Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The Panel- Part 2 of 4 parts...KATE WARE!

Next up Kaaaaaaaatttttttte Ware: Ms. Katherine Ware is the Philadelphia Museum of Art's curator of photographs. Ms. Ware, besides just being an enjoyable lady, was the person who masterminded the purchase of 8 of my photos for the PMA permanent collection.

Kate Ware wrote a great book about Man Ray, a South Philadelphia born luminary. I suggest you check it out.
click here> Man Ray by Katherine Ware

Also check out this most recent book by Kate Ware and Peter Barberie...

Dreaming in Black and White: Photography at the Julien Levy Gallery
by Katherine Ware, Philadelphia Museum of Art, Peter Barberie

For my thing at the Whitney, Kate focused on portraiture-the encounter and my relation to subject of the photograph. Kate said something of great interest to me, that it seems as if people show me their wounds. In a way, I think that's true. They are almost always wounds that someone wants to show with pride, either to display their resilience and strength or to describe an personal injustice that they are living with. There is a sort of defiance present in the strongest portraits of this type, as well as an attempt at showing me what they want me to see the most. Often I come away with the feeling that what someone is getting at can't be shown on their body, but that's the best method for how someone can show themselves to me.

Kate Ware, thanks for your participation so, so much. I got a lot out of it, my friend, and I am very grateful for your participation.

Next Up...
Elyse Gonzales
Peter Barberie

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Lisa Hunter said...

Thanks for the post. Now I have to go add two more books to my fall reading list.