Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Here’s what happens on Sunday, May 4 2008 at Front and Mifflin Sts. in Philadelphia, PA. There’s 231 photographs under I-95 from 1PM to 4PM. All of the photos will be up at 1PM.

There’s photos for sale at the table, and maps and photo lists, golf pencils, water and pretzels. Color copies are 5 dollars each, please ask for them by number. Every photo in the show has a number written on the ground in front of the image. If you want to buy a copy, tell the people at the table the number and they’ll get it for you. Working at the table will be Laura, Masha, Charday and Savannah.

Savannah: #1 Sister of all time!
Charday: play niece
Laura: intern from Uarts
Masha: intern from Moore

At 4 when the show is over people are welcome to take the photos from the pilasters. There’s adhesive backing on the photos, so if you think you want to take one bring saran wrap or paper to put on the back. And bring some for other people, too.

For folks who are just wandering in who or don’t know about the maps and photos for sale at the table, please tell them how the show works.


After the I-95 show two years ago, right after I was in the Whitney biennial, I felt that some people didn’t understand that the show wasn’t a “give away,” but rather it’s just that when the show is done the photos are left to the elements and people can take them if they want. I had some consternation regarding how I saw the taking of the photos after the show was done. I did want people to take them if they wanted them… but I wanted someone to take them on the basis of their engagement with the show, not on the promise of a piece of the show having monetary value. However, after that first year when the perceived worth of my photos shifted, I found that when I stepped back I really didn’t care what happened to the photos when it was done, just like from the start. If someone takes a photo it implies engagement, regardless of reason. And of course money is a valid reason… what the hell was I thinking? When it’s over, it’s over, and anything can happen with the images.

There have been very few changes since the project began and most of them were a result of rehashing how the show went the year before and then making minor shifts… like an addition of an hour, it use to be 1pm to 3pm, now it’s 1pm to 4pm. But when I started to sell ink-jet prints, I knew right away that I wanted to make higher quality prints for 95 if I could afford it and decided to make the same archival prints that I sell in the gallery to be laminated for 95. So the photos in the show this year are all archival ink-jet prints, which sell for 750 bucks at my NY gallery. And all but 3 of the 231 images are printed identically to the archival ink-jets that I sell. (I had to settle for a lower res with 3 because I didn’t have the time to rescan) Except, of course, the I-95 photos are laminated with an adhesive backing. When I began this project the images didn’t have monetary value in the art market, now it’s 173,250.00 dollars worth of photos that people can take. But there's no true shift in the worth… it’s the same as it was in the beginning and will be the same at the end; color copies or ink-jets, it’s the complete installation that’s the work and I’m happy to have the pieces of it off in the world, the prints and the copies and the web images and the vinyl and the slide shows.

In some ways, the putting up the images and then letting go of them is how it is with the weather for the day of the show… I can prepare all year for this show but it’s possible that it could rain. And while the installation goes up unless there’s a nuclear holocaust, rain makes putting up the show more difficult and means that a few images would be unable to adhere to the pillars. Too bad, but that’s what this show is. I could work all year and have a fourth of that year’s work slide to the ground, and while I can’t pretend that I wouldn’t be pissed off, I’d start working toward the next year knowing full well that it could happen again.


There’s a lot of reflection in this year’s show, and a lot of mirroring. This year I’m still hashing out some of the sub-themes that have slipped in over the last 7 years; next year should be a much different edit because it will the last edit before the completion of the project.

Kelley web.jpg
93. Las Vegas, NV (Kelley)

woman in front of hair color_0351 web
60. El Paso, TX (Woman in Front of Hair Color)

linda sunoco 3 woman store kensington web
123. Philadelphia, PA (Linda Sunoco)


johnny_moses_3174_1 web
146. Muckleshoot Reservation (Johnny Moses)

indian at convenience store 7 web
36. Philadelphia, PA (Mummer in Front of Gas Station Convenience Store)


27 mummers-kissing-2.jpg
27. Philadelphia, PA (Mummers Kissing)

211. Philadelphia, PA (I Love You Billy)


tanya_1 web
12. Chicago, IL (Tanya)

woman at cabrini-green 2 web
206. Chicago, IL (Woman at Cabrini Green)


Don't Drink or Sit deleted 13 web
13. Philadelphia, PA (Don’t Drink or Sit Deleted)

167 don't-drink-or(ASS)-2.jpg
Not in the show


hotel room mirror 4_1 web.jpg
69. Las Vegas, NV (Hotel Room Mirror)

adam and eve room 2 web
47. Las Vegas, NV (Adam and Eve Room)

how do I look 9 web.jpg
72. Philadelphia, PA (How Do I Look?)

blue and red motel web.jpg
14. Atlantic City, NJ (Blue and Red Motel)

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

95 2007 may 4 flyer for print red white and blue gas station


Check out two of my favorite Philadelphia artists in a group show, Inbetween, at Wexler gallery.

Inbetween will run from May 2nd through June 28th, 2008. *An Opening Reception will take place on First Friday, May 2nd from 5-8pm.

Randall Sellers and Joe Boruchow are in this show, which means its a good show.
together we make dreams come true_1295-Edit web

This is true.

Monday, April 28, 2008

RIP Edna Andrade: Philadelphia's Finest Op Artist

Edna Andrade
Untitled, 1980
acrylic on canvas
42 x 42 inches
95 2007 may 4 flyer for print this is your warning

It is now time for me to obsessively start checking weather

While it's absolutely fine if it's showers on the day of, there are adhesion problems with the center aisle if it's wet, which means I have to move my schedule around. And I need to know about rain non stop for sweeping up and chalking the numbers.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Jill Freedman

Click above.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Devastating News Regarding Jersey's #1 Quonset Hut

Photo Credit BONNIE WELLER / Inquirer Staff Photographer

Ideal Clothing is closing in a few weeks. The store, containing racks and racks of marked-down designer clothing, was a regular stop for many on their way to the Jersey Shore.
After I-95 in 2010, I don't know what's happening. I want to revisit some of the ideas that I was interested in exploring before the tsunami of I-95 took over. I want to work more with language, I was looking at the forms of diagrammed sentences and using them in my work. And I definitely want to look at creating the car crash sculpture which I've wanted to produce since my early 20s.

As part of a larger project I want to work on this "portals" idea I had... a live projection of places with the same address. For example 10th and Chestnut here in Philadelphia would have a camera that projected to a monitor at 10th and Chestnut in Topeka, Kansas and the Kansas cam would project here... a constant running look at the same named place thousands miles away.

In a different project, I kind of want to make a map and set up the cameras not just in places with the exact same name, but using an algorithm based on longitude and latitude to figure out corresponding spots around the world, but I don't even know how to convert fractions to decimal points, so I think you know that's going to take a looong time for me to figure out.

collision at sea
I'd also like to revisit Collision at Sea. This photo is from before the boats were pushed together in collision and the "red velvet" rope went up around them.

Here's some other of my work from my mid to late 20s

the worthless dollar

I painted this across the street from where I lived at 8th and Wharton.

history of hysteria

This was a companion piece to "Whirlforce Medical Research Lab" an installation that was in our house at 8th and Wharton. Not to say nothing, but Whirlforce might be my best work to date.


Still true today, folks!

Thursday, April 24, 2008



From Points South via I-95

I-95 N to the Columbus Blvd- Exit 20 towards Washington Ave (0.2 mile)
Take the ramp toward Snyder Ave / Oregon Ave (0.1 mile)
Turn slight right onto S. Columbus Blvd (0.2 mile)
Turn right onto Tasker St (0.1 mile)
Turn left onto S. Front St (0.2 mile)
End at S. Front & Mifflin

From Points North via I-95

I-95 N to the Columbus Blvd- Exit 20 (on the left) towards Washington Ave (0.2 mile)
Turn right onto S. Columbus Blvd (0.7 mile)
Turn right onto Tasker St (0.1 mile)
Turn left onto S. Front St (0.2 mile)
End at S. Front & Mifflin

From New Jersey Turnpike and Points East:

Jersey Turnpike to Exit 4.
Follow Route 73 to Route 38 West.
Follow Route 38 West to US 30 West over the Ben Franklin Bridge.
When you exit the bridge, immediately merge right onto I-95 S toward Chester / Philadelphia International Airport.
I-95 N to the Columbus Blvd- Exit 20 (on the left) towards Washington Ave (0.2 mile)
Turn right onto S. Columbus Blvd (0.7 mile)
Turn right onto Tasker St (0.1 mile)
Turn left onto S. Front St (0.2 mile)
End at S. Front & Mifflin

From PA Turnpike and Points West:

Take I-76 E toward Philadelphia
Merge onto Vine Street Expressway / I-676 E / US 30 E via Exit 344 on the left toward Chester /
Philadelphia / International Airport
Take the Columbus Blvd- Exit 20 (on the left) towards Washington Ave (0.2 mile)
Turn right onto S. Columbus Blvd (0.7 mile)
Turn right onto Tasker St (0.1 mile)
Turn left onto S. Front St (0.2 mile)
End at S. Front & Mifflin


From City Hall, take the Broad St. Line SOUTHBOUND to SNYDER and exit. Then take the 79 bus on Snyder Ave. EASTBOUND to Front and Snyder. Walk NORTHBOUND toward Target. It's a 4 minute walk to Front and Mifflin.

artonpaper diary

In February, Peter from artonpaper magazine invited me to submit a "diary" entry for an upcoming publication, "Diaries of a Young Artist."

"DIARIES is inspired, in part, by another project: artonpaper’s LETTERS TO A YOUNG ARTIST, which was first published in artonpaper in 2005 and consisted of letters from established artists to a fictional young artist (“Dear Young Artist,” they all began) offering advice, guidance, admonishment, and inspiration."

While it was possible to submit an entry that spoke more about the art world and recreate a moment for the book, I chose to write in the moment as if I was actually writing a diary entry. No dates are included in the book, but I kind of wrote this like "Captain's Log, Stardate 2008."

Here's an excerpt and I'll let you know when the book comes out.


April 21, 2008

I’m at Methodist Hospital waiting for my bi-lateral breast ultrasound follow up and can’t believe that I had to schedule it so close to this year’s I-95. I haven’t finished the printing for lamination and am losing it. Right this minute I’m working on the final order for I-95 with a fist full of papers, my laptop and a 3rd cup of coffee, while wearing a paper robe.

However, if I wasn’t so out of my fucking mind with the ordering of the photos, I could have had this done a month ago and could be relaxing and enjoying what’s on waiting room TV… Walker: Texas Ranger. Or maybe my anxiety could be the normal anxiety that women have when waiting to have a mass in their breast checked out, as opposed to the tremendous anxiety that I’m having right now about where to place “Death to the KKK” in relation to “Mattress Flip.” .....


Results were fine, breast healthy, and now I’m at my studio drinking a 4th cup of coffee and printing nonstop.


Look for the rest of the entry when "Letters to a Young Artist" is published.

Worth noting is that if I stopped drinking so much coffee, I probably wouldn't have to have a constant breast checkup. It's pretty direct... "coffee is a major contributor to benign cysts." Whatever.

There's always plenty of reasons to want to be in Dublin

and Steve Powers is now at the top of my list of reasons.

Steve Powers

from Steve...
"heres some more of what I've been up to in Dublin. The
phone number is my Irish cell phone number, I got
about 30 calls in 12 hours before I left town for my
son's birthday/christening. my outgoing message says
'Where are you?, I've been looking all over, leave a

Steve Powers

Steve Powers

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

31 stardust copy.jpg

Out for 2008

stardust sign web.jpg


stardust sign coming down 2 web.jpg

New for 2008

The top shot is way stronger than the bottom 2, but it was important to include the demoliton of the Stardust in the show this year.

tanya_1 web

12. Chicago, IL (Tanya)* 2007

woman at cabrini-green 2 web

206. Chicago, IL (Woman at Cabrini Green) 2005


subject to change up until the last second

1. Philadelphia, PA (If You Reading This)
2. Camden. NJ (Woman in Salmon Shirt)*
3. Philadelphia, PA (Save)
4. Philadelphia, PA (Bed in the Little Room)
5. Philadelphia, PA (Civic Center)
6. Las Vegas, NV (Courthouse)
7. Philadelphia, PA (2 Pregnant Women)*
8. Philadelphia, PA (Metropolitan Hospital)
9. Philadelphia, PA (Kike Grocery Store)
10. Muckleshoot Reservation, WA (Sage Jumping)*
11. Philadelphia, PA (9th and Snyder Lottery Tickets)
12. Chicago, IL (Tanya)*
13. Philadelphia, PA (Don’t Drink or Sit Deleted)*
14. Atlantic City, NJ (Blue and Red Motel)*
15. Muckleshoot Reservation, WA (Kaia)*
16. Philadelphia, PA (If You Break the Skin)
17. Las Vegas, NV (Fun City)
18. Philadelphia, PA (Doors in Open Structure)
19. Near Philadelphia, PA (Blue Building with Grass)
20. Camden, NJ (Philly Fried Chicken)
21. PA Turnpike (Econolodge)*
22. Biloxi. MS (MLK Parade)*
23. Philadelphia, PA (Benny Krass)
24. Terre Haute, IN (Together We Make Dreams Come True)*

25. Philadelphia, PA (Vanessa)
26. Philadelphia, PA (Everything Is Name Brand)
27. Philadelphia, PA (Mummers Kissing)
28. Outside Las Vegas, NV (Palm Cell Tower)
29. Las Vegas, NV (Stardust 2007)*
30. Philadelphia, PA (Shot Appliances)
31. Las Vegas, NV (Your Future Starts Here)
32. Camden, NJ (Two Women Camden)
33. Hazelton, PA ( Stage at Leah’s Recital)*
34. Near Ellengowan, PA (Coal Couple)
35. Monmouth County, NJ (Pilgrims)
36. Philadelphia, PA (Mummer in Front of Gas Station Convenience Store)*
37. Philadelphia, PA (Taken Down Posters Cantrell St.)
38. Philadelphia, PA (Michael Myers)
39. Near Pahrump, NV (Appliances Under El)
40. Camden, NJ (Uniform City)
41. Philadelphia, PA (Sophie)
42. Camden, NJ (Camden Mattresses)
43. Philadelphia, PA (Woman Walking at Berks Full)
44. Philadelphia, PA (Lights in Chinatown)
45. Centralia, PA (We Love Centralia)
46. Philadelphia, PA (Paula's Union Hall)
47. Las Vegas, NV (Adam and Eve Room)
48. Scranton, PA (Woman Behind Balloon)*
49. Atlanta, GA (Rainbow Video)
50. Philadelphia, PA (Nails)
51. Seattle, WA (Bear on TV)*
52. Philadelphia, PA (West Phila Mattress)
53. Philadelphia, PA (Mummers Urinating)
54. Philadelphia, PA (Half House on Boulevard)
55. Philadelphia, PA (Bunny)
56. Gulfport, MS (Billboard w/ Vinyl Blown Off)
57. Camden, NJ (Beth)
58. Las Vegas, NV (Photo Mural with Elevator Button) (Photo Mural with Fire Alarm)
59. Philadelphia, PA (Nina)
60. El Paso, TX (Woman in Front of Hair Color)*
61. Philadelphia, PA (Lights at Phillies Game)
62. Chicago, IL (Mexican Football Fans with Man Sitting)*
63. Philadelphia, PA (Tattooed Penises)*
64. Greencastle, IN (Scratches)*
65. Las Vegas, NV (Dolls)
66. Darby, PA (Pepsi Painted Over)
67. Crystal, NV (Ah So Sexy)
68. Philadelphia, PA (Mask on Back of Head)
69. Las Vegas, NV (Hotel Room Mirror)*
70. Chicago, IL (Cinderblocks)*
71. Camden, NJ (Woman Red Leopard Shirt)
72. Philadelphia, PA (How Do I Look?)*
73. Philadelphia, PA (Yellow Flea Market Curtain)

74. Philadelphia, PA (Daddy Tattoo)
75. Philadelphia, PA (Crutches)*
76. Philadelphia, PA (I----- Smoking)
77. Asbury Park, NJ (In God We Trust)
78. Philadelphia, PA (Green and Red Food Market)
79. Philadelphia, PA (Rosemarie’s Bed)*
80. Near Ellengowan, PA (Coal Billboard)
81. Terre Haute, IN (Trampoline)*
82. Camden, NJ (Thin Woman with Cherry Water Ice)*
83. Philadelphia, PA (I Love You Memorial)
84. Truth or Consequences, NM (Truth or Consequences Couple)*
85. Crystal, NV (Brothel Museum Wall)
86. Near Pottsville, PA (Value City)
87. Camden, NJ (Police Car in Bushes)
88. Philadelphia, PA (Fluorescent Light)
89. Asbury Park, NJ (Asbury Tilly)
90. Philadelphia, PA (Prevention Point Coffee Spill)
91. Camden, NJ (Camden Crack)
92. Philadelphia, PA (Ridge Ave.)
93. Las Vegas, NV (Kelley)*
94. Philadelphia, PA (Leo’s Mantle with Medications Flash)
95. Asbury Park, NJ (Alarm Calls Police)
96. Gulfport, MS, (Green Home with Roof Collapse)
97. Camden, NJ (Salt Pile)*
98. Camden, NJ (Camden Vent)
99. Las Vegas, NV (Giant Mouth Pleasures)
100. Philadelphia, PA (Prada Bag)*
101. Tacoma, WA (Drugs)*
102. Philadelphia, PA (Ice on Stairs in Projects)
103. Crystal, NV (Honey He Really Fuck Up)
104. Philadelphia, PA (Gunshot in Leg on Gurney)*
105. Las Vegas, NV (Motel Deadly Quiet)
106. Philadelphia, PA (Mummer with Blunt)
107. Philadelphia, PA (Showing Sternum Scar)*
108. Near Phila. PA (Covered Highway Graffiti)
109. Philadelphia, PA (Titanic)

110. Biloxi, MS (McDonalds Sign)
111. Philadelphia, PA (Marines Billboard)
112. Philadelphia, PA (Visitors)
113. Philadelphia, PA (American Face Paint Making Out)
114. Philadelphia, PA (Man's Back)
115. Gulfport, MS (Venetian Blinds)
116. Las Vegas, NV (Father and Son Greyhound)*
117. Philadelphia, PA (All Americans)
118. Las Vegas, NV (Allied Forces)
119. Philadelphia, PA (Vietnam Hand)
120. New Orleans, LA (Red, White and Blue Gas Station)*
121. El Paso, TX (Woman at US/Mexico Border)*
122. Camden County, NJ (This Is Your Warning)*
123. Philadelphia, PA (Linda Sunoco)
124. Near Ellengowan, PA (Coal Easter Window)
125. Philadelphia, PA (Let's Roll/ Anxious)
126. Philadelphia, PA (Car Lot Tinsel at Night)*
127. New Orleans, LA (Vacancy New Orleans)*
128. Near Reading, PA (You Can Feel Good About)
129. Camden. NJ (Camden Card Trick)
130. Philadelphia, PA (Krass Brother's Last Day)
131. Denver, CO (Judy Padilla)*
132. Las Vegas, NV (Circus Circus from Parking Lot)*
133. Philadelphia, PA (Dollar Magic)
134. Philadelphia, PA (Bulletholes)
135. Biloxi, MS (Uncut Money Drying)
136. Philadelphia, PA (Keep the Fuck Out)*
137. Philadelphia, PA (Uncle Sam Mummers)
138. Limerick, PA (Virginia)*
139. Philadelphia, PA (Sheila and William)
140. Wildwood, NJ (Counterfeit)
141. El Paso, TX (Carlos Dress Blues on Bed)*
142. Las Vegas, NV (No Trespassing with Man Walking)*
143. Philadelphia, PA (Alzheimer's)
144. El Paso, TX (Power/Ower)*
145. Gulfport, MS (Clothes in Lot)

146. Muckleshoot Reservation (Johnny Moses)
147. Philadelphia, PA (South Philly Fireworks Reed and Juniper)*
148. Philadelphia, PA (New Tattoo Jorge)
149. Las Vegas, NV (Burned Apartment Building)
150. Philadelphia, PA (Everything)
151. Biloxi, MS (Vincent)*
152. Philadelphia, PA (E----- Smoking)
153. Las Vegas, NV (Luck Horizon)
154. Camden, NJ (Bail Bonds)
155. Philadelphia, PA (Stop The Bullshit!)
156. Chicago, IL (Bobby Brown Record Store)*
157. Philadelphia, PA (New Phenom Penn)
158. Philadelphia, PA (Gunshot Wound)
159. Philadelphia, PA (Phylicia’s Wall)
160. Philadelphia, PA (Fishtown Memorial)
161. Philadelphia, PA (Do Rag)
162. Philadelphia, PA (Merry Christmas House)*
163. Scranton, PA (Hillary Supporter)*
164. Philadelphia, PA (Carpet Cut Out)
165. Philadelphia, PA (Victoria Hysterectomy Scar)
166. Rural Southern NV (Most We Feared)
167. New Orleans, LA (Judy Family Photo)*
168. Gulfport, MS (TV on Second Floor)
169. Las Vegas, NV (Casino Walkby)*
170. Philadelphia, PA (Monique Showing Black Eye)
171. Las Vegas, NV (Satisfaction Guaranteed)*
172. Philadelphia, PA (Refinery)
173. Near Ellengowan, PA (Why Not Coal)
174. Chicago, Il (Woman Throwing Box from Window)
175. Philadelphia, PA (Noise)
176. Camden County, NJ (Bushes in Front of Tech School Door)
177. Philadelphia, PA (Phillies Office in Vet Pre-demo)
178. Las Vegas, NV (Man Nude on Bed)
179. Atlanta, GA (Equitable Reflected Outside Window)
180. Asbury Park, NJ (Couple in Howard Johnson’s)
181. Philadelphia, PA (Party’s Over)*
182. Las Vegas, NV (Bed With Pillows)*
183. Gulfport, MS (Fist with Dollars)
184. Gulfport, MS (Refrigerators)*
185. Philadelphia, PA (Death to KKK)
186. Philadelphia, PA (Shark Bite)*
187. Philadelphia, PA (Swastika Tattoos)*
188. Wildwood, NJ (Breakdance Ride Woman)
189. Philadelphia, PA (South Philly First Ward)
190. Philadelphia, PA (Mummers Kissing Top Hat)
191. Camden County, NJ (Stay Alive)*
192. Philadelphia, PA (To the Heros)
193. Upper Darby, PA (69th St. After Flood)
194. Philadelphia, PA (Mattress Flip)

195. Las Vegas, NV (We Will Win)
196. Las Vegas, NV (Ken and Don)*
197. Biloxi, MS (Mom Were OK)
198. Philadelphia, PA (Frank Sinatra)
199. Philadelphia, PA (Making Out)
200. Asbury Park, NJ (Asbury The City)
201. Philadelphia, PA (Basketball Hoop)
202. Ocean Springs, MS (We Love Having You Here)*
203. Crystal, NV (Art Showing Loaded Revolver)
204. Northern New Jersey (Three Smokestacks from Train)
205. Philadelphia, PA (Circus Tent)
206. Chicago, IL (Woman at Cabrini Green)
207. Philadelphia, PA (Melissa Handstand)
208. Philadelphia, PA (Seafood Soul)
209. Philadelphia, PA (2922 Princeton Ave.)
210. Camden, NJ (Camden Teardrop)
211. Philadelphia, PA (I Love You Billy)*
212. Philadelphia, PA (Mummer w/ Bud)
213. Las Vegas, NV (Pardon Our Dust!)
214. Wynnewood, PA (Star)
215. Camden, NJ (Camden Woman Pink Shirt)
216. Denver, CO (Home Pride)*
217. Auburn, WA (Drive In)*
218. Philadelphia, PA (Hope Not Dope)
219. Philadelphia, PA (Young Man Twin Dragon)
220. Philadelphia, PA (2 Tables Green Wall)
221. Philadelphia, PA (Lincoln Field)
222. Pahrump, NV (Fireworks)
223. Philadelphia, PA (Al New Year’s Eve)
224. Camden, NJ (White Trash Whorse)
225. Philadelphia, PA (New Years Blazer)*
226. Asbury Park, NJ (Good Food Here)
227. Las Vegas, NV (Circus Circus Light Bulbs)
228. Philadelphia, PA (Castaways)
229. Philadelphia, PA (Angel)
230. Philadelphia, PA (Pennsport Caterers)
231. Philadelphia, PA (Call Unto Me)

*new for 2008 show
67 new images
never ending fun_2 web

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

"Behind TV Analysts, Pentagon’s Hidden Hand"

An article by David Barstow in the Sunday NY Times reported that the Pentagon has cultivated “military analysts” in a campaign to generate favorable news coverage of the Bush administration’s wartime performance... click the title to read it.

Saturday, April 19, 2008


Paint it Forward
HeartWorks gives back to an LGBTQ health center that saved one artist's life.
by Mary Wilson

Click above to read the article... this is a great and monumental project. Congratulations to Chris Veit for such an amazing job.

Friday, April 18, 2008

95 2008 may 4 flyer for print hair color

Philadelphia Klezmer: With the Great Elaine Hoffman Watts

Elaine Hoffman Watts

Philadelphia Klezmer: The Hoffman Watts Family Tradition
Sunday, May 11
World Cafe Live

Presented by Philadelphia Folklore Project
Call 215-222-1400 to order

· · ·

The Philadelphia Folklore Project presents some of North America's finest klezmer musicians in a concert celebrating the distinctive Ukrainian-Jewish klezmer repertoire of the Philadelphia-based Hoffman/Watts family, and the artistry of an amazing mother and daughter (on this Mother's Day event). Featured artists include drummer and National Heritage Award winner Elaine Hoffman Watts, her daughter trumpeter Susan Watts, and a spectacular ensemble of klezmer musicians.

In Memoriam: Danny Federici

Thursday, April 17, 2008


This year the show is on a SUNDAY, SUNDAY MAY 4TH.

1PM to 4PM.

At 4PM the show is over and people are welcome to take any of the images on the pilasters, but, BUT! I am requesting that people take ONE image per person.

Also, PLEASE BE AWARE that some of the subject matter is sensitive and deals with adult themes.

at the table there will be golf pencils
and maps

and 5 buck photos for sale... there will be at least 3 of each photo in the show available as a 5 dollar photo.

please ask for the photo BY NUMBER!!!!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

losing it. totally losing it and about a month behind.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Possible 146

robert_0384-Edit_1_1 web

robert_0383-Edit_4 web

This was made this week. Usually I have a strong feeling about new work, and then I go with the work that I had originally slated for the space. But this one might make it.


ken and don 5_3 web.jpg


ken and don 9_1 web.jpg


ken and don 7_1 web.jpg


ken and don kissing_1 web.jpg

all are printed for a last minute decision.