Sunday, May 20, 2007

Society Pages part II; Thanks.

Really, the only lowlight of the opening was that I didn't get to say hi to everyone who came and there were a bunch of people (like Jane Royal!) who I really wanted to see but didn't even get to a quick hello. OK, another low light was when I tried to say hello to Kaitlin and I spilled her whole glass of wine. I actually spilled it into my pocket. It was as if I took the glass and poured it directly into my pocket. It was ridiculous.

Thanks to all who came, especially those who shlepped up from Phila. And Baltimore. And thanks to my Whitney friends who came, employed there past and present.

Frank Smigiel. Bon Voyage, my friend. And Margie Weinstein. I love those guys.

Many friends were there-

From Philadelphia...

Libby Rosof. Roberta Fallon was up there before the opening. I love them both.

And to Silicon Gallery Printers.
Rick and Kaitlin from Silicon representing!

Justin James Reed

Left to right
Justin, Me, Karen and Jason

Robert MacNeill...I barely saw him! But I love him. Congratulations on graduation.

Astrid Bowlby. Yes.

Plus, others not from Philadelphia including the great Amy Stein... It was a genuine pleasure to meet her and her husband. I just wish I could know how she was able to get so close to this bear.

Brent Burket
Please. You all know I love him.

Mark Barry
. Looking very handsome with longer hair.

Daggers United, Liz and Angela and Rainy.

Of course, the awesome Marv Seline and Liz Seline.

And NY EMMY winner Suzanne Glickstein

And Danielle Jackson recently of Magnum fame

Also Caryn

The Dime crew, Jed and fam and Josh and fam.

And Ms. Piken and Mr. Koper

And Jimmy Wentz and Marcus Wentz

Mr. Kevin Maguire. He's tops.


And Anne Lafond and family

Thanks to all the Silverstein gallery folks, Bruce, Beth, Liam, Yvonne, Luis and Amina.

I know I'm missing about 50 people... if you're reading this just let me know you were in the mix.


Anonymous said...

so bummed i missed the opening. looks amazing.

Mark Barry said...

Tasty cakes, tasty cakes, not twinkies.

ZS said...

did someone call them twinkies? I'll punch them dead in the face!