Monday, August 20, 2007

When I swung by the stadium to check out Mattress Flip, I did a quick run through of the field level and made some more images of "the how do I look" mirrors... as I go through the photos I'm finding that this is a difficult image for me. I'm not 100% about these photos and I'm going back and forth about the placement of the paint line of the opposite wall in the reflection. There's a lot of choices with these and one's not jumping out at me.

how do I look 13 web.jpg

how do I look 14 web.jpg

how do I look_1 web.jpg

how do I look 9 web.jpg

how do I look 12 web.jpg

how do I look 7 web.jpg

how do I look 6 web.jpg

how do I look 5 web.jpg

how do I look 4 web.jpg

how do I look 3 web.jpg

how do I look 2 web.jpg


Mithras said...

If you're looking for opinions, I'd say 4 and 5.


Anonymous said...

i really like the question the mirrors are asking, emphasis on the how.

for me, these are sort of like the photos you recently did of that banner at a playing field, with the crowd on the banner, but otherwise no "real" people. you know the one i'm talking about?

maybe your stuff is getting a little more "heady".

Anonymous said...

or, whatever. i don't know exactly what i mean by what i last said.

Anonymous said...

Zoe, don't take this the wrong way...but you're kinda looking like a metal railing...

ZS said...

Thanks Mithras, Martin and James... and James you know that's the look I'm going for. My new diet is finally succeeding!