Sunday, September 17, 2006

Zoe Strauss Night at the Whitney = GIANT SUCCESS Entry 1

This is the first of at least 2 entries about Zoe Strauss Night aka IPO at the Whitney.

OK, first, my experience with the Whitney from start to finish has been nothing short of superb. I love the Whitney. This is actually a shock, considering my preconceived notions of the "art world." Crazy, right? I LOVE going to the Whitney. And not just that; I LOVE the people who work at the Whitney. It's nuts.

So here's how Zoe Strauss Night at the Whitney went...first, it was completely reserved out and standing room only. Hello, world wide takeover.

First, how bout that outfit I was rocking? My stylist via Isaac Mizrahi, Elizabeth Shein, sent my outfit over to the hotel and my lady had to bring in over in the pouring rain. By the time my lady got to the Whitney she was totally soaked, she couldn't get a cab to save her life. But my outfit got there, clean and dry, and I rocked that right the hell out. I really wanted to introduce Ms. Shein around as "my stylist" but I was too busy. Don't think I'm going to let it go that easy. I am referring to Liz Shein as my stylist for the rest of my life. Again, the amount of fun I had being styled was THROUGH THE ROOF. Yes, to Liz Shein and yes to the many Isaac gals, including Kate who wore the lucky necklace. Yes, this whole thing is completely surreal.

Onto my new intern...INTRODUCING MR. NICK FELDMAN! He manned the photo sales with panache and flair, as well as complete confidence. Congratulations Nick Feldman.

Traffic was apparently horrible, so the schedule was changed slightly to begin with the slide shows and then show the trailer for "If You Break the Skin." I was a little disappointed with how the slideshows were so dark, it was go with either too dark or too light due to the lighting in the room...but I think people got the gist of them. I will be showing the real deal here on Oct. 28th, so I wasn't super upset. This brings me to my man, Ron Burrell, king of IT at the Whitney. I think he's the best and I now owe him a box of butterscotch krimpets for his excellent work.

So I showed some slideshows and then I introduced the trailer for "If You Break the Skin" documentary about yours truly.
This movie will be amazing. I made prints for the kids and the folks who worked on the film who were there...

David Kessler, Director
Johanna Plummer, Executive Producer
Joanna Lee, Social worker

and the filmmakers:

Phylicia Allen
Tracy Renee Curtis
Misha Simms
Diane Woodlyn

I love those guys.
Here's the print they all got

The trailer played on a TV in the corner and people were able to watch it at any time. It was great.
you can check out the trailer here "If You Break the Skin." Go to Daliyl and click.

Now those guys can say that the trailer of a movie they made premiered at the Whitney. Correct.

Here were the giveaways...

Balloons. OK they were really just decorations, but you could take them. Why someone would want a balloon with my face on it? I can't answer that.

Tastykakes- Butterscotch Krimpets and Peanut Butter Tandykakes

and, of course, 200 different photos signed specific for the night. They are signed on the back of the photo and it says, "Whitney IPO, Zoe Strauss, September 15, 2006."

Next Chapter- The Panel

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