Monday, October 30, 2006

Thank you

Lynn Bloom
David Kessler
Ilene Baker
Christine Settino
Brianna Brown
Nick Feldman
John Powell
Olga Liu

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Slideshow update... 7pm is Full! Come at 8:30!

An ode to Brianna Brown

I have 2 new superb might have met the great Nick Feldman at the Whitney. He arrived soaking wet having walked from Penn Station to the Whitney in the rain to man the sales table.

I will have a paean to Nick Feldman at some point, but today my focus is on my newest helper, the amazing Brianna Brown. So, Ms. Brown showed up to work yesterday and immediately got to business in these conditions...

The show is coming up and I am crazed as usual. Then, yesterday, I discovered A HORRIBLE UNWELCOMED VERMIN has broken into my studio. This is very, very bad news for several reasons. One, it's just one of the worst things ever; it's a fucking nightmare for anyone. Two, I am super the point of needing to be medicated. I mean CRAZY anxious. CRAZY.

Ms. Brianna managed to begin working, gluing and cutting with me foaming at the mouth. I called Mike, my exterminator, and told him to get over RIGHT AWAY! Mike the exterminator came over after me essentially demanding that he drop anything else he was doing and immediately come to the studio. Put this in your mind; Mike wears a kind of homemade Desert Stormeque uniform as his extermination outfit. He is completely nuts. I'm just listing these words now: xanax, percocet, special k, glow sticks, golf cart, mormons. That's all I'm saying and that's the tip of the iceberg.

Then Danny and Tommy came over, who are my friends and my contractors. I love them both. Danny is best described as a "character." Perhaps the best description I could give of Danny is this: when they were working in our kitchen and Danny and I went to Home Depot to order the countertop we implied to the countertop sales person that we were married and he started yelling things like "oh here you go, you're just like your mother" and I yelled things like "my mother was right from the start about you...some days I pray YOU'D act like your father and just fucking leave." After the countertop was finally ordered, I told another Home Depot worker that we really weren't married and she didn't believe me and said, "I can see there's heat there." Right, that's my friend who was over for Brianna's first day.

Now there's me, Mike, Danny and "the voice of reason," Tommy, all in my studio, all in the kitchen. Mike is all hopped up and telling me not to close up the sewer line and saying "you bought this house, what? you won the lottery?", I am about to have my head explode because he can't explain why the sewer line shouldn't be shut, Danny is saying some sexually suggestive comment to me, Tommy is trying to be genuinely helpful and Brianna is cutting and gluing. OK.

Here's to Brianna Brown, who managed to hang in during the course of this and continue working. Much love and respect to Brianna. If you are coming to the slide shows on Saturday, please extend a warm welcome to her and love her for her resilience.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

If You Break the Skin Update: Xanax, please

I have seen a little bit of the documentary and, although it seems to be amazingly great and I think it will be a great movie and I am very proud to be a part of it, viewing just a little bit of the film made me UNBELIEVABLY ANXIOUS AND HORRIFIED!

"Why?", you ask.

1. I really don't like looking at myself at all. It's like listening to your voice on an answering machine or tape recorder. Christ! It's horrible! I know this sounds insane because I OPTED to be a part of a project that was people making a documentary about me. Ok, and also because I opted to go on the Isaac Show, but that was just good times...not exposing my whole everything to everyone.

2. I am terribly anxious about what I'm like. Am I a total asshole and I don't know it? It could be! From the little bit I've seen, I don't seem like a total asshole, but I do sound as if I have no idea what I'm talking about quite a bit of the time. Often I do know what I'm taking about, but, unfortunately, I'm unable to articulate it and seem to best convey my thoughts with onomatopoeia and a series of guttural noises. I also seem to say "like" every other word. I think the thing that made me the most worried is that I don't remembered being filmed at all. Who knows what insane things I've said! Oy.

3. I am terribly anxious about what others say about me. Despite my full burn hubris, I am actually quite sensitive to what others say, and think, about my work.

4. Last, and this is the biggest, I am scared of letting the kids down. I'm scared that I don't give them good advice.

I'm sick with this. Sick!

Now, anxiety and neurosis aside, the film looks amazing. I'm thinking it will win an Academy Award. I am completely serious.

"Best Director" David Kessler
"Best Documentary" If You Break the Skin

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Lowest Common Denominator! Adults Only!

Enough with the slide show introspection... it's time to move onto more pressing and relevant questions.

Now, so many questions, so many questions.
First, why would this product ever be made?
2nd, who would buy this and why would they buy it?
3rd, why do I find this "stroking santa" HYSTERICAL? It's so stupid, even for me. And yet, I laughed when I saw it online. I've seen "Santa with a Pecker Out" about 1000 times and I STILL laughed. But what makes it funny to me? There's no joke! It's just Santa with a giant pecker!

Monday, October 23, 2006

1. A Brief History of the Works-In-Progress shows, 2003 to 2006

So, what are the works-in progress slideshows? Why, my friend, just sit right back and you'll hear a tale, a tale of a fateful trip.

This is the 4th year for the works-in-progress show. The first show was in 2003, in my old studio up the street from my house; it was just like my studio is now, except not a whole house. It was the first time anyone and everyone could come into my studio and see my new work, how I grid the photos and how I prepare for ordering I-95.

In 2004 I started showing the images as slideshows at Southwark house. After I sold all these photos to the St James, I bought a laptop and a projector and a bunch of other stuff for producing and showing the slideshows. I began the slideshows a tool for incorporating my most recent photos into the 95 installation, but at this point I'm interested in producing silent slideshows, like the Whitney slideshows, as works-in-progress shows. Correct.

2. What Might Happen With the Slide Shows

I think this will be the last year I project the shows with music; this year I felt that the music got in the way of ordering the photos instead of forcing me to think about different connections between the photos. I need a constrained format to help me fully explore every tangential thread that connects the photos and while the music had been a tremendous help, I don't know if I want to continue using that format. It's like a poem with a strict form, such as a sestina or a haiku, that forces the writer to carefully weigh the use and meaning of the words within the form. And while that's what I want, I don't know if I'll continue with using songs as a part of that strict format.

3. Slide show photo recap

right now, I think I've made 2 very strong photos in the last 6 months

monique showing black eye web
uniform city
uniform city_1_1 web

and a few other good photos

cell palm tree 2_1web.jpg

dollar magic_2_1 web

Philly fried chicken 6th st web

refinery 1_2 web



Within the last year, I have made 3 similar portraits of folks that are strong enough to consider for 95. Each person is looking directly at me, but they all have one wandering eye. I'm interested in exploring the placement of these portraits.

doo rag

jack 1_1 web

camden woman pink shirt web.jpg


There are two very similar portraits of this woman, but, to me, there's a huge difference in feeling with these 2 photos. In the top photo her hand is open behind her ear. In the bottom her hand is closed. They both have a place in my work, one being protective and one being inviting and collaborative, but I way prefer the top photo.

camden woman pink shirt web.jpg

camden woman pink shirt 2 web.jpg

List of slide show photos

1. 7 sec- if you reading this
2. 6 sec-new tattoo Jorge
3. 6 sec-phillies imprint
4. 5 sec- tv on second floor
5. 5 sec- save
6. 5 sec- scraped off sticker
7. 5 sec- bed in little room
8. 6 sec- Vanessa
9. 5 sec- pennsport caterers
10. 5 sec- west philly mattress
11. 5 sec-two women Camden
12. 5 sec-motel deadly quiet
13. 4 sec- civic center
14. 4 sec- mummers argue
15. 4 sec- lights in Chinatown
16. 4 sec- benny krass
17. 4 sec- taken down posters
18. 4 sec- joe louis
19. 4 sec- corner girl
20. 5 sec- philly fried chicken
21. 5 sec- 2922 princeton ave
22. 4 sec- lights at phillies game
23. 6 sec- mattress flip
24. (17 second fade in) 6 seconds delay Everything is Brand Name
25. 7 sec- nina
26. 4 sec- Asbury matinee
27. 3 sec- mummers kissing
28. 3 sec- metropolitan hospital
29. 4 sec- lake photo at diane and arts
30. 7 sec- daddy tattoo
31. 3 sec- stardust
32. 6 sec- pepsi painted over
33. 5 sec- mummers exposing penises
34. 3 sec- dolls
35. 3 sec- 20st. houses
36. 3 sec- pilgrims
37. 5 sec- woman with heart shirt
38. 5 sec- we love Centralia
39. 4 sec- abandoned naval home
40. 7 sec- Michael myers
41. 3 sec- limerick deer
42. 6 sec- sophie
43. 3 sec- half house boulevard
44. 4 sec- mummers urinating
45. 3 sec- Paula’s union hall
46. 3 sec- appliances under el
47. 3 sec- beth
48. 3 sec- photo mural elevator
49. 3 sec- kate
50. 3 sec- American appliance
51. 3 sec- bunny
52. 5 sec- shot appliances
53. 12 sec- Camden mattresses
54. 3 sec- New Phenom Penn
55. 3 sec- north philly horses
56. 3 sec- irish smoking crack
57. 4 sec- divine loraine hotel room
58. 3 sec- troubled?
59. 3 sec- circus circus lights
60. 4 sec- man nude on bed
61. 3 sec- coal billboard
62. 3 sec- I love you
63. 3sec- fluorescent light
64. 3 sec- alarm calls police
65. 3 sec- prevention point coffee spill
66. (5 second transition) 5 sec- Camden crack
67. 3 sec- value city
68. 3 sec- kid in blackface with bud
69. 3 sec- Camden vent
70. 3 sec- melissa’s handstand
71. 3 sec- ice on stairs tasker project
72. (5 second transition) 6 sec- titanic
73. 7 sec- report suspect activity
74. 4 sec- fist with cash
75. 3 sec- no hookers allowed
76. 3 sec- Venetian blinds blown out
77. 3 sec- red white and blue mummer
78. 3 sec- dollar magic
79. 3 sec- wedding arch
80. 3 sec- gas sale
81. 3 sec- yellow ribbons Frackville
82. 3 sec- woman at cabrini green
83. 3 sec-fine fare meats
84. 3 sec- tvs under tarp
85. 6 sec- mcdonalds
86. sec- All Americans
87. 3 sec- visitors
88. 3 sec- car lot tinsel
89. 3 sec- hancock building
90. 5 sec- let’s roll
91. 3 sec- back of float
92. 3 sec- honeybrook homes
93. 3 sec- labor ready
94. 3 sec- jehovahs witnesses
95. 3 sec- noise
96. 6 sec- man’s back
97. sec- bulletholes
98. 3 sec- leo’s mantle
99. 3 sec- Cynthia kropp
100. 3 sec- gaslight square
101. 3 sec- limerick houses
102. 3 sec- el cortez
103. 3 sec- aboveground swimming pool
104. 3 sec- john davis
105. 3 sec- bankruptcy
106. 3 sec- ice on cabinets
107. 3 sec- diabetic on Christian st.
108. 3 sec- you can feel good about
109. 3 sec-camden card trick
110. sec- allied forces
111. 3 sec- krass brother’s last day
112. 3 sec- turkey worker in red
113. 3 sec- code red
114. 3 sec- Sheila and William
115. 3 sec- back of mcdonalds
116. 3 sec- to the heros
117. 3 sec- refinery
118. sec- video poker
119. 3 sec- showing trackmarks
120. 3 sec- burned apartment building
121. sec- alzheimer’s
122. 3 sec- doors in open structure
123. 3 sec- no guns
124. 3 sec- dollar general
125. 5 sec- art showing gun
126. 3 sec-tornout pay phones
127. 2 sec- light in corner
128. 5 sec- marines billboard
129. 10 sec- Vietnam hand
130. 10 sec- Monique
131. 5 sec- dpw office
132. sec- Asbury the city
133. sec- gunshot
134. 4 sec- spelling achievment
135. 3 sec- drying money
136. 8 sec- victoria’s hysterectomy scar
137. sec- three smokestacks
138. sec- three men storefront
139. 4 sec- drive in
140. (5 sec transition) 8 sec- bail bonds
141. 6 sec- woman in camden
142. 6 sec- we will win
143. 5 sec- south Philadelphia
144. sec- hooking under el
145. 4 sec- pardon our dust
146. sec- Camden teardrop
147. 4 sec- basketball hoop
148. sec- Linda Sunoco
149. 4 sec- hope not dope
150. sec- mummer with bud
151. 4 sec- circus tent
152. sec- seafood soul
153. 4 sec- Asbury couple
154. sec-fireworks
155. 4 sec- Asbury tilly
156. sec- do rag
157. 4 sec- frank Sinatra
158. sec- young man twin dragon
159. 4 sec- mom were ok
160. sec- camden woman in red leopard shirt
161. 4 sec- good food here
162. sec- star
163. 4 sec- mummer yelling
164. sec- why not coal
165. sec- angel
166. 4 sec- victory annex
167. 6 sec- making out
168. 6 sec (10 second slow fade out) call unto me

Slideshows 2006

Last night I thought, "why am I working this hard?" Seriously, why the hell am I working so hard on these slideshows? And why am I spending all this money on this event? Who cares about a 2 second differential between slides? Literally, who cares? And why am I so anxious about production...I mean waking up in the middle of the night worried that "You're All I Need to Get By'" is too portrait heavy. And worried that the slideshows are comprised primarily of work not made this year, that the images on the wall will be disjointed because I haven't really integrated this year's work into the body of work. I mean really anxious, not just hoping that I finish up by Friday.

But you know what? I know why. I'm working this hard because it matters to me. I think the work I'm doing is important and this is how I want to present it. And I don't care that I'm driving myself insane with placement of images. It's what matters to me.

7 PM slide shows reserved out! But 8:30 has plenty!

Friday, October 20, 2006

The ghostly salt city beneath Detroit

Where I want to go so much.
stop the bullshit 3 copy

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Email hacked part II

Because my domain name was hacked, I am unable to send many emails, including an emails to comcast addresses. To get around this I have set up a gmail account and I will be using

zoestrauss (at) gmail (dot) com

in addition to

info (at) zoestrauss (dot) com

send your mail right also seems as if the contact button on my website is totally busted, so please send mail directly to the above addresses.


Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Share a studio space with the great David Kessler

Folks, if you are looking for a studio space, this is an AMAZING deal!

"Share an artist studio located at the corner of 2nd and Arch with other really good artists.

You will have ample space for whatever your medium is unless you make really really big stuff. The rent is just $80 a month and that includes heat and electricity. I've been working there for a few years and am tired of flakes that bail on me. If you NEED a space, not just think it would be neat to have one, get in touch. In other words, if you are right now thinking, "wow, if I had a studio space I would get so much done and finally be the kind of artist I've always dreamt of being" you are just fooling yourself and you should not write to me. But, if you are thinking "man, i'm working on so much stuff that my house now looks like an abattoir for Dr. Seuss characters" you need a studio and you can move your stuff in immediately."


for more info

FYI- I had to look up "abattoir," which means slaughterhouse and is derived from French, and I have got to give it up to David Kessler for the use of that word.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Shift in Language- Banana Republic

banana republic

n : a small country (especially in Central America) that is politically unstable and whose economy is dominated by foreign companies and depends on one export.


Each link below connects to the next and it's a unbelievable, horrible, and ongoing story. The term "Banana Republic" is always in the mix because of the store "Banana Republic," but the story and origin of the term "Banana Republic" isn't right on the tip of our tongues. It's some crazy shit.

Banana Republic

United Fruit Company (now Chiquita)

Jacobo Arbenz Guzman


Although there's no concrete proof, several theories suggest that Zapata Off-Shore Oil Co., and George H. Bush in particular, cooperated with the CIA beginning in the late-1950s, including the CIA organized Guatemalan coup. The strongest evidence may be two FBI memos, and close ties between Bush and Felix Rodriguez.

Zapata Corporation


"The United Fruit Company, a U.S. concern, is notorious for having economically colonized Central American in particular, using the support of the U.S. politically--and, on occasion, militarily--to ensure its taking of large profits in the region. Dissent within the U.S. against the U.S. government-United Fruit Company collaboration reached its peak in the second decade of the 20th century."

"In Honduras, the United Fruit and Standard Fruit companies dominated the country's key banana export sector and support sectors such as railways. The United Fruit Company was nicknamed 'The Octopus' for its willingness to involve itself in politics, sometimes violently. In 1910, Sam Zemurray, who 22 years later would take over United Fruit in a hostile bid, hired a gang of armed toughs from New Orleans to help stage a coup in Honduras in order to obtain beneficial treatment from the new government for his own banana-trading company, Cuyamel Fruit. Four decades later, the directors of United Fruit played a role in convincing the Truman and Eisenhower administrations that the government of Colonel Arbenz in Guatemala was secretly pro-Soviet, thus contributing to the CIA's decision to assist in overthrowing Arbenz's government in 1954.


Edward Bernays/United Fruit/CIA/Eisenhower connection video...excerpt from The Century Of The Self - Part 2 of 4 - By Adam Curtis


I wrote about Eddie Bernays about a year ago.
I am interested in the implementation of "the engineering of consent"

Works-in-Progress Slide Shows

The Works-in-Progress slide shows are coming up, so RSVP if you want a seat...and may I suggest the 8:30 showing? There's plenty of room for that one.

The song list, which is always subject to change at the last second, is close to done.

These songs have been used in the past, but the image selections are revised for 2006-

God Only Knows by The Beach Boys
American Girl by Tom Petty
You're My Thrill sung by Billie Holiday
Every Man a King sung by Randy Newman
Atlantic City by Bruce Springsteen

These songs are new to the slide shows-

Don't Feel Right by The Roots
Summertime sung by Sarah Vaughan
You're All I Need to Get By sung by Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell

Monday, October 16, 2006

Visual Thesaurus

The visual thesaurus is a beautiful software program that I own. I was struck by how elegant and smart the design is, but I was most struck by how clearly it illustrated what's so often happening in my head.

There's a free trial, type in a word a look at it.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Tina Modotti

Telephone Wires
Tina Modotti

This is my favorite Modotti photo.
Tina Modotti was a photographer, model, silent film actress, and left wing social activist. Don't sleep on Tina.

The formation of gender roles

I am infuriated by the toy industry's gendering of every toy. It seems as if it's a lot worse than it was when I was a kid... although many toys were pushed toward pink or blue, there were many toys intended for either gender in the 1970's. Now the division is unbelievable, there's hardly any toys for "anyone," particularly for ages 3 and older.

I'm very interested in the construction of gender, how we find our place within such rigid gender constraints and how people, myself included, become their true selves by simultaneously embracing, rejecting and subverting prescribed gender roles.

The insistence on forcing play into gender roles is a perverse and destructive social design that stunts us as people and it's a sad, sad sight when Toys "R" Us has huge signs telling us which are "Girls Toys" and "Boys Toys." It's sick.

Here's an example of Doodle Bears, a toy that you draw on and then can be washed and drawn on again. There were a couple different kinds of Doodle Bears, but they all implied gender specificity.

Doodle Bears- Girls

Doodle Bears- Boys

In Target

Aisle 1

Aisle 2


I propose that the industry start to use tags that actually include an image of male or female genitalia. If that's how we're planning on making children define themselves and understand their place in the world, why not be as direct as possible? That way there could be quite a bit more variety, they could branch out a little from the all pink or all blue packaging and still make sure that kids know their roles. For example, girls could know that the kitchen item below was for them, but it could be made in primary colors, it wouldn't have to have the pastel "girls" color coding. Mattel, call me!

Photo of the Week Oct 15- Oct 22

Spam/email woes/comcast

After my address was hacked and then forged to send out spam, I was blacklisted at comcast SO I AM UNABLE TO SEND ANY EMAIL TO ANY COMCAST ADDRESSES. I am able to receive mail, just not to send or reply to addresses. I am working on getting this fixed but it might be a little bit before I can send mail to all contacts. Sorry.

My GOD look how the blacklist is still in full effect!

Found at Southwark Post Office

2x2 Amfar

I donated a print to an Amfar/Dallas Museum of Art benefit, which will happen on Oct. 28th...I'm certain that they planned it to coincide with the slide shows here. Anyway, of course I was happy to donate a print but it seems as if my bidding price starts at a much lower price than the rest of the work donated. You can click the title to check out the other auction stuff and click here to see my donation.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Something that Pennsylvania is doing totally right

The historical marker program.
I seriously wish that there were historial markers on every block in Philadelphia.


Independence Hall marker

I learned that the oldest surviving photograph in the US was made in Philadelphia from a historical marker at Chestnut and Juniper. Good one Philadelphia, and good one PA historical markers for sharing this info with me.

Marker Name:
Oldest Photograph
Date Dedicated:
Marker Type:
Market and Juniper Streets, Philadelphia
Business & Industry, Professions & Vocations, Artists, Medicine & Science

Marker Text:
America's earliest surviving photograph was made here about Sept. 25, 1839. Using a cigar box and crude lens, Joseph Saxton of the U.S. Mint created an image of Central High School (now demolished) shortly after Daguerre had announced his process in France.

I actually am so down with the historical marker program that I just sent them this email....

"I just wanted to drop you folks a line to let you know how much I appreciate the historical marker program. I was prompted to write because I saw two guys reading the Lombard Street Riot marker the other day and their mouths were literally agape . How awesome is that?

Something that gives me a lot of pleasure is seeing the markers in neighborhoods as well as commercial and "historical" sections. In Philadelphia, the decisions you guys have made in terms of what to commemorate has been pretty spot on, my friends...Gay Rights Demonstrations, John Coltrane, Girl Scout Cookies, Oldest Photograph, Church of the Advocate, Mother Jones...these are all great, and important, choices.


Zoe Strauss
Philadelphia, PA"


I do realize that sending this email pretty much confirms that I am "gay" in every the somewhat antiquated sense of "joyous", in the sense of sexual orientation, and in the "high school" sense of "that REO Speedwagon shirt is so gay."

Slaughterhouse 5

As a kid, my favorite author was Kurt Vonnegut, Jr and my favorite novel of his was Slaughterhouse 5. I've been thinking a lot about representations of time and I've been thinking a lot about World War II and I can't help but we form interests as children because of what we take in, or, are our personalities formed and set before we exhibit interest in the world and we're just drawn to what resonates deepest with us? And do most of us return to our first strong interests? I know I have and I know my lady has as well.

A list of places I'd like to visit

Top of the list
The Bonneville Salt Flats

Blair Mountain, West Virginia

And here too,

Flint, MI
Detroit, MI
Jackson, MS
Memphis, TN
Reading, PA

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Photo of the Week

Hello friends! Those who are just getting into my oeuvre might not know that I send out a email Photo of the Week. Just send me an email at

info (at) zoestrauss (dot) com

and I will send you a photo a week.

The Panel- Part 4 of 4 parts...PETER BARBERIE!

The time has finally come to finish up the postings about the fabulous panel from Zoe Strauss Night at the Whitney.

Last, but certainly not least, let me introduce MR. PETER BARBERIE. I adore Mr. Barberie and have much to say about him but I will limit to the following 4 items.

1. Check out this interview with Peter Barberie.

2. Peter Barberie just curated this show....
The Philadelphia Museum of Art is paying tribute to famed portrait photographer Arnold Newman (1918-2006), who died in June at age 88, with an exhibition of more than 60 works from the museum collection. "Modern People: A Tribute to Arnold Newman" Sept. 23, 2006-Mar. 4, 2007, is organized by curator Peter Barberie and includes works by Newman’s peers as well as by Newman himself. The Philadelphia Museum organized Newman’s first solo show, "Artists Look like This," in 1944.

3. Look at this...

4. And then look at this...


Idiots still upset about "Gay & Lesbian History Month" listed on school district calendars

I am particularly amazed at the woman who thought she might keep her daughter out of school for the month of October. Lady, you are a complete imbecile.

Recommended: Spit Baths by Greg Downs

Greg Downs, check it out

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

"Over the Rainbow"

In working on the slideshows, I often become obsessed with one or two songs that won't be used. Right now it's "Over the Rainbow" sung by Judy Garland in The Wizard of Oz. I've been very interested in WWII era music and I read that American troops in Europe in WWII were into the song, the lyrics have a hopefully quality that expresses desire to return home.

"Over the Rainbow"
Melody by Harold Arlen
Lyrics by Yip Harburg
Sung by Judy Garland

During the McCarthy era, from about 1951 to 1962, Yip Harburg was a victim of the Hollywood blacklist when movie studio bosses blacklisted industry people for their left-wing political activity. Yip Harburg wrote "Brother, Can You Spare a Dime" as well as "Over the Rainbow." When Yip was no longer able to work in Hollywood, he wrote a few musicals for Broadway and eventually reconnected with Harold Arlen when the blacklist ended.

Yip Harburg

Judy Garland nee Frances Ethel Gumm

To keep up with the frantic pace of making one movie after another, Judy Garland (as well as Mickey Rooney, and other young performers) were constantly given amphetamines, as well as barbiturates, to take before bedtime. For Garland, this constant dose of drugs would lead to addiction and a lifelong struggle to end her addiction. She died on June 22, 1969 at 47 years old from an overdose of barbiturates.

Six days after Judy Garland's death the Stonewall Riots occurred, and although they nothing to do with Judy Garland's death, her death is often associated with the riots.


I often read The Shining by Stephen King. This is probably a great shock to anyone who knows me, due to my tremendous fear of anything that meant to provoke fear. I'm pretty much scared of Ghostbusters.

However, I am very drawn to The Shining and frequently want to read it, despite the high fright factor.

There are a million things that make The Shining unbelievably frightening, but what keeps me coming back is the way the novel explores just how the inescapable the past is and how we all carry the past with us in our personal histories and the history of the places that we've come from. I am fascinated by the idea that "all times are one"


"But it wasn't really empty. Because here in the Overlook things just went on and on. Here in the Overlook all times were one."

"The hotel's eras were all together now, all but the current one, the Torrance era. And this would be together with the rest very soon now."

"But time had been canceled.
The chandelier was lit and couples were circling all around them, some in costume some not, to the sounds of some postwar band-but which war? Can you be certain? No, of course not."

"(a fire? August?...yes...and no...all times are one)"

Cancelling AOL

I had a very similar experience; I canceled my aol account about 2 years ago and it took me at least 30 minutes to cancel it. The conversation I had with aol included me saying "cancel my account" at least 15 times.

Celebrating one full year of Team Shredder

Monday, October 09, 2006

A good evening ends on a sad note at the 20th and Locust Wawa

I think the talk at Moore went OK. I honestly have no idea how to gage how these things go. It's fairly difficult to know because I hate to have a long prepared talk. I like to talk for less than 5 minutes and then have people ask me questions. That means that sometimes it's good and sometimes it's eh. I'm not sure why that's my way, but it is and that's all there is to it.
Also, I have no idea if I answer people's questions. I often have to ask, "did that answer your question?" because I was rambling. Last, I often have to force people to ask questions. I have no qualms forcing an audience of any kind to ask questions, even if they really don't have any questions or they couldn't care less about me talking or they just want me to talk and don't want to have to ask a question.
"Go to business, audience, go to business"

The talk at Moore was ok BUT the 20th and Locust Wawa and who goes to that Wawa anyway...a FULL hoagie laying in the gutter...A FULL HOAGIE!

Here is a cell phone photo of the tragedy.

hoagie on ground
Why? Why?

Tonight! Slide Lecture at Moore!

Check it out!

Zoe Strauss Slide Lecture Sunday, October 29
Moore College of Art and Design

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Moore’s Curatorial Studies and Photography & Digital Arts Departments present a slide lecture with photographer Zoe Strauss. Strauss, a self-taught photographer, was featured in the 2006 Whitney Biennial and at the ICA in Philadelphia with works that chronicle corner stores, signs, billboards, the industrial landscape, local people in her South Philadelphia neighborhood and, most recently, the devastation left in Katrina's wake in Biloxi, Mississippi. In her annual ''Under I-95'' shows, which are free and open to the public, she affixes more than 200 images to the concrete pilasters under I-95, transforming the concrete expanse into her own temporary museum.


Sunday, October 29, 2006 @ 6:30 pm

Game Day

green hair and a little jewish 3 web


Looks like a spammer has forged addresses from my domain name to send out spam and I got all the bouncebacks yesterday. Fuck you, spammers. Seriously, who, WHO need this much "V iAgr@"? or "C!@las." These emails can't possibly work, WHO, would look at an email advertising these drugs randomly sent to them and think, "This looks like a product I want! I hope the "@" symbol instead of the "a" means it's extra potent! Where's my credit card?"

Who then?

As of right now I am only getting emails sent to

info (at) zoestrauss (dot) com

So if you have my email as a different address at zoestrauss (dot) com, please change it to "info (at)."

If you have sent me a email in the last few days and I haven't responded, please send me out another one because it probably got lost in the fray of the thousands of bounceback spam emails that I received. Thanks for helping, Justin!

Happy Belated Birthday Brian Mechanick.

If there are any sorries in the world to be said, they would have to be complied into this one sorry, the sorry for missing the birthday of someone I love so much.

Now, I have known Brian since he was less than a year. I was his babysitter until this last year. That's a long time, considering that he is in middle teen years now. This year I missed his birthday by 3 weeks. I dreamt about it last night and woke up and called but he had already gone to school. This is more than a huge indication of my needing to slow down and stop being so focused on my work, this is an indication that I'm losing my mind. This forgeting of Brian's birthday, which I can best explain as the equivalent of forgetting the birthday of your spouse, your child or your parent, is very, very problematic for me. I am losing my mind.

I love you, Brian!
Happy Birthday!

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Game Day

green hair and a little jewish 6_1 web.jpg

blowens web.jpg

burning TO jersey under 95_2 web.jpg

eagles couple 2 web.jpg

money web

fuck TO_1 web.jpg

pills on tray web.jpg

od web.jpg

go birds forehead full 9 web.jpg

man urinating web.jpg

man of my statue web.jpg

eagles fans harassing cowboys fans web.jpg

buying bootleg dvds web

green hair and a little jewish 2 web.jpg

go birds forehead full 4_2 web.jpg

eagles final score web.jpg

I must add a disclaimer- these photos, with the possible exception of one, are not intended to be viewed as part of my "work." You know, fine art and all. They just give me intense personal pleasure and I am certain they will provide tremendous pleasure to others. That being said, I believe I will be busy before every home game for the rest of my life until I get something great.