Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Justin James Reed

Over a year ago, I went to Tyler and gave a little talk and did some crits of the graduate students and it was at that time when I first saw the work of Justin James Reed.

I have to say I am RARELY interested in someone's work right off the bat and I'm even less inclined to like the work. Not so with Justin James Reed! His photos were beautiful and contemplative, and his printing was amazing... his color photos have a very specific tone and the prints are simultaneously crisp and muted. Anyway, Justin has been working on some South Philadelphia images and I suggest that you check them out. I also suggest that if you can get hands on the carmel corn made by Justin's wife, do it! It's fucking amazing!

Photo by Justin James Reed- Broad Street . South Philadelphia . 2006


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alec said...

I love Justin and I love Zoe. Can I move to Philly?

ZS said...

You know we would welcome you, and all of the Soth family, with open arms.