Sunday, March 04, 2007

The continuing saga of One Station Square

OK, first, the pressure to put this post up was ENORMOUS. Christ! My sister-in-law called me twice to complain that it wasn't up yet. I know my public is dying to know about my intense connection to my dentist's office but please!

On my most recent visit to the great Chris Maurer's office I did not have an appointment, my lady did.

LB preparing for a great moment, a visit with Chris Maurer.

And here was that great moment...look at Chris "Dr. Vogel" Maurer working so lovingly on my lady's teeth.

Now, last, but not least...

Claire, the #1 Dental Hygenist. Recently, Claire cleaned my teeth and I swear that they were clean as the day I cut them.

Seriously, I couldn't wait to get to the dentist's office on the day my lady had her appointment. I know, I know, I'm out of my fucking mind.

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