Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Considering and Reconsidering Leo's Mantle with Medications Day After Death

I have been thinking a lot about these 2 photos; what makes them so compelling to me, why I think they're both strong images, what viewers could read in either of these images, how either one of these could be read placed next to other photos, if my brief descriptive title changes a viewer's reading or perception of the image and, last, the difference in tone between the flash photo (the top image) and the no flash image. This is an image that's pretty art heavy...painting references, photo references and theory references all float about in this photo.

Rarely do I have two photos of essentially an identical composition, one with flash and one ambient lighting, which are so different. While the composition is strong in these photos and the image, obviously, addresses the same idea in both of these photos, the change in lighting makes them completely different photos; the flash image speaks to illumination and a direct exposure of the moment, as opposed the bottom photo which is a private and warmer daily life image. This year I'm going with the flash image.

This brings me to presentation of images. I have this photo up here on my blog and on flickr and it's just a low-resolution image. When people view this on their own monitors, I have no control over any of the color subtlety that I think is important to this photo...actually the image could be distorted in any number of ways depending on where it's viewed.

Now, this particular image would really benefit from a larger than my usual printing. It would also really benefit from great attention to detail in the printing. So, while I know that the image below that you're looking at is a rough draft in some ways, I don't care about how I've presented this image online... that's just one part of my working process... the big question is can this image hold it's own as a color photocopy under I-95? I think about variations of this question a lot and that's been my gold standard question for the duration of the 95 project: Is this image strong enough to hold up to loss of detail and color shifts when reproduced on a color photocopier? And not to say nothing, but you know the answer is yes.

leos mantle with medications 2 web

leos mantle with medications day after death 6-2web

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