Monday, April 23, 2007

New for 95 2007

This was the first edit for the new images to come in this year. About 40 will be in.

2 tables 3_1 web
1. 2 tables green wall mummers
2. Adam and Eve Room
american face paint making out mummers web
3. American face paint making out mummers
art showing loaded 45 revolver_1_1_web copy.jpg
4. Art showing revolver
5. Brothel museum wall
6. Candida hofer pre-install
cell palm tree 2_1web.jpg
7. Cell palm tree
8. Christine Camden
9. Dawn
dollar magic_2_1 web
10. Dollar magic
11. Dollar tree
12. Eileen’s son in bed
fireworks 2 web
13. Fireworks at eagles playoffs
food market 5 web
14. Food market
15. Good neighborhood food
gunshot 3 web
16. Gunshot
vikki 4 web.jpg
17. Honey he really fuck up Vikki
in ground pool single_1 web.jpg
18. Inground pool
19. Jack
20. Judge with green paneling voting
21. Kathleen holding fudgesicle
22. Las vegas shooting
23. Let’s go eagles cake
24. Lighting fireworks
25. Lion and panther on 7th st.
26. Locked their house
luck_1 web
Luck web.jpg
27. Luck
28. Man standing in front of crushed cars (man working at car lot)
29. Michael Jackson Camden
30. Mickey mouse
monique showing black eye web
31. Monique
32. Most we feared
33. PA national guardsmen killed in Iraq
Philly fried chicken 6th st web
34. Philly fried chicken
fee fee's wall w her drawings web
35. Phylicia’s wall
refinery 1_2 web
36. Refinery
37. Renee with clowns
38. Rims Pahrump
scraped off stickers_1 web.jpg
39. Scraped off sticker
40. Showing track marks
41. silly string
42. Sisters neon sign
43. Stardust
lottery tickets 9th and snyder web
44. Store at 9th and snyder
45. Stripped grays ferry van
46. Taken down posters Cantrell st.
47. Teardrop tattoo fuck off
48. Think
49. Top of the 80s
50. Tvs under tarp
two women camden 6_1_1 web.jpg
51. Two women Camden
52. Uncle Sam Mummers
uniform city_1_1 web
53. Uniform city
vanessa 2_web.jpg
54. Vanessa
55. Woman pink shirt stroke Camden


Anonymous said...

Jesus, giving away all the surprise!
I'm excited to get down to this for my first time this year. See you then.

ZS said...

Please! The surprise is how great these photos are in person! Chad, you better get over to say hello.

ben said...

damn Zoe, i would kill to be there. 'two women camden' is killing me. gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

Those are ridiculously good. said...

Hi Z, had a look at your shots, and I like them, not sure if "like" is the right word. I think they are reflective. Something to look closer into, and try to find answers to our questions. Questions that are not always easy to ask. Thats a quality I like.
Yours, W Robert Angell.

Mithras said...

Re: 27. Did you make a pick yet?