Monday, September 25, 2006

and go!

Many things have been happening in my life and there's really no slowing down in sight.

Here's a list of things that I am thinking about and that I have meant to post for some time.

1. Obviously, this blog is not a forum for intense reflection or rigorous academic writing about my work. It's only a relaxed online journal about shit that I feeling like writing about. And I suck as a writer. That's why I'm a visual artist and not a writer. But, whatever, I'm still putting it out there. Please keep that in mind when reading this.

2. This brings me to the transparency of the production of my work. It's very important to me to show the my process of working from the very beginnings of my editing process. This means that great, great majority of the photos I've put up on this blog and on flickr are not even being considered by me to be shown a part of my full body of work; they are mainly images that I have just begun to think about. It's usually several months before I decide if photo is strong enough to include in a slide show or in I-95 and it could be several years before I decide to show a photo as a part of the installations.

I believe that seeing the process lends to a greater understanding of the work even if it allows to me to be second guessed. It's difficult to leave ones self open and expose a very intimate part of their life, and for me something very intimate is my working process. But that's how it's got to be.

3. What the hell am I going to do for money when the Pew runs out? Someone tell me and tell me fast! I am DREADING having to sell the studio, which looks like it wiil have to happen next year when the Pew checks stop coming.

4. Just making sure everyone knows that Lynn Bloom is the greatest of anyone in the world.


Anonymous said...

Zoe, The Guggenheim application is due October 1st. APPLY NOW! The cool thing about photographers is you get to send original work. The rest of the applicants have to send slides. There is also the Pollack-Krasner. Apply for it. Go to and research more grants. There is also the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts. I'm not sure when photography comes up again. There are people out there who want to give you more money. I promise!

ZS said...

Astrid! You are the best!