Wednesday, December 20, 2006


The PA gaming commission board approved a casino to be built at Columbus and Reed Sts. Now, first I am filing a class action lawsuit against the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and City of Philadelphia on behalf of South Philadelphians within a 3 mile radius of the proposed casino site. The suit will look to recoup the losses in property value and losses in quality of life for residential home owners affected by the casino over a 10 year period of time, beginning from December 19th, 2006. Get ready to pay.

You know what you fucking selfish bastards? You are in for a long fight.


Anonymous said...

That's terrible Zoe, not the news I was hoping for. I hope you sue-their-pants-off!
Good luck to you!


Anonymous said...

Ms. Zoe.

I was just loading film, and while sitting in the dark I could not stop fumeing about the casino.

I mean for fuck's sake what is the city/ state thinking about. After all that has happened to Philly in the last 10 years, why why why would they decide that this is what we need.

With a murder rate topping 400 this year, how is a casino going to help? It could possibly make Camden look better!

I am with you on this one, lets fight. Because like you, I don't want to move, but I already told Tracy we might have to get out while we can...

Lots of love.