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Wednesday, August 30, 2006


I'm back from Las Vegas. I didn't make any great photos at all during this trip. Actually, I only made one or 2 good photos and that's stretching it. Regardless, I saw many amazing things including a corpse by the side of the road in the desert. I went back after the police had gone to see how they had marked it, but there were no markings, they had just removed the body. Here's where the body had lain.

where the body was web.jpg

I also saw my friends Art and Diane, who I love. I met them once before when I knocked on their trailer door in the middle of the desert a year and a half ago. Everything was the same when I saw them this time and when I left Diane said, "It was a good day when we heard someone knocking and it was you." Diane, I love you. And I love you too, Art.
art and diane in their seats 2 web.jpg

more later


art showing revolver_1_web copy

Art's loaded .45 revolver

Friday, August 25, 2006

A great article my mom sent me..."Walker Evans. Or Is It?"

Photography is a construct, not an absolute, but because of the way photographic images are made people are prone to reading representational photos as "truth." Which is, of course, completely untrue. Even when a moment is recorded with complete accuracy and journalistic intent, a raw image allows a spectrum of possible truths.

For such an accessible and simple medium, there is endless complexity involved in the image making and image reading.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Some articles all about me and some that aren't all about me but just have me in them

Why am I doing this? Because I've needed to update my website for about 200 years, especially the "press" section since several people have asked for a recent bibliography. Ergo, I'm just putting it here so that people who have asked me for it can get it and I can just keep putting off the website update. Enjoy!

June 4, 2003, Philadelphia City Paper Highway to Art by A.D. Amorosi

April 30th, 2004 Taking images of the streets back to their birthplace
by Edward J. Sozanski
Click Below

May 2, 2004
Exhibit provides a new meaning for 'outsider art'
Zoe Strauss brought her work to the masses with a display under a S. Phila. expressway.
by Adam Fifield
Click Below

April 20, 2005, Philadelphia Weekly Candid Camera by Roberta Fallon

May 2005
WHYY interview
with Joel Rose

December 15 2005
Philadelphia City Paper
Public Worker by A.D. Amorosi

Feb. 15, 2006 Philadelphia Inquirer Self-educated photographer wins acclaim: Suddenly, her images clicked. By Karen Heller

3/2/2006 Village Voice BIENNIAL IN BABYLON by Jerry Saltz

3/12/2006 Philadelphia Inquirer A noisy biennial at the Whitney By Edward J. Sozanski

3/29/2006 Philadelphia Weekly Just Whitney: Philadelphia artist Zoe Strauss' Biennial 2006 submission steals the show. by Roberta Fallon

3/2006 Cover Photo of A Public Space Literary Magazine
Issue 1

March/April 2006 New York PBS, Thirteen/WNET, New York Voices Whitney Biennial: Contemporary arts museum spotlights emerging artists." Produced by Suzanne Glickstein

April 2006, Cover Photo of The New York Art World

4/8/2006 UK Telegraph Art gets ready for the end of the world by Richard Dorment

5/11/2006 World Socialist Web Site A barometer of the American cultural zeitgeist: the Whitney Biennial 2006 By Clare Hurley

6/2/2006 World Socialist Web SiteInterview with Zoe Strauss, photographer in the Whitney Biennial 2006: Day for Night By Clare Hurley

June 2 2006 Philadelphia Weekly Ode de Cologne: German spaces collide with Philly faces at the ICA. by Roberta Fallon

6/2006 Tips on the Hottest Events ICA Ramp Project: Zoe Strauss By: Staff

June 2006, Ducts: Summer 2006 Interview by Christina Vassallo

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What better way to celebrate my people's New Year than to ring it in with a studio taping of my makeover with Isaac Mizrahi. Sept 22, at 5:30, as the old year goes out, the new year comes in with me getting "Butchtastic" and "Glamourfied" and presenting it to a live studio audience.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

When The Levees Broke and our TV broke

While watching "When The Levees Broke" our television froze right as Barbara Bush was about to say

"Almost everyone I've talked to says, 'We're going to move to Houston.' What I'm hearing, which is sort of scary, is they all want to stay in Texas. Everyone is so overwhelmed by the hospitality.

And so many of the people in the arena here, you know, were underprivileged anyway, so this, this is working very well for them."

Lynn had never seen the actual video of it and we have DVR so we tried to rewind it to the place where it froze but we were unable to see it. The rewind stopped before we could get back to the clip of her. I called my mom to ask if she was able to see it but her TV had frozen at the same time. Actually, when I called her she answered the phone "Bush Matrix" so I knew her TV had also frozen at that part.

I searched for that video clip and couldn't find it anywhere.

Here's the radio clip and article.

NY Times

When The Levees Broke is highly recommended viewing.

lion and panther on 7th st web

South 9th St.

This is where one of the many ICA images went.

south 9th st. tv on 2nd floor photo web

south 9th st. tv on 2nd floor photo cropped

tv on 2nd floor1web copy

Monday, August 21, 2006

Zoe Strauss Night at the Whitney

Ok, here's what's going on for

(also referred to as "Initial Public Offering: Zoe Strauss" by my Whitney friends)

On September 15th

the program begins at 7pm

It's first come first serve for people to get the FREE photos I have made especially for this event. FREE! There are 200 different color photocopies that I've made for IPO and I would highly encourage trading. Hopefully 200 people will come and I'll be able to give them all out.

Zoe Strauss night kicks off with a trailer for the documentary (working title) "If You Break the Skin" that was made this summer.

Then an informal panel's who's on the panel so far- Elyse Gonzales, Peter Barberie, Danielle Jackson and there might be one more. It's a Q and A so get ready with questions, friends.
Do you have a burning question to ask any of them? Email it to me at
This panel discussion won't be super long, probably around half an hour to 45 minutes.

Then I'm showing 4 revised slide shows and 1 brand new slide show, all with music. Each slide show will be between 3-5 minutes.

Then it's milling about with amazingly good times for all. There will a silent looped projection of photos showing. And there will be polaroids taken and quite a bit of posing.

Please click here to reserve tickets. The event is pay as you wish but you should reserve to get a seat and insure a place downstairs.

Village Voice Arts Education Supplement Fall 2006
Scroll down to the "Photo" section

I will add more to this as it shapes all the way up.


Right now I am keeping all of these photos, but I'm not printing them yet. I will have to whittle it down to one of these for the slide shows or 95. They will all be saved as .tif files so I can print them anytime.

After minimal color correction it's

Dawn 6 Cropped
dawn6_1 web.jpg
Dawn 6 Full
dawn6 web.jpg
Dawn 5 Cropped
dawn5-1 web.jpg
Dawn 5 Full
dawn5 web.jpg

And then

Dawn 4 Cropped
dawn4_1 web.jpg
Dawn 4 Full
dawn4 web.jpg
Dawn 3 Full
dawn3 web.jpg

dawn web.jpg

Dawn 2 Cropped
dawn2_1 web.jpg
Dawn 2 Full
dawn2 web.jpg

of all of the photos I am leaning toward these

dawn6 web.jpg

dawn5 web.jpg

dawn4_1 web.jpg

dawn web.jpg

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Thanks Phylicia

fee fee's wall with marcus allen web


Zoe Strauss Night at the Whitney is going to be fucking AMAZING. If you don't go you better be dead or in jail and if you're in jail BREAKOUT!

zoe strauss night at the whitney poster flattened

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Megawords panel, Wednesday, September 6-DON'T MISS IT!

This is going to be super hot.

Wednesday, September 6 -
Panel Discussion at 6pm with Reception following from 7:30-9pm. Powel House Museum, 244 South 3rd Street, Philadelphia. Free and open to the public(but reservations encouraged by September 2nd to

Philagrafika will host a free public panel discussion which will examine the way the medium of print is ideally suited to communicate issues of history, social class and the urban environment to contemporary audiences. The discussion will include the artists Murphy and Smyrski and they will be joined by: Alex Baker, Ph.D., Curator of Contemporary Art at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts; Historian and author George W. Boudreau, Ph.D.; Shelley Langdale, Associate Curator of Prints and Drawings, Philadelphia Museum of Art; Artist and author Steven Powers, aka Espo; Photographer and Whitney Biennial participant Zoe Strauss.

About Megawords-
Megawords Magazine is an ongoing, collaborative artistic investigation by Dan Murphy and Anthony Smyrski. Through their artwork, they address issues of community and document people surviving in cities all over the world.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

tanning on 9th st web

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Thanks, Amber Dorko Stopper.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Better Life, Whale-Built

I recieve an enormous amount of junk mail, and I have come to love some of it.

Subject Lines

Your money, open-market
Better Future, well-inferred
Better Future, well-called
Your money, open-armedly
Your money, noble-looking
Better Life, wrong-principled
Your money, old-maidish
Better Future, wood star
Your money, moss-grown
Better Life, yellow-dyed
Better Success, winter blight
Better Success, white-topped
Your health, ocean-wide
Better Success, world-destroying
Your health, mist-laden
Better Life, whole-hog
Your money, open-armedly
Your cash, night singer

Reagan Poseidon

Text included in body of emails...

paws holding glasses, thundering laughter, and open jaws filled with yellow
heard of the Currigan Labs? There's this little private supplier.. . So they

"Well, I guessed! I don't remember exactly what gave me the clue. Well,
wrinkled up. He was afraid of pain, was he? Shove you and your pain! He

bed by the window. Guta woke up, too, and took Redrick's hand. He could feel
to take somebody with you. I can give you one of my people who's

"If we get some water," Arthur said. "At least wash our faces.
He fell face down into the grass, and it turned into dust under his

or sky, proverb though I could
legal procedure the night,
and ran on terrible for another two hundred yards--when

As is the gardener, so is the garden It will all come right in the wash Patience is bitter, but it bears sweet fruit

Let’s make our ejaculation like steel

weakly. We got through. We got through even this. And now, accounts payable
She appeared noiselessly at the table by the old man. She stood there

give them 37 sec and that's it to begin.
It was fab enduringly having someone to benefit me out.
I apologize I have been so late with it. Sorry for the long time again

effectively low in the scale of humanity,
There seemed jaw no one mosquito to dispute his claims when
for I therefore saw him rise

potus typeface

The above title links to a great article by Steven Heller about the terrible typeface the white house has been using on their materials.

In a comment replying to Steven Heller's article Leila Singleton offers up this,

"it COULD be theorized that the person setting (The White House's) type is actually a brilliant designer who has decided that this atrocious design aesthetic is PERFECTLY suited to such trite, empty phrases as "A Brighter Future for America," "Mission Accomplished," and "Strategy for Victory." In this way, the type treatment becomes a commentary where form reflects content, assaulting the retina to underscore the phrases' lack of substance!"

I completely agree.

But what marks this newfound use of the empty written statements as different than the ridiculous spoken statements is the idea that the spoken words aren't enough, that we need a visible, written soundbyte in the frame to insure that regardless of what's being said the written statement is the "bottom line."

For example, without knowing what Bush is saying in this photo, he's positioned to show that he's providing a concrete solution to the perceived problem of open borders with "Protecting America's Borders." When this photo is seen, the message is complete. The speech could be "Kill em all and let God sort em out," but the photo speaks with a different force and eliminates the "how" with the finality of the statement "Protecting America's Borders."

The photos that have been made of our political leaders haven't needed this much propping up with hollow statements ever, even that imbecile Reagan!

I believe that this is a calculated PR move, the inclusion of signage specific to the "message." And don't I believe it's possible that the use of abysmal graphic design and horrible typography is just because of a bad art director. I can't help but wonder if it's part of the continuing ploy to portrait the Bush administration as just "folks." My guess is that if push came to shove, the White House could probably get better signage than picking up the special at "Fast Signs."

The idea of looking at the graphic design of the White House seems trivial in so many ways when there are hundreds of other things that need to be looked at and tended to but I see this a part of a bigger issue of presentation of power and methods of swaying opinion and idea through presentation and reproduction of images. Typeface and fonts matter. And graphic design matters. And symbols matter. And to indicate that these things don't matter by using 1996 Print Shop for the President of the United States seems calculated to me. But maybe I'm completely wrong and it's just not important to the Bush administration and that's also disturbing, because these are the statements that the current administration wants the world to see. Christ, you just can't catch a break with them!

The most famous of the Bush administration's vinyl signs.

On NBC's Meet the Press, Feb. 8, 2004 George Bush said,

thanks to Momus for the link.

Thursday, August 10, 2006



Pictured from top to bottom...

to all you guys who worked on and continue to work on the Zoe Strauss Documentary.
and also thanks to Johanna Plummer, not pictured

Residents of Idaho! Vote Howard Faux for Treasurer!

My grandfather Howard Faux is running for TREASURER OF IDAHO! To quote the soon to be first lady of Idaho's treasury, my grandmother Mary Faux, "The Democrats will rise again!" And I am certain that the Democrats will kick off their meteoric rise beginning with Howard Faux's sweep into office.

Howard Faux for Treasurer!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Upcoming Events

zoe strauss night at the whitney poster flattened

october 28 slideshow 2006 slide show poster fin
good neighborhood cropped web

Big Sale at the Bean Cafe

Several pieces from the ICA show are now up and for sale at the Bean Cafe on South St. I made some duplicates so I could experiment with taking them down and nailing them up outside...and they are there for sale at 40 bucks a pop. Also, these photos are mounted on wood and are the frontrunners for figuring out the adhesive. If the photos have any bubbling or bucking, just pull them off and remount them OR just peel them off of the wood...they're laminated on both sides so no worries with the pulling off.

Bean Cafe
615 South St.

Also, if you have taken any of the recently placed photos from the telephone poles at 10th and Reed, please let me know which one you took and when. The first round that went up at 10th and Reed had a few hanging around for about or 3 or 4 days, but the second round of only 2 photos went within a day.