Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Um, the disaster of laissez-faire capitalism is in full effect right now.

I think the best thing to do is invest in artwork by Zoe Strauss. It's just going to increase in value! That paper money ain't going to be worth a plugged nickel in a few years. But rest assured that if you had an archival ink-jet by Zoe Strauss as your nest'd be sitting pretty.


Anonymous said...

Oh, come on. I visit this site for informative art speak and also to look at your photographs.

I didn't realize it was just a shill site.


Btw, I *will* make it to the final expressway show next year. Yeah, I know they're not the large inkjet prints but after previous enroute failed drunk stumblings the last couple of years, I now know its in South Philly not Old City!



ZS said...

You have made a mistake, this site is only a shill site! Kindly accept my apology for soliciting photo purchases, I have chosen to call you my friend with best of hope that you will have a very kind heart so full of consciences, love considering human nature to be able to understand my situation and help me find a solution and rescue over this my incident because you seem to be my last hope for now.

Though, I do not know of what extent you are familiar with events and fragile political situation in Democratic Republic of Congo, where I do most of my dealings, I do know that in the US a Zoe Strauss print is a very good investment. I encourage you to buy as many as you can.

I will appreciate you keep this information and transaction strictly confidential even if you are not interested to save me from the risk of running into trouble as this is the only way I can cry out for help through any reasonable and responsible devoted person who will rescue my situation.

Keep buying!