Wednesday, December 20, 2006


a. My email has been down and I have LOST 2 DAYS OF EMAILS. If you sent me an email sometime in the last 2 days PLEASE RESEND IT! I DIDN'T GET IT AND IT'S COMPLETELY GONE! I know I've been saying for a year that I'm going to get it fixed...but I swear some time right after the New Year!

b. My cell phone is busted and only intermittently works. At this point just stand outside and yell for me…that would work better than email or phone.

c. Seriously you fucking assholes, a casino? It's completely possible that we will need to move out of South Philadelphia. I have no idea where we would go, this is where I want to live and I can't imagine being as happy anywhere else...but I genuinely believe that it's possible that our quality of life will be so diminished by this casino that we will have to move. I have spent a lot of time in the neighborhoods that surround casinos, in Atlantic City and in Las Vegas, and I know that if I had a choice at all, I wouldn't want to live in one of those communities.

d. A tooth just fell out of my mouth about 2 weeks ago and now I just have a giant hole in my mouth where my tooth was.

e. I am completely unprepared for Christmas

Jesus H. Christ!!!

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