Saturday, December 09, 2006

Old Projects

1. Many years ago I made an installation that could best be described as a small medical research lab, aptly named "Whirlforce Medical Research Laboratories." This installation was in the spare room next to our bedroom in our old house and included many different kinds of mammal organs for dissection and a number of prohibited drugs, some street drugs, e.g. cocaine and heroin, and some legal drugs that I wasn't supposed to have, e.g. chloroform and ether. After having had this installation in our house for over a year, we packed up a van (and believe me, this van was totally packed) and brought it to Indianapolis to show at the Indianapolis Installation Festival. I opted not to bring the cocaine and heroin, but I did bring the ether and about half way through our trip I decided to pour it out at a rest stop because it's super flammable and it's probably not a great idea to be driving with ether in the car. So I pour out the ether and then to make sure that I've poured it completely out I look right in the container and inhale quite a bit. I didn't realize this until after we started driving again and I suddenly couldn't really feel my legs! And apparently I was totally yelling! And I was laughing hysterically! I was all ethered up! So we had to pull over at the next rest stop and call poison control and apparently I was talking so loudly on the pay phone that my lady could hear me from the bathroom. I do remember the woman saying, "Did you say ETHER?" Needless to say, I didn't drive for the rest of the way to Indianapolis.

2. Around the time of the lab I was doing a lot of outdoor projects, and one of the projects was a series of "public chalkboards" where I painted usable chalkboards on a few walls in the neighborhood. Last night I had a dream that I created a pair of shoes that had a snug rubber cover that fit over the sole of the shoe...and the sole was an eraser that you could use on a public chalkboard. You could easily convert your shoe to an eraser and back again. When I was half awake I was thinking that was a good idea and then I fully woke up and was like, "Who the fuck would ever need an eraser shoe?"

public chalkboard


poet CAConrad said...

OOOo, Zoe on an ETHER BINGE! DID YOU SAY ETHER!? HEHEHE! I bet you couldn't feel your legs!

Wish there was a whole shoot of pictures to go with this story, it sounds fantastic!

The chalk boards also sound like something we would all Love to see!


The Capt'n said...

Dagger, what are you talking about? Who DOESN'T need eraser shoes?