

Palmer Parking Lot

My image can reference both. And a billion other things I've seen in my life. The viewer finishes the image. I've found that when I'm speaking, sometimes people want a simple answer, they want a "who are your influences" that connects to visual art in a traditional sense. Of course that's a valid question and of great importance to me, but it's not so cut and dry. Often it's everything ever that's the influence, and I'm trying to find a way to say that, for me, often there's great complexity in even the most direct or spare images. And sometimes there's nothing complex. The photo's exactly what's seen in the frame with nothing more conscious than making forms.
high hopes_7181_1 web

This image is constructed in a much different manner than all of my other photos included this year. With the exception of the 2 word text, the entire daytime image has been burned to black.

I am thrilled with this image. Thrilled. It's spare, with a beautiful simple text that has a number of meanings. In particular, this image has meaning for Phillies fans. And it has meaning for those who followed the rhetoric of the presidential election. And it has meaning beyond the time sensitive. "High Hopes."
gold teeth wedding ring_6433 web

This one, a cropped version, will be in 95 this year. It's really likely that this will be the only year for this image, but for reasons that are too lengthy to go into it's a portrait that will help tie together some one the images in the last two aisles running east to west. Again, this is the last year for a draft and I am grateful that I can incorporate some images that I'm not 100% about. This is not my best portrait by a long shot, and in truth I think that portraits aren't my long suit anyway, but this woman's gesture and expression are needed in this installment of I-95.

Not needed is the story behind this, how this woman and her husband melted down their wedding rings and got gold teeth made out of them. Her husband is a mechanic, and his ring kept getting caught at work so he couldn't wear it, hence the gold tooth solution. I thought it was beautiful and a great idea.

Also not needed is the difficult to see text behind this woman's head, on the right in the frame... "Grillin' Zone." That's a pretty good pun, but not the crux of the image.


gold teeth wedding ring_6432 web

This one is not going to be in 95, her left eye in this doesn't reflect how this woman was... forthright and alert.

Saturday, April 25, 2009