Thursday, September 21, 2006

Jai Guru Deva, Om

Yesterday, I suddenly became obsessed with the song "Across the Universe," by the Beatles. I couldn't buy it online and we only have Let It Be on vinyl and I was so crazed that I had to go out and buy it at Tower Records on South St.

>Aside, I worked at that Tower Records almost 20 years ago and it's remarkably the same in there. Ah, Tower. A shout out to Dan Buskirk, who I saw earlier this week. We worked there at the same time and we dated the same woman...him after me, of course. Dan Buskirk is great. Please note that this is really quite sometime ago, considering that I have been with Ms. Bloom for about 18 years.

So I bought Let It Be and played "Across the Universe" on repeat and drove over to Camden to see what was happening and made these photos-

camden woman pink shirt web.jpg

scraped off sticker 3 web.jpg

two women camden 7_1 web.jpg

two women camden 9_1 web.jpg

Nothing's gonna change my world
Nothing's gonna change my world
Nothing's gonna change my world
Nothing's gonna change my world

two women camden looking_1_1 web.jpg

two women camden_1 web.jpg

two women camden showing track marks_1_1web.jpg

camden woman pink shirt 5 web.jpg

two women camden 6_1_1 web.jpg

I don't care how trite or ridiculous this sounds: I am sometimes filled with such joy and love at being alive that I can barely stand it.


Anonymous said...

why do you have to kill me everyday

Cutter said...


Anonymous said...

Egads- I like these, Zoe. Keep it up. I like how you verticallyframe your subjects in the center on a slightly wide (?) lens.

It's a credit to your personality that you aren't ( or at least don't appear to be) a judgmental person. That nature enhances your work, but that is another conversation, another panel, another essay. . .somewhere in time.

And your comment doesn't sound ridiculous. I'm glad you are there.