Friday, August 24, 2007

An upswing in local news: "That's What I Think of TV News."

I have written before about the demise of local television news broadcasts... but it looks like we're getting back on track, folks! Here's a hard hitting investigation getting to the bottom of why Larry Richette attacked his mother, Judge Lisa Richette. Albeit not articulated verbally, Larry's answer is obvious; "Because I am out of my fucking mind and should be committed." I think his response to the reporter's question would have been completely hysterical had he not actually attacked his mother and injured her to the point of needing stitches.

And I must agree with Larry's assessment of TV news; how could one better describe the lack of real news on our local stations other than just looking at a nude Larry Richette? It describes it perfectly.

August 22, 2007
A man was charged with assaulting his mother - a 79 YO Philadelphia Common Pleas judge, and when a female reporter went to his home for comment, he flashed her.

Police said Judge Lisa Richette was assaulted Tuesday by her son, 48-year-old Lawrence Richette, in a domestic dispute at the judge's home.

The judge received treatment of a cut above her eye at Jefferson Hospital. It required four stitches.

When a reporter went to Lawrence Richette's home Wednesday afternoon, he opened the door in a robe, asked if the cameras were rolling and flashed the female reporter and a photojournalist for a few seconds. He closed his robe and said, "That's what I think of TV news."


bvsc said...

If only Dan Cuellar had been the first on the scene.

Albert said...

fucking awesome