Thursday, December 14, 2006


OY! I just shipped off my prints for the Guggenheim Fellowship application. Let me tell you, applying for a grant is not that great for me. The Guggenheim was especially difficult because they want photographers to submit actual prints...that's hard for me for a few reasons. First, I show my photos as part of a larger installation, e.g. I-95 or the slideshows. Second, I show the photos in a variety of ways...color photocopies, ink-jet prints, projections, web. Anyway, as usual I was fucking nuts about "what should I send, what should I send?" until today when I just sent off 20 photos (and a cd of the 2006 slideshows, which wasn't requested, but seemed right)

Here's what I ended up sending

1. Detail I-95 (Camden Crack) 2005
88 crack camden  copy.jpg
2. Detail I-95 (Victoria’s Hysterectomy Scar) 2004
146-victoria scar print4x6.jpg
3. Detail I-95 (West Philly Mattress) 2004
56-mattress west philly.jpg
4. Detail I-95 (Camden Mattresses) 2002
42 camden-mattresses-2 copy 2
5. Detail I-95 (Daddy Tattoo) 2004
daddy tattoo womanemail copy
6. Detail I-95 (Monique Showing Black Eye) 2006
monique showing black eye web
7. Detail I-95 (Man Nude on Bed) 2005
man nude reclining on bed
8. Detail I-95 (Mom Were OK) 2005
gulf towers apts mom were ok4-1web copy
9. Detail I-95 (Alzheimer’s) 2003
144- alzheimers.jpg
10. Detail I-95 (Marines Billboard) 2004
111 marines billboard.jpg
11. Detail I-95 (Everything) 2005
everything store8-1web
12. Detail I-95 (Mattress Flip) 2002
194 mattress flip.jpg
13. Detail I-95 (Let’s Roll) 2004
138 lets roll anxious depressed?
14. Detail I-95 (McDonald’s) 2005
mcdonalds sign warped15-1web copy
15. Detail I-95 (Man’s Back) 2004
1-wachovia- back flash copy
16. Detail I-95 (Bulletholes) 2004
113-bulletholes 1 copy.jpg
17. Detail I-95 (You Can Feel Good About) 2005
you can feel good about with dirt2 web photo of the week copy
18. Detail I-95 (TV on Second Floor) 2005
tv on 2nd floor1web copy
19. Detail I-95 (Nina) 2002
25- nina
20. Detail I-95 (Giant Mouth Pleasures) 2005
72 giant mouth pleasures21.jpg


Anonymous said...

If I was the Guggenheim - I would give you the grant. Good Luck! Carole

ben said...

damn, that's a beautiful edit zoe. i don't believe in luck, but....good luck..

Anonymous said...

Those are awesome. What do you want to do with your Guggenheim?

The Capt'n said...

Good luck, tiger.

ZS said...

Thanks everyone! If I get the Guggenheim I won't have to sell the studio for another year!

Anonymous said...

Great selection Zoe. I really like that you have included the matress detail, it gives this selection another dimention.
Like I often say; good luck! :)


Alexandra said...

good luck! these look great. i especially like the "you can feel good about" one.