Sunday, October 08, 2006

Game Day

green hair and a little jewish 6_1 web.jpg

blowens web.jpg

burning TO jersey under 95_2 web.jpg

eagles couple 2 web.jpg

money web

fuck TO_1 web.jpg

pills on tray web.jpg

od web.jpg

go birds forehead full 9 web.jpg

man urinating web.jpg

man of my statue web.jpg

eagles fans harassing cowboys fans web.jpg

buying bootleg dvds web

green hair and a little jewish 2 web.jpg

go birds forehead full 4_2 web.jpg

eagles final score web.jpg

I must add a disclaimer- these photos, with the possible exception of one, are not intended to be viewed as part of my "work." You know, fine art and all. They just give me intense personal pleasure and I am certain they will provide tremendous pleasure to others. That being said, I believe I will be busy before every home game for the rest of my life until I get something great.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

'Work' be damned. These are the best photos of Eagles fans I've ever seen. Amazing.