Wednesday, June 21, 2006

I have a lot to talk about,

the illness striking Tasmanian Devils,
a review of the PMA Julien Levy collection exhibit. I love it and think that it addresses contemporary issues in photography as well as being a visually beautiful show.,
my issues with littering here in South Philly. what the fuck, folks?
a brief statement about how my work addresses "chance"
The Fairy Books by Andrew Lang. My God, I love them and have loved them since I was a child. The stories are often disturbing and filled with violent imagery.

BUT, I don't really feel like it. Please with the thinking and the writing. Instead I'm just putting up an image of straws that I'm getting for AG's bachelorette party. Seriously, I don't think much is funnier than a pecker. Who wants to read some shit about my thoughts on the necessary revision of the "decisive moment" language instead of looking at "dicky straws"? No one!

1 comment:

The Capt'n said...

Can I drink with the dicky straw while reading your thoughts?