Wednesday, June 21, 2006

CADRE...Show Me the Money!

Cadre Bi-annual Grants for Visual Artists has over 1000 bucks ready to be given to a deserving artist. Oh, you don't know Cadre? You will my friend, you will.

In November 2006, the first grant cycle will kick off. If you are a visual artist, apply for the Cadre between Sept 1st and November 1st.

The submission periods for each grant cycle will be September 1 - November 1 and March 1 - May 1 annually, so mark your calendars and visit the Cadre website for updates.

Conceived by the amazing Carla Williams and the scintillating Deirdre Visser (get it? CA-DRE?), the cadre grant is a straightforward "Do you need money to do art? Here it is!"

"We've all been there: asked to be in a show but can't afford the fabrication, framing or shipping; are in a show but there's no money for a catalog or other permanent documentation so our work goes up, comes down, and disappears in a month—art production costs money! So we got to thinking: what if we solicited $10 annual donations to give grants to artists? After all, only 100 $10 donations would result in a $1000 grant—that's less than a dollar per month (but you can give as much and as often as you like)!"

Here's how easy it is to apply!

Applications are a three-step process.

1. All applications must be submitted electronically as a URL for a blog or website. Applications must include an explanation of what you plan to do with the grant and what your estimated need is for your particular project (you can also include an artist's statement but no c.v.'s, please!)

2. When the application form is received, we will invite each applicant to join the cadre art grant photoblog group. All images must be submitted digitally to eliminate the administrative costs of postage and paperwork. Flickr is free and easy to on the image below and go right to my flickr page.
Bang head here for stress relief web

3. Applicants will post their images to the cadre art grant photoblog. Applications must include at least 5 but no more than 20 examples of work

Here's who picks the winner!

Each Selection Committee will consist of:

cadre (Carla Williams and Deirdre Visser)
2 randomly selected advisory board members
3 randomly selected donors

Here's what the winners have to do!

We ask is that you let us know what you did with the grant and provide us with some kind of documentation of the work that we can post on the web so that donors can know and see what their money has gone to support!


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