Tuesday, March 31, 2009

91 ridge-ave-meat.jpg

ridge ave 2009_4971 web

Santa Barbara, See You Tomorrow

In Southern CA? Then come check out these things in Santa Barbara.

Thursday, April 2:

Slide show by Zoe Strauss

1131 State street
Courtyard of Peet's coffee

Tuesday, April 7:

5:00-6:15pm Lecture by me at
University of California, Santa Barbara
at Fine Arts Symposium
1610 Broida Hall.

After that, from 8:00pm - 8:30pm Works In Progress Slide Shows
Location: Isla Vista Theatre II
in Isla Vista, CA


Daidō Moriyama: Tokyo Photographs

Don't miss this.

"Daidō Moriyama is one of the most important and exciting Japanese photographers of our time, having made prolific, often experimental pictures of modern urban life since the 1960s. This exhibition showcases a group of approximately 45 photographs made in and around Tokyo in the 1980s, when Moriyama focused his mature aesthetic on the city with renewed intensity."

In the new Perelman Building at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.
Up until August 23, 2009

Monday, March 30, 2009

Rest in Peace, Helen Levitt

Helen Levitt died yesterday. She was 95 years old.

New York, 1980

Helen Levitt: one of the most influential, important and brilliant street photographers to ever live.

Redoubt Blows

I can't believed I missed this.

Photo courtesy of Jaden Larson via AVO

Philadelphia Photo Arts Center

Skywriting Day Post by Dennis Cooper

To read an excellent post about skywriting, click the title. Without a doubt, skywriting is one of my favorite mediums- surreal, accessible, ephemeral. I dream of having enough money to write skywriting text, but I am thrilled to read what others write.

welcome_5259 web


Both of the above images were in the running for the first America edit.

Now this skywriting takes the cake.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

I-95.09 Dated Edition Photos

I-95.09 Dated Edition Photos. Oh, it's on, friends.

250 dollars for each photo, in a 2009 edition of 9.

Image size for each photo is 7.5"x9.5", paper size is 8.5."x11", and each photo is an archival ink-jet print.

These are a limited edition 2009 issue and they will be signed as such. They aren't traditional editions by any stretch... I am only printing 9 of each of these photos at 7.5" by 9.5" in 2009. I reserve the right to make as many of this photo in what ever size and medium for the rest of my life. But in 2009 I will only make 9 prints, at 7.5" by 9.5", of these specific photos.

Please specify in the "special instructions" box in paypal if you would like the photo signed to someone. That's actually how I prefer to do it, I really like it to be personal.

The prints will be mailed out to the purchaser between May 11, 2009 and May 18, 2009.

Click on any image to enlarge it.
Please email me at zoestrausslimitededition@gmail.com with any questions.

Anchorage, AK 2009

Houston, AK 2009

Anchorage, AK 2009

Friday, March 27, 2009

world champions, bitches_4922 web

world champions, bitches_4921 web
chandelier_4744_3 web


I love this photo and the guy in it. I talked about it a little bit recently at the Bindlestiff signing because even years later it seems amazing that I was able to make this shot. I went back to take a look at the times the photos were made and this entire series was shot in 8 minutes, from the first photo of him standing on the stairs to his odalisque pose on the bed.

man on stairs7web

man on stairs web

man on stairs nude standing2web

man on stairs reclining in aptweb

Thursday, March 26, 2009

sexy with strawberry 1_10 percent de sat kelly web

Ms. Kelly Harper will be in the show this year.
Thanks to everyone who came out to the book signing tonight!
AWESOME NEWS! DiCicco thinks that he can hook up a truncated April 29th cleaning. I'm working on scheduling because it's switched up and it's not 100%, but G-d bless you, DiCicco. There's no question that South Philadelphia is the center of the contemporary art world.

A lot of cleaning will have to happen the Friday and Saturday before, but it might not be as bad as I thought. Oh Fortuna!


Thursday, March 26
at Studio 34
4522 Baltimore Ave.
Take the #34 Green Line trolley to 45th & Baltimore.
For more information:

Welcome all anarchists, lesbian separatists, Purple Fox shoppers, New Third World Lounge goers, Marigold diners and coop workers.

Art Dealer Charged With Stealing $88 Million

Are you fucking kidding, Madoff, Jr?


Aside, a little linguistics observation. While the use of the word "enema" should be a stronger insult based on the idea of the anus, the word "douche" or "douche-bag" is much more pleasurable to use to refer to an unpleasant or disliked person.

Listen to these sentences:

"That guy is a fucking douche"
"That guy is a fucking enema"

I believe this is rooted in the actual sound of the word douche, ˈdüsh, a one syllable word with an "sh," as opposed to a 3 syllable word, ˈe-nə-mə, with 2 "eh"s. Certainly I am conscious of the misogyny within the construction of English, both formal and colloquial, but I really side with the poetry vs. the ideology on this. It's a tough call but "douche" wins out, particularly with a Philadelphia accent.


So Citizens' Alliance is closing as of April 30th which means that my scheduled I-95 clean up is canceled and none of the cleaning machines are available. And no brooms or bags. No nothing.

This is a big problem. I'm unprepared for the clean up without the machines, it's about 30 hours of cleanup total for one person. And I am unprepared to buy cleaning supplies. I'm broke. I don't have any problem asking for help, get ready friends, and I certainly don't have any problem cleaning... it's just an inopportune time to schedule a revised clean up and pay for more things.

Citizens' Alliance, which is a bona fide neighborhood group, is also a spot that Vince Fumo defrauded. But Citizens' Alliance was not a "front" for Fumo, they did a tremendous amount of clean up around the neighborhood and provided a needed service ...not including clean up under 95, which was really generous. It was thought that Citizens' Alliance would be able to stay open after the Vince Fumo and Ruth Arnao verdict, but apparently no. Thanks Vince and Ruth, you fucking dicks.

"Fumo is charged with obstruction of justice and with defrauding the state Senate, a South Philadelphia charity he founded and a maritime museum of almost $3.5 million.

Ruth Arnao, who was executive director of the charity, Citizens Alliance for Better Neighborhoods, is charged with defrauding the nonprofit, filing false tax returns and obstruction."

Vince "OPM" Fumo used Citizens Alliance employees as his own "unpaid" personal staff.
Here's a story about Fumo. When we bought our house, our realtor's husband worked for Fumo. This was right before the primary when Ed Rendell and Bob Casey Jr. were running for the Democrats' nomination for governor. Fumo supported Casey and my realtors husband supported Rendell. At an event, Fumo told my realtors husband to remove his "Rendell" button or he'd be fired. When my realtors husband calmly objected, he was fired for wearing the pin.


Now here's a story about Christian DiCicco, who is currently the head of Citizens Alliance. Christian has been tremendously supportive of my work and I have nothing but gratitude for what he's done for the neighborhood, and for me personally. I know he tried to hold Citizens together and I am appreciative for his effort and his generosity.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Just doing a little printing, no big deal.

Worth noting about reflection, the wall behind me in these photos is the wall in "Taken Down Posters" which will be included in this year's I-95.

taken down posters cantrell st web

Wonderland: Who's Afraid of America?

I just forgot to post about this show in Copenhagen... thanks to Laura Heyman for including my work and hanks so much to Jens Erdman Rasmussen for acquiring a 6 photo installation for the Danish Museum of Photography.
walking reflection wawa parking lot_9087_1_2 web fin

This one's making it. In the last 2 years I've come to use reflection as a recurrent theme within the composition of the photos as well as the placement of photos. The above is not one of my strongest photos, but I'm pleased to move away from the linear and gridded construction that's a predominant feature of much of my framing.

blue and red motel hotel web.jpg

whittier mural and reflection_9948 web

adam and eve room 2 web

father and son at greyhound bus station fin web.jpg

hotel room ceiling_mirror red carpet 2751_2 copy 2_1 web

139_ sonic drive through_3669-Edit web

hotel room mirror 3_2 web.jpg

tammi_6769_1 web


wtc site_7106_1 web

This one is making it too. Like all of the images, I prefer to show this without a literal description. This is one that slowly found it's way into this year's edit and I was hesitant to include it because I wanted to be sure the image could imply razing or natural formation, and that the markers of human presence were minimal, but there if you looked for them. The image is of the World Trade Center site, from about 40 stories above the street. Even if my feelings for this image comes from knowing the site, I'm certain it can hold up without a caption.

we fall down_5046_2 web

This one had been in the running ahead of "get back up again" but after I sat with it for a little "we fall down" is out and "get back up again" is in. In the placement this year there's no need for a redundant "we fall down," but there is most certainly a place for the direct refrain "get back up again."

get back up again_5037_3 web

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

flyer i-95.09 wtc
motel lobby tv 9_1  web

empty sign frame_7191 web

Despite my many travels this year, I have a much smaller group of photos that have made the final edit for this year's inclusion. LOSING IT! LOSING IT!
Hello? Obama? Helen Thomas?
91 ridge-ave-meat.jpg

ridge ave 2008_7809 web

This year I'm looking to replace the top image, an image that's consistently been in 95 since 2003, with a variation of the bottom image which is how the homes have looked since 2008.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Blow Me IRS

"The Internal Revenue Service is not living up to its pledge to crack down on wealthy tax cheats, an IRS watchdog group says, citing a drop in audits of millionaires last year."

Apparently the IRS thinks it's a better plan to audit me twice in the last 3 years. Seriously.
Republicans! Why are you not taking money for unemployed people? You are obviously assholes and idiots, I just can't figure out which is the predominate trait.

Also, I think Reagan is to blame for this recession.

AIG Name Replaced to AIU

I support a different rebranding to "AY I SAY FU"
redemption_2621_2 web


redemption_2315 web

redemption_2314 web
everything store8-1web

26-everything is name brand.jpg

everything is not one dollar_9974_1 web

dollar magic_2_1 web


Sunday, March 22, 2009

Week Long Residency in Santa Barbara

I am pleased to be headed back to Santa Barbara for a residency at the University of California, Santa Barbara. UCSB is the alma mater of my sister-in-law, Sydney Peck, Esq. And UCSB is the current school of Mr. Alex Peck, my sister-in-law's brother. Quality.

Here's some of the things I'm going to be doing out there...

Thursday, April 2:

First Thursday Projection
Time and Place TBA

Tuesday, April 7:

5:00-6:15pm Lecture by me at
University of California, Santa Barbara
at Fine Arts Symposium
1610 Broida Hall.

After that, from 8:00pm - 8:30pm Works In Progress Slide Shows
Location: Isla Vista Theatre II
in Isla Vista, CA


I'm going to be working with Youth CineMedia , which I think will be the absolute highlight of my visit.

And I'm doing a project where identical photos are placed in 2 homes; the home of a person who employs a housekeeper, and in the home of the housekeeper who works in the aforementioned home. It's a much more difficult project than I had anticipated and caused at least one person to say he couldn't "go there", it was too uncomfortable for him with transgressing a unseen social boundary. I am grateful for his honesty in why he wasn't interested in participating.

factory santa barbara_3885 web

rodeo stands and oil wells_3656 web

Looking forward to seeing Liz Kuball, Shelly Lowenkopf, Elyse and Emilo.