Friday, November 16, 2007



much more later, but here's 2 big things:

1. I am a Gund Fellow, named for my underwriter, Agnes Gund.


What can I even say? I can't believe what's happening... it's surreal and amazing.

"United States Artists (USA), a national organization that provides direct support for living artists, today announced the recipients of fifty USA Fellowships for 2007 totaling $2.5 million. This marks the second year of the USA Fellows program, which annually awards fifty $50,000 unrestricted grants to artists of all disciplines from across the country, in recognition of the caliber and impact of their work. Expert panels selected the 53 winning artists (including three collaboratives) from among 344 nominated applicants ranging from 23 to 97 years of age and hailing from 42 states. The USA Fellows for 2007 will be honored this Saturday, November 17, in a celebration at Paramount Studios in Los Angeles.

The USA Fellows program honors artists working in eight artistic disciplines and at all stages of their careers, from emerging artists to mid-career to those who have achieved master status in their fields. The USA Fellowships for 2007 include three in Architecture and Design; five in Crafts and Traditional Arts; six in Dance; nine in Literature (fiction, nonfiction, poetry, playwriting); five in Media (film, radio, video); six in Music; six in Theater Arts; and 10 in Visual Arts. The complete list of winners is provided below.

Collectively, this year's USA Fellows represent a diverse spectrum of geographic, cultural, and ethnic perspectives. Their influences range from science to hip-hop and from the newest musical forms to ancient tribal traditions. The youngest of the USA Fellows for 2007 is 30-year-old violinist Leila Josefowicz; the eldest, renowned dancer and choreographer Anna Halprin, is 87. The honorees include the distinguished visual artist Ann Hamilton and theater director Robert Woodruff, whose acclaimed bodies of work stretch over decades. Others, like jazz pianist and composer Jason Moran, Native American filmmaker Chris Eyre, and visual artist Edgar Arceneaux are newer talents of early achievement and great promise. One particularly fortuitous outcome of the panel review process resulted in the selection of two USA Fellows for 2007 from the same family. Choreographer and dancer Bill T. Jones is being honored alongside his sister, theater artist and writer Rhodessa Jones."

USA Fellows for 2007

Architecture and Design-

Benjamin Aranda and Christopher Lasch (Aranda/Lasch), New York City
Benjamin Ball and Gaston Nogues (Ball-Nogues Studio), Los Angeles
Monica Ponce de Leon and Nader Tehrani (Office dA), Boston

Crafts and Traditional Arts-

Tommy Joseph, Sitka, Alaska
Gwendolyn Magee, Jackson, Miss.
Maggie Orth, Seattle
Virgil Ortiz, Cochiti Pueblo, N.M.
Susie Silook, Anchorage, Alaska


Joanna Haigood, San Francisco
Anna Halprin, San Francisco
Rennie Harris, Philadelphia- YES!!!
Bill T. Jones, New York City
Benjamin Millepied, New York City
Shen Wei, New York City


Marilyn Chin, San Diego
Henri Cole, Columbus, Ohio
Charles D'Ambrosio, Portland, Ore.
William Gay, Hohenwald, Tenn.
John Haines, Fairbanks, Alaska
Mat Johnson, Philadelphia
Cherríe Moraga, Oakland
Luis Valdez, San Juan Bautista, Calif.
Helena María Viramontes, Ithaca, N.Y.


Julie Dash, Los Angeles
Chris Eyre, Rapid City, S.D.
Judith Helfand, New York City
Alex Rivera, New York City
Susan Stone, San Francisco


Don Byron, Boiceville, N.Y.
Michael Doucet, Lafayette, La.
Leila Josefowicz, New York City
Jason Moran, New York City
John Santos, Oakland
Evan Ziporyn, Boston

Theater Arts-

Pat Bowie, Boca Raton, Fla.
Rhodessa Jones, San Francisco
Tina Landau, Brooklyn, N.Y.
Elizabeth LeCompte, New York City
Michael Sommers, Minneapolis
Robert Woodruff, New York City

Visual Arts-

Edgar Arceneaux, Los Angeles
Uta Barth, Los Angeles
Paul Chan, New York City
Charles Gaines, Los Angeles
Ann Hamilton, Columbus, Ohio
Daniel Joseph Martinez, Los Angeles
Marcos "Erre" Ramirez, San Ysidro, Calif.
Allan Sekula, Los Angeles
Gary Simmons, New York City
Zoe Strauss, Philadelphia



About United States Artists:

To nurture, support, and strengthen the work of America’s finest living artists

To ignite and endow the creative potential of America

• Quality: USA supports the highest level of excellence in work created by America’s finest artists throughout all stages of their careers.

• Creativity: USA affirms the importance of originality, imagination, and discovery.

• Innovation: USA encourages cultural innovators and inventors who continually push boundaries and provide fresh interpretations of our world today.

• Risk-Taking: USA promotes artistic risk-taking by providing time for reflection and work, without political and market pressures.

• Diversity: USA celebrates America's tremendous diversity by serving a constituency that is broad in artistic discipline, race, age, ethnicity, geography, and sexual orientation.

• Generosity: USA provides generous financial support and encouragement to artists and our field as both partners and advocates.

• Responsibility: USA operates with fiscal transparency, efficiency, and accountability.

I am having problems sending emails from our hotel, so if you are on the photo of the week list be prepared to receive an email announcement later.


Anonymous said...

holy fucking shit. CONGRATS strauss!

Anonymous said...

This could not have happened to anyone better. You deserve it, Zoe. Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

Wow, congratulations, Zoe, that is amazing!

Tracy Helgeson said...

Zoe, that is so awesome! I am very impressed and happy for you. How exciting!

Tom Leininger said...

Congratulations again, well deserved!

Lil Jimmi said...

Holy Shit, Zoe! That's amazing!

addie said...

what great news! totally incredible!

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Awesome, I saw their announcement yesterday. Congrats to you!

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Congratulations! You have awesome keep it up.

Amy Stein said...

You rock! And 50 Gs!! Woohoo!

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Congrats! You deserve it.

Jimmy Fountain said...

Congratulations, well deserved. I hope this solves your employment problem.

Uncle Jesse said...

rock on!
they have good taste. you are an awesome artist.

Matt Weber said...

With all the trends that come and go, I'm thrilled when true talent is rewarded!

btezra said...


well deserved honor

lowenkopf said...

Hey, dear one, mael tov for the recognition you have continuously earned. The good guys do get noticed on occasion and this is the occasion.

Anonymous said...

I was really hoping for another basic-cable makeover, but this will do.

Congrats to you & to LB for her photo credit on your non-bear glamor shot.

ZS said...

Thanks everyone! I am about to go to the cocktail party with LB in LA I am so excited. SO EXCITED. Thanks, thanks. Unbelievable.

Heart As Arena said...

Big hugs.

Christopher Paquette said...

this doesn't surprise me at all....not one bit.... you kick ass...that's what you do.

rachel hawthorn said...

Amazing! Congratulations and Mazel Tov! You are in great company too, this is so wonderful!!!

PS - I've been reading your blog after my friend Patti Hallock told me about meeting you at Parsons. Love your work, love your writing, and again, congrats!!!

Mark Barry said...

Party @ Zoe's house!

Unknown said...

Zoe, it's so absolutely cool! Congratulations from the bottom of my heart. You really deserve it. You and your work are fantastic.

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Congratulations! well deserved!!!!

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Congrats, Zoe!

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Congratulations! time for that new camera! round of drinks for everyone ;) see you next term.

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Congratulations! Chris, Nevaeh, and I are so happy for you!

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so nice to see these go to someone who deserves it beyond all possible belief.

kickass, girlfriend. kickass.

ben said...

Zoe, i'm so happy for you. this is outstanding!

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Congratulations! Fantastic.

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Wow. Just found out about this!!! AMAZING. Congrats!

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wow congrats Zoe!!!

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a big congratulations from this side of the world.

ZS said...

Thanks, everyone! Fully bananas.

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wow! This is fucking amazing! so happy for you! congratulations!

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Because of you I believe that a person can do what they love and get paid for it!