Tuesday, July 24, 2007

An Amazing Moment

A little more tha a year and a half ago I stopped in at this day labor spot around the corner from our house on my way home from buying stamps. I made the below photo then.

friday is payday copy-2 web

Yesterday I stopped in at the same spot, also on the way back from the Castle St. post office, and the same woman was working there as when I was in before. We talked for a minute and she said, "I think these are yours" and handed me a bag of stamps I had left there on NOVEMBER 25TH, 2005. You heard me. She said, "I thought you might come in again." This is completely true.

Below is the amazing woman who held onto my bag of stamps since November 25th, 2005. When she handed me the bag she said, "Are you Lindsay?" and I told her no and almost handed the bag back... but I looked inside and there was an email I had sent to Lindsay Macdonald. I was mailing a cd of stuff to the Whitney. I thanked her and she went back to answering phones.

The joy of being alive at that moment was tremendous.


Anonymous said...

Huzzah! Life is good.

Anonymous said...

that's amazing.

Albert said...

that is fucking bonkers

a camera in the world said...

after reading the post about 6 murders in 6 hours (and thinking you would be unlucky to get that many in 6 weeks here,) I found this post reaffirming of human decency.

That and the couple of nice images that went with it as well.