Sunday, July 30, 2006

hidden photo in the ICA show

I don't know if I ever pointed out this hidden aspect of the ramp project... at the top of the ramp the railing had to be reattached before my show started. It was secured slightly further back than the original attachment and an approximately 2 inch hole in wall resulted. They planned to patch and spackle the hole but I wanted them to leave it. Extra special thanks to Elyse for reminding everyone that it shouldn't be repaired.

Here's the hole

But look closely...shine a light into the hole or get up very close and look...

The End of the Ramp Project

Honestly, I can't believe how sad I am that this show is coming down. I LOVED this show. I wish a giant portrait of woman smoking crack could be up in the window FOREVER. Damn it.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

rose tattoo_1 web


OK dreams are coming true.

The Stupidest Pair of Shorts I Have Ever Seen

This is NOT A JOKE! These shorts are really for sale.

Friday, July 28, 2006

Real Exhaustion, Lindsay Lohan Style

Dudes, I have finally figured out why I'm so tired! It's my "ongoing all night heavy partying!" Duh!

Art Museum

The documentary crew and I went to the Philadelphia art museum today and the guys interviewed Kate Ware and Peter Barberie. Everyone knows how I enjoy them. And we had a 15 minute whirlwind tour of some of the things I loved at the art museum, which was pretty great because I actually barely know anything about the art there and my knowledge of art history is "limited" at best, I just showed the interns some of the things I liked best. And me let go with "some" because we didn't even get to Indian miniatures or the American Folk Art area and there was no Kiefer or "Book on the Care of Horses."

BUT there was Duchamp. And Cy Twombly. And the really great show that I'm in, Summer Vacation.
And of course, Dreaming in Black and White: Photography at the Julien Levy Gallery, THE don't miss show of the year. For real. Don't miss it.

I had to actually say that having my photo in the permanent collection and on display is an accomplishment that's unsurpassed in my mind. Helloooo, dream achievement.

Yo, Dagger! I'm steppin'!

my friend looking at mattress flip web.jpg

Oh Christ!

This is the problem with constant public journal entries, sometimes you expose that you are a whiny jackass when your life is going great. My god, I am an insufferable ingrate! This is why things should be kept to yourself and not offered up to everyone in the fucking world because it's possible you could regret having people think that you are a douche because you were a little tired and miserable and opted to let everyone in on it. Don't be fooled, I am not unhappy with working 24/7! I was just a little tired!

the cure

I am looking forward to a breakdown where I am forced to go to the country and "take the cure" for "exhaustion."

Now, I'm not looking for lobotomy or any sort of electroconvulsive therapy (although I know Dick Cavett swears by it). I'm also not looking for no Yellow Wallpaper shit.
I'm looking for the kind of thing where ladies get served iced tea with mint in rocking chairs and then you play badminton or croquet or some shit. Is that too much to ask? I don't think so! Wait, maybe I'm talking about a vacation. Wait, I'm seriously just talking about a vacation! Jesus H. Christ!

Now that I think about it, I'm working every single day through October 28th plus I HAVE GOT to pick up the pace a little because I've made VERY LITTLE new work in the last couple of months. FUCK!

And, I know I haven't even been updating the blog as it should be...
This last week I was in NY two days working as a visiting artist with a program at the Whitney. And I've worked with the documentary every other day and I had to work on what I was doing with both groups when I wasn't with them then I did regular work, except for bill paying. And I'm still so far behind on a million things including the website and mailings and everything.
OK, valium please!

One of the most INSANE things that's happening is that I'm doing all this shit like going to the Whitney and working with the education department like it's regular...IT'S THE FUCKING WHITNEY!
And what about the ICA show? I have been at the ICA at least 4 days a week for the last 3 weeks. Seriously, THAT'S NOT REGULAR, I AM IN MIDDLE OF HAVING A SOLO SHOW AT THE ICA! HOLY SHIT! MY LIFE IS GREAT RIGHT NOW!

I have been moving forward at my regular pace, non-stop, but after Zoe Strauss Night at the Whitney, I'm going to have to have a little recap about what's happened this last year. Because it's impossible to get my mind around right now while I'm in it.

um, hellllllooooooo, does the name Francis Farmer ring a bell to anyone? I'm actually looking for relaxation and reflection, not for complete breakdown. I'm looking for breakdown light!

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Million Dollar Movie!

Ok, right now the 2nd best "Million Dollar Movie" I have ever seen is on...Life in the Balance (2001) starring Bo Derek. Yes, I am working while watching it, but several times I have been fully engrossed and just stared slack jawed at "Life in the Balance" unable to focus on anything else. That Bo Derek's performance is something else.
You know it!

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Philadelphia Freedom, ummm awesome

The ICA slideshow was awesome.

Let's go down the list ...Tom Devaney hosted the storytelling and was great. I really dig Tom. Shelley Spector was in the fray so between my presentation and her storytelling, "Lesbian Jews from NorthEast Philadelphia" were representing hard.

Then mummers came out and performed which was correct.

Then me and a giant crew...

First, before my introduction, there was an amazing choreographed dance performed by Diane and Daliyal to "Who's That Girl" by Eve. Then I was introduced by Misha aka "Italy" which was not just the greatest introduction ever, but a very important and moving moment for me. For real, for real.

Then the slide show which looked great.

Also, thanks so much to all who helped with the decorating, which was a spectacular addition to the evening...Phylicia and Tom especially for the Philadelphia Freedom banner.

Phylicia Allen
Daliyal Burton
Tracy Renee Curtis
Shante' Davis
Charday Laverty
Tameme McQueen
Misha Simms
Diane Woodlyn
Mollie Braverman
Tom Vassalo
Johanna Plummer
Elyse Gonzales
Joanna Lee
Esther Rosa
David Kessler

Thanks to all at the ICA, especially Johanna, and the AIC interns.

And thanks to Jill Katz for the photos!

Sunday, July 16, 2006


So, for the next 5 weeks there is an amazing project that I'm a part's complex, so listen up.

The Institute of Contemporary Art
The Big Picture Alliance
The Achieving Independence Center
and me
are all working together to produce a documentary about me.

Interns from the Achieving Independence Center, the AIC, are having an intense, intense job training on how to make a documentary and how to use the DV cameras. They're taking on the history of photography, contemporary art and finally me and my work so they can produce a short film that will be screened at the ICA. It's next level on every level.

I will be adding more to this but I am so fucking tired that I can't finish even though I've been working on it for 3 days.



Well, well. I knew my earlier post on great cousins would provoke the ire of the great Ellen Rosen, another of my beloved and stellar cousins. Did she think that she wasn't coming up? That I can not answer. Because I LOVE ELLEN ROSEN. Despite her trying to rush her cousins piece.

from left standing Michael and Winnie
from left sitting THE BELOVED ELLEN ROSEN, Joyce and my mom

Saturday, July 15, 2006

One of the greatest moments ever

Mimi got me this AWESOME gift and Tracy helped pick it out. (Mimi is sitting and Tracy is standing) It's going to go up in my studio in the printing room. I really couldn't believe the moment when they said they had a present...Unbelievably generous and surprising and great. THANKS!

Check This Out

ZS Documentary
as made by


this week thanks to special guests
the folks at the Fabric Workshop

We have finished the first week and I am looking forward to the next month. And, amazingly, I really mean that. The interns from the AIC are blazing with excellence.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

the internet is busted at my house and this week is the first week of job training for the people who are making a documentary about me so posting is slow.

Zoe Strauss

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Oh My God!

This week's Million Dollar Movie is amazing!
"Those Bedroom Eyes"

Saturday, July 08, 2006

This Is America Installation Photos

The slide show is installed in the same room with a Duane Hanson sculpture, "Derelict Woman," 1973.

Acuna-Hansen Show Installation Photos

Seriously, if you are in LA go to this show! Do it!

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Intensity and depth of the subconscious

2 days ago I dreamt that I said,

"Lucy and Linus Van Pelt should be on the new, I meant Martin and Abigail Van Buren"

So many insane things go into this one statement I don't even know where to start.

Let me point out the players in this...

Lucy and Linus Van Pelt are characters from Peanuts
Martin Van Buren was the 8th president of the United States
Abby Van Buren is best know by her monicker, "Dear Abby"

More later.

Really, there's not that much more later except that I don't know if in a waking state I could come up with Lucy and Linus's last name if my life depended on it.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

This is a good sign, it's a real South Philly special, but it's not a good photo. So many things have to be in place for a just ok photo and this doesn't even make it to that despite the message.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

This is the best we can do for the 4th, Philadelphia?

Please watch the whole video. The very end where he just yells HELLO!...I can't even describe it. I was in the kitchen and my lady called in, "What are you laughing at?"

I just have to add that last year we had Elton John and Patti Labelle. YES! We should have Patti Labelle EVER SINGLE YEAR!
This year fucking Lionel Richie. That ain't right for anyone.

dollar magic_2_1 web

This photo is high on my list of images made this year. I love it.

In Loving Memory of Mpozi Tolbert

Mpozi was a good friend and a good guy.

About 2 weeks ago I got an email from Mpozi. He had sent me a photo of my brother spinning in Indianapolis with this message,
"it got real philly out here while cos was here. some dude started trying to step to him, and got knocked on the side of the head (ms bakers baby is safe with me!)...."

"So you say you gonna live the truth. Well have you checked out he future of the youth. Doesn't seem to be much left for them. But there is an answer for all of Jah Children we don't want no war. We don't need no violence. We just want what's right. Some peace and love. We don't want to war, wedon't want no violence. We just want what's right, some peace and love. Rock for light. We come, we come to rock for light."

Rock For Light- Bad Brains




Monday, July 03, 2006

Entrance Songs

I am planning to have a grand entrance at the Whitney event, and I want it to be blown up. BLOWN UP! In addition to the prom theme choices that I'm working on, I'm also working on my entrance song. Because the Whitney event is titled I.P.O., Initial Public Offerings (and I think that dovetails with the other common usage of IPO, Intellectual Property Owners), I am interested in playing around a little bit with the idea of self as a commodity. After all, if the images are going public, shouldn't it be the whole franchise offered up? I'm putting persona, id, ego and superego out there for the offering as well.

Here are the songs in the running for grand entrance...

Eye of the Tiger- Survivor
thanks PCronan

Rocky (original score)- Bill Conti
This is often used by my boys in Marah to great effect.
Thanks Caryn

Sirus (Instrumental)- Alan Parsons Project
Thanks Lynn Bloom

And my top contenders,
Credit in the Straight World- Hole
Enter Sandman- Metallica

I used Credit in the Straight World during this year's slide shows and I think that that's going to be the entrance. But, how can you go wrong with "Enter Sandman?" Because I'm putting this shit to bed!

Not in the running although it would be great....
Rock and Roll Part II- Gary Glitter

And please note that my image is used on the cover of the Whitney Public Programs brochure. Whhhhhoooooo!
Thanks Frank and Margie for asking me to be in the mix!

Back to Food Market

Now I'm working with these 3.

food market 5 web

food market 5_1 web

food market web

I love Buddy and Rita Baker

from left to right- Sarah Berman (aka "Bub"), Lena Baker (aka "Gram"), Rita Baker and Buddy Baker.

As everyone knows, I loved my grandparents so much. Please note the greatness of my grandmother Lena Baker in the above photo. BUT, does everyone know how much I love my cousins, the beautiful and fabulous Buddy and Rita Baker? They should, because I love them tremendously.

If you attended my 95 shows or the ICA opening you might have run into the great Buddy and Rita Baker. And if you did, consider yourself EXTRAORDINARILY lucky because they are two of the greatest people in the world.

Shout Out

To my cousin Colin Black for sending me several great things including this photo.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Highly recommended: Unknown Weegee at ICP in New York

"At an East Side Murder"
There's something very compelling to me in photos of people who are spectators. Whether they are completely focused on the event or they are waiting and wandering while hoping to catch a glimpse of what they came to see, I am interested in their expressions. There's something about people who are engaged in seeing, like at a concert or a sporting event I am often more interested in the people watching the show. I am particularly fond of photos of people watching a neighborhood event that's called them out of their homes.
The Weegee show was great and I recommend it to all.

Actually, I saw a great piece a few years ago at the ICP of spectators. I can't remember who the artist was but the piece was a two channel projection of fans of opposing teams at an English soccer match. To the lady who made that piece... good one.

Acuna-Hansen Opening

The big opening is happening tommorow in LA and I'm holding up here in Philadelphia. I wish very much that I was there and I'm so grateful for Chris asking me to show there.

Much love LA!