Sunday, September 24, 2006

Isaac Mizrahi Dressing Room

OK, here's me in the Isaac dressing room awaiting my orders from Korey. I was sequestered pre transformation.

Now note this extra special bag sitting on the floor. I love this bag. My #1 lady got it for me as a Christmas present and she ordered it from a catalog called "Whales and Friends." Correct.

I wanted SO BAD to show it to Liz- you know her, my stylist- and fake that I thought it was a Stella McCartney bag. Is that so wrong? Unfortunately, I couldn't get it together to do it but I will try to go up to visit wearing this shirt and say, "I got this Stella McCartney at Nordstroms!"

Unrelated- the Isaac show that I'm on had Harriette Cole as a guest and she was very enjoyable.

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