Monday, July 23, 2007

salt pile camden4_3 web.jpg

thin woman camden17 web.jpg

3 comments: said...

I am sorry but I think your work is exploitative-egocentric.
yours, wra

ZS said...

I find that to be an interesting comment attached to these 2 photos. Certainly all of my photos are egocentric... I'm the one making them! But I'm interested in where you see "exploitative." Could you elaborate?

Ryan Anderson said...

just wandering along via brian ulrich's site i came across your work.

interestingly, in the comments, i ran into someone whose work i just found yesterday (and who i posted about on my site) making comments on your site.

the ensuing discussion (on the next post, which was eventually closed) did indeed get a little heated.

im not sure why 'wra' made the initial claim, since determining whether or not your work is exploitative would require knowing you and the working relation that you have with the people you photograph. and since i dont know that, i wouldnt make a comment about that.

wra's work is good, i think. some very striking pics. i like yours as well.

i did appreciate the fact that you wanted to engage in discussion about these comments, since this issue is pretty important, especially for socially minded photographers. it's too bad that more of a discussion didn't evolve...these disagreements and conflicts can sometimes lead to understanding. but then, sometimes they degrade to name calling and mud slinging.

being someone who started in photography and then gravitated to anthropology, issues of power and exploitation are at the forefront when it comes to representing other people--anthropologists haven't always been too concerned with these issues, but they are now. many photographers have grappled with the same issues. so as someone who is currently studying anthropology and using photography as one of my 'tools' questions of ethics exploitation come up all the time.

anyway, it's time to wrap up the longest comment of all time. glad i found your site...