Thursday, October 16, 2008


Midnight at Broad and Tasker!

utley jumping_0922 web

fans_1337 web

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This guy started up a chant of "Fuck LA," which then turned into "Fuck John McCain."

fans_1142 web

fans_1094 web

fans_1073 web
People literally started breakdancing in the middle of Broad St. 

fans_0989 web

fans_0961 web

slapping hands_0942 web


Unknown said...

Ah! I really wanted to go to the Dolphin, but ended up at the Fireside. $1 pints is hard to beat.

Great shots!

Christopher Paquette said...

awesome!... we can always count on Zoe to be in the middle of the celebration...

Matt Weber said...

As a Yankee fan (Pre-Steinbrenner) I'm glad you put the Metsies out of their misery for the second straight year!

I hope you go all the way.

Congrats on the book too...

Mel Trittin said...

A well deserved party. It's great to see you documenting the celebration. Now bring the Series back to the National League where it belongs.

Paul Pincus said...