Monday, September 25, 2006

Post makeover look

OK, enough tragedy and issues. Back to good times!

Let's take a look at my post Isaac makeover outfit, as I'm back to my usual style.

Here I am modeling my evening wear. Made by "Miami Nites" with an easy to read big tag in the back, this is best described as a canary "oversized t-shirt." Emblazoned with a axiom known to all, the night shirt cries out, "Not Before My Coffee."

Not pictured here- mint green version with "I don't do mornings."

PS. My lady was like "why do you have to put this up" and then I was like "because this is my real style and you know it" and then my lady was quiet probably because she had to mull over whether she was going to break up with me right then. Fortunately, we're still together more than an hour after this post.

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