Monday, June 05, 2006

1 minute intro

Two of the folks from the Isaac Mizrahi show, Korey and Angela, came down to film a little intro for my "style transformation." I totally love Korey. Please, he's so enjoyable.

I was very into it but I got a little worried that it will be edited so it will seem as if I think I have some sort of style issue. Or as if I care what I wear for my "career." Please, I could wear a burlap sack and be good with it.

Let me state for the record that I just want a glamorous and fabulous outfit for the Whitney IPO night because that will be super fun. I'm down with the PLAYING and MIXING UP of gender roles and their ascribed clothing and also being comfortable at all times. I'm NOT down with the implication that people should wear "appropriate" clothing for their perceived identity. Everyone should be able to wear whatever they want and present themselves however they feel comfortable.
And that doesn't have to be static. Women and men should be able to rock a dress one day and Dickies coverups the next if they want. I'm totally serious.

Plus, I really don't give a shit what I wear everyday. And honestly, fuck fashion and all of the expectations and baggage that comes with it.

BUT, my god, what a pleasure it will to be dressed by someone else who will respect my personal style and political ideology. Seriously, the pleasure in being dressed up while still being a super lesbo AND letting go a little and having someone else guide the decision of what to wear AND that someone being the fabulous Isaac Mizrahi, dudes, it's on.

BUT even though this is a goof and it's not serious for a minute, I worry that it will seem as if I believe my way of being in the world is somehow flawed and needs to be improved, which of course is 100% untrue. And I worry that it will seem as if I'm supporting the idea of the fashion industry's construct of women's bodies. AND, I worry that it will seem as if I support the idea of women needing validation from men as to how they present themselves. AND, I worry that because this is for the Whitney thing that it will seem as if I think people have to dress the part for their jobs.

Please, with my over thinking! Jesus H. Christ, I think many people would be thrilled by the idea of having someone outfit them in good looking clothes and I'm all about gender politics.

One thing that's for certain is that I have been thrown into high gear thinking about and exploring gender roles as well as the construct of gender and that's good for me.

And let me reiterate that everyone should wear whatever they want at any time. This includes men and women having gender equal laws regarding shirts. If topless is allowed for men, it must also be for women. But if shirts have to be worn BOTH men and women must be required to wear them.

And, don't be fooled, no one cares what I wear ever, except for my lady who can't stand when I wear wrinkled things.

Christ on the cross, my contradictions and my constant thinking.


roberta said...

hey, you can relax, because when all is said and done you are free to ditch the entire enterprise and wear what you want and look how you want to look. No matter what you do it will be documented and acknowledged and pondered by the world for years to come -- why did she do what she did? -- it will be fodder for Ph.D. dissertations. (smile)

Anonymous said...

I think your passion for fashion is stymied by your craving for savings.

Now take the wheel of your automobile and pick yourself up a smart little prairie skirt.