Thursday, June 29, 2006

More great theme suggestions for "Zoe Strauss Night at the Whitney"

"She's The One"

"The Unforgettable Fire"

"Wild Night"

"Start Me Up"

Thanks JEB
Were one of these your prom theme?

LMB's prom theme was "Wonderful Tonight"

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Brilliant Theme Suggestion From John Powell...

"Girl For All Seasons" from Grease 2

Soliciting Prom Themes for "Zoe Strauss Night at the Whitney"

Because the feel of "Zoe Strauss night at the Whitney" will be more like a prom with presentations and discussion, as opposed to a turgid lecture, I am soliciting ideas for a theme.

The theme is always "Zoe Strauss," but what about just taking it a little further?
Of course, the ICA theme is "Philadelphia Freedom" and I don't know if that can be beat.

I have some theme ideas for Zoe Strauss Night at the Whitney.

"You Shook Me All Night Long" by AC/DC is top of the list.

"You'll Never Walk Alone"
"You're All I Need to Get By"
"American Girl"

and of course
"Diving into the Wreck"

How bout...
"The Lavender Menace"
"The Battle of Blair Mountain"
"Escape to Witch Mountain"
"Close Encounters of the Third Kind"
"Manifest Destiny"

OR what's turning out to be the winner in my mind
"The Manhattan Project"

Manhattan Project could include so seen at the Levy opening, we could have manhattans served with dry ice dropped to the bottom.
how about a bikini "atoll" contest?
Or "Blacklisted!: a game of chance"
Polaroid photos could be taken in front of a giant blow up of the sedan crater or a replica of where the world's first plutonium core for a bomb was assembled, the McDonald ranch house.


Also let me know what you think about a color scheme ...I'm leaning toward white and silver.

Comment here or email me at

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

LA Acuna-Hansen Show

In keeping with my "everywhere at all times" theme of 05/06, I am having a west coast show at the Acuna Hansen Gallery in LA. If you live in the LA area go over and check it out. I sent them a projection on disc and a ton of fancy ink jet prints and they will install the hell out of it. It opens on July 1st. Check it out, my LA brothers and sisters!


427 Bernard St., Los Angeles 90012

Weds..-Sat., 12-6pm

Tel/Fax, (323) 441-1624
Web site,

O' Hellfire! It's Halliburton!

war profiteers

ICA "Philadelphia Freedom" night elicits a mysterious but awesome inclusion in Spin's "Best Nights Out This Month"

Monday, June 26, 2006

Cultural Differences Among White Working Class/Lower Middle Class Philadelphians: Focus on Mayfair

It was my great pleasure to run into the Whalens on Sunday. I hadn't seen any of the Whalens in almost 30 years. The Whalens were my next door neighbors when we lived with my grandparents in the northeast and were great neighbors and great people who I genuinely loved. Bill Whalen was the youngest and my age, the other Whalen kids were older and so I knew them, but never to play with. Bill Whalen was a great kid.

Just this week I told Lynn Bloom a story about a "spirited Mayfair discussion" among the neighborhood children about our ethnic divisions. Bill Whalen said that I was a hebe, prompting me to say, "you bow down to one every sunday" which then escalated into a full blown battle of ethnic slurs ending with Bill telling Dawn that their ancestors had been at war for over 800 years. The loser in this battle? Robbie Slinkard. Why? Because his brother was "gay" for singing in the Philadelphia Boys Choir and so he was always the loser. Actually, Robbie's brother turned out to be gay as in "homosexual" in addition to, "dude, singing in a choir is so gay." He nailed gay in every sense! Robbie was also the loser because he wasn't allowed to play in the open hydrant since his father was a cop and opposed it on principle.
This is what it was like in Mayfair, except loving and comfortable at the same time. This is how we talked to each other and how our neighborhood friendships worked.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

The greatest belt ever

This belt buckle goes for $279. Right, that's a hell of a lot of money, but this belt buckle plays movies or whatever else you save to a memory card and play on it. Rarely do I see something in the world that I want that so much and that many others would term "frivolous," but I know I want this. I could play the entirety of "The Ten Commandments" on my belt.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

I have a lot to talk about,

the illness striking Tasmanian Devils,
a review of the PMA Julien Levy collection exhibit. I love it and think that it addresses contemporary issues in photography as well as being a visually beautiful show.,
my issues with littering here in South Philly. what the fuck, folks?
a brief statement about how my work addresses "chance"
The Fairy Books by Andrew Lang. My God, I love them and have loved them since I was a child. The stories are often disturbing and filled with violent imagery.

BUT, I don't really feel like it. Please with the thinking and the writing. Instead I'm just putting up an image of straws that I'm getting for AG's bachelorette party. Seriously, I don't think much is funnier than a pecker. Who wants to read some shit about my thoughts on the necessary revision of the "decisive moment" language instead of looking at "dicky straws"? No one!

CADRE...Show Me the Money!

Cadre Bi-annual Grants for Visual Artists has over 1000 bucks ready to be given to a deserving artist. Oh, you don't know Cadre? You will my friend, you will.

In November 2006, the first grant cycle will kick off. If you are a visual artist, apply for the Cadre between Sept 1st and November 1st.

The submission periods for each grant cycle will be September 1 - November 1 and March 1 - May 1 annually, so mark your calendars and visit the Cadre website for updates.

Conceived by the amazing Carla Williams and the scintillating Deirdre Visser (get it? CA-DRE?), the cadre grant is a straightforward "Do you need money to do art? Here it is!"

"We've all been there: asked to be in a show but can't afford the fabrication, framing or shipping; are in a show but there's no money for a catalog or other permanent documentation so our work goes up, comes down, and disappears in a month—art production costs money! So we got to thinking: what if we solicited $10 annual donations to give grants to artists? After all, only 100 $10 donations would result in a $1000 grant—that's less than a dollar per month (but you can give as much and as often as you like)!"

Here's how easy it is to apply!

Applications are a three-step process.

1. All applications must be submitted electronically as a URL for a blog or website. Applications must include an explanation of what you plan to do with the grant and what your estimated need is for your particular project (you can also include an artist's statement but no c.v.'s, please!)

2. When the application form is received, we will invite each applicant to join the cadre art grant photoblog group. All images must be submitted digitally to eliminate the administrative costs of postage and paperwork. Flickr is free and easy to on the image below and go right to my flickr page.
Bang head here for stress relief web

3. Applicants will post their images to the cadre art grant photoblog. Applications must include at least 5 but no more than 20 examples of work

Here's who picks the winner!

Each Selection Committee will consist of:

cadre (Carla Williams and Deirdre Visser)
2 randomly selected advisory board members
3 randomly selected donors

Here's what the winners have to do!

We ask is that you let us know what you did with the grant and provide us with some kind of documentation of the work that we can post on the web so that donors can know and see what their money has gone to support!

I'm starting to think this might be an important photo.

micky mouse web

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

frozen hamburger meat 2 web

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Philly fried chicken 6th st web

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Friday, June 16, 2006

UnLucky Strike if you have any hip hop flavor

Is it just me, or does this dress code smack of racism...

No sweats, athletic wear or sports jerseys
no headgear
no construction shoes
no excessively baggy clothing
no sleevless t-shirts
no baggy white t-shirts
no chains

Are you fucking kidding me? This list is from the website but the list on the door of the new Chestnut St. Lucky Strike includes "No MC clothing."

I was so looking forward to this new bowling alley, there ain't no way I'm ever going now. Seriously, the sign at Gino's can't compare to this.

Broad and Sansom

Across the street from where my lady works, there's a sign in an office window that displays the number of American deaths in Iraq. I noticed the change when it went over 100 and then I noticed again when it went over a thousand. To whoever has been keeping up with the signage, and it changes almost every weekday; Thanks. It's important to see it.

2,497 Americans have been killed in Iraq during the war as of today.
38,335 Iraqi civilians have been killed due to the occupation.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Tasmanian Devil

You might not know that there is a horrible disease decimating the Tasmanian Devil population; the "Tasmanian Devil Facial Tumour Disease." This disease is particularly disturbing because the Tasmanian devil has a super powered immune system. In fact, the immune system of the Devil is so powerful that Devils can eat rotted carcasses with no problem. I have actually thought that the intensity of the Devil's immune system might hold the key to developing a key to aid those affected with immunodeficiency disease, including HIV and AIDS. Obviously, I really don't know shit about medicine or biology, so that idea comes from someone completely unqualified to come up with a cure for immunodeficiency disease.

Regardless, I am saddened to hear about the Tasmanian Devil.
Tasmanian Devil Disease

Tasmanian Devil Disease

Tasmanian Devil Disease

THANKS JOHN POWELL, MASTER LIBRARIAN "Feeling Pretty: West Side Story and Puerto Rican Identity Discourses"

This was found and delivered by the Master Librarian, Mr. John Powell! Thanks!

Hey does anyone know where I can get my hands on this article by Frances Negron-Muntaner? I really want to read it!

Negron-Muntaner, Frances "Feeling Pretty: West Side Story and Puerto Rican Identity Discourses"
Social Text - 63 (Volume 18, Number 2), Summer 2000, pp. 83-106

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Food market

One of these will be aok, although I'm waiting for an overcast day with no cars parked in front.

food market 4 web

food market 7 web

food market 8 _1 web

This Is America opening next week

This is America
Visions of the American dream
Centraal Museum Utrecht, June 24 - October 8, 2006

In ‘This is America’ seventeen contemporary artists from Western Europe and North America outline their personal vision of the United States as the dominant force in mass culture and the media. They are reacting to the image of the ‘American Dream’ increasingly perfected during the twentieth century via the American mass media. Since 9/11 and the war in Iraq that dream has been shattered. In this exhibition, the participating artists show what America means to them now. The exhibition runs from June 24 through October 7 in the Centraal Museum in Utrecht.

Post-1945 relations between North America and Western Europe have become increasingly complex. Following the example of the United States, also in Europe economic forces exerted an ever greater influence, particularly in popular culture, the sciences and politics. The influence of capitalism is recognized worldwide as one of the determining factors in the globalization process. But, particularly in recent years, the US presence on the world stage has prompted a storm of criticism. The country’s dominant role in the international political and cultural arena has occasioned fierce debate.

Cultural critique
This is also evident in the visual arts, where contemporary artists comment on the typically American media culture that we know from commercials, soaps, music clips, television shows and films. These artists formulate a personal and often highly critical view of the clich├ęs and banalities of today’s consumer culture shaped along American lines. In doing so they refer to the stereotypical image of ‘America’ nestled deep within our collective consciousness. Their ambivalent attitudes to popular culture and the media are expressed in the tempting aesthetics of lifestyle and branding, which they take over themselves or refer to in their work. They analyze the visual culture of late capitalism and make use of its conventions, by isolating and reflecting on such conventions critically and incorporating them into new montages or absurdist parodies. These artists do not believe in originality; rather they copy with verve. They make eager use of the artistic principles of d├ętournement (freely adapted from Guy Debord). Their image archive is to be found on the internet. They are a thoroughly post-modern generation of media-oriented artists, all born around 1970 and trained in the Nineties. Their work does not add up to a coherent cultural critique, rather each opts in his or her own way for a position that enables critical consideration.

American photo-realism
Around 1970 the American photo-realists opted to render typically American subjects: showrooms, neon advertising, pinball machines, cars, cruise liners and all kinds of artifacts of modern life. In doing so they entice us with beautifully polished images of a material reality that is perfectly designed. ‘This is America’ will show a selection of works by the American photo-realists taken from Dutch museum collections. In this way a comparison can be made between the materialist triumphalism of these paintings from the Sixties and Seventies and the sometimes vicious cultural criticism expressed by contemporary artists in their work.

Contemporary artists in This is America
The exhibition ‘This is America’ contains installations, video works and photography of the following artists: Paul Chan (1973, lives/works in New York); Martin Le Chevallier (1968, lives/works in Paris); Donna Conlon (1966, lives/works in Panama); Candice Breitz (1972, lives/works in Berlin); Guerrilla Girls (New York, since 1985); Jens Haaning (1965, lives/works in Copenhagen); Aernout Mik (1972, lives/works in Amsterdam); Sarah Morris (1967, lives/works in New York/London); Olaf Nicolai (1962, lives and works in Berlin); Jan van Nuenen (1978, lives and works in Rotterdam); Lucy Orta (1966, lives/works in Paris/London); Guillaume Paris (1966, lives and works in Paris); Daniel Pflumm (1968, lives/works in Berlin); Heather and Patrick Burnett-Rose (live/work in Uzes, France); Tom Sachs (1966, lives/works in New York); Peter Sloterdijk (1947) and Zoe Strauss (1970, lives and works in Philadelphia).

The Language of Parenting

Here in South Philadelphia, people often call their children or grandchildren by the role they have in the child's life. For example, the mother calls the child "mom" or a grandfather calls the child "pop-pop." This is true for a huge number of South Philadelphians and although it's most predominant among the Italian and Hispanic population, I have noticed that every group in South Philly uses this role switch nickname. Sometimes it goes so far that you hear a child being called, "Uncle Pete." And I'm using the term "child" loosely because it's just a generational difference.
If you are 60 and your mother is 80, you are going to be called "mom" by your mother.

Our across the street friend calls her son "Mom" and he calls her "mom."
She recently told me a story about a conversation that they had and they both called each other mom through the whole thing.

This is verbatim.

"So I said, 'Mom, what are you gonna do?'

And he said, 'Mom, relax'

and I said 'Mom, don't tell me to relax' "


This is not to be confused with the same generation calling each other "Mommy" or "Mommi" and "Daddy" or "Papi." And although this is sometimes sexualized, it's often a friendly term to be used in conversation or as a greeting. Often women who are strangers greet me as "mommy" or "ma." I have noticed in the last couple of years that I will sometimes also greet someone with "Hey Mommy" or "Hey Papi." And this is not a term to be used with people older that than the one using it; it is for peers close in age.

What does it mean?

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Free World Cup Blowjobs!

From Craig's List.


Free World Cup Blowjobs! - m4m - 39

Reply to:
Date: 2006-06-12, 11:26AM EDT

I will give a blowjob to any guy who can prove (i.e., with a passport) that he is a citizen of a country that defeats the US in a World Cup match. The US plays the Czech Republic, Italy and Ghana. So, if you are a citizen of those countries, and your country defeats the US, email me and I give you a victor's blowjob.

I am white, 39, very good looking, tall, slender, extremely well hung.

this is in or around Center City
no -- it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

correct, dagger

Thursday, June 08, 2006

camden building_1 web

Master of Champions!

This show was amazing.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Thanks for this great gift, Liz

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

This Is America

Do you live in Holland? Then get to this show I'm in at the Centraal Museum in Utrecht. That's right, the Netherlands, friends.

"In 'This is America' seventeen contemporary artists from Western Europe and North America outline their personal vision of the United States as the dominant force in mass culture and the media. They are reacting to the image of the American Dream increasingly perfected during the twentieth century via the American mass media. Since 9/11 and the war in Iraq that dream has been shattered. In this exhibition, the participating artists show what America means to them now. The exhibition runs from June 24 through October 8 in the Centraal Museum in Utrecht."


Check out this amazing work by Nicole Eisenman. It's up at Susanne Vielmetter Los Angeles Projects in the group show 'This Is Not a Love Song.' Sight unseen, I appraise this work at over one million dollars.

What's Good: Tee A. Corinne

Tee Corinne, lesbian feminist photographer, co-founded “The Blatant Image – A Magazine of Feminist Photography.”
"We know that the wildest and most moving dramas are played not in the theatre but in the hearts of ordinary men and women who pass by without exciting attention, and who betray to the world nothing of the conflicts that rage within them except possibly by a nervous breakdown."

Carl Jung, "New Paths in Psychology" (1912). In CW 7: Two Essays on Analytical Psychology. P.425

Monday, June 05, 2006

1 minute intro

Two of the folks from the Isaac Mizrahi show, Korey and Angela, came down to film a little intro for my "style transformation." I totally love Korey. Please, he's so enjoyable.

I was very into it but I got a little worried that it will be edited so it will seem as if I think I have some sort of style issue. Or as if I care what I wear for my "career." Please, I could wear a burlap sack and be good with it.

Let me state for the record that I just want a glamorous and fabulous outfit for the Whitney IPO night because that will be super fun. I'm down with the PLAYING and MIXING UP of gender roles and their ascribed clothing and also being comfortable at all times. I'm NOT down with the implication that people should wear "appropriate" clothing for their perceived identity. Everyone should be able to wear whatever they want and present themselves however they feel comfortable.
And that doesn't have to be static. Women and men should be able to rock a dress one day and Dickies coverups the next if they want. I'm totally serious.

Plus, I really don't give a shit what I wear everyday. And honestly, fuck fashion and all of the expectations and baggage that comes with it.

BUT, my god, what a pleasure it will to be dressed by someone else who will respect my personal style and political ideology. Seriously, the pleasure in being dressed up while still being a super lesbo AND letting go a little and having someone else guide the decision of what to wear AND that someone being the fabulous Isaac Mizrahi, dudes, it's on.

BUT even though this is a goof and it's not serious for a minute, I worry that it will seem as if I believe my way of being in the world is somehow flawed and needs to be improved, which of course is 100% untrue. And I worry that it will seem as if I'm supporting the idea of the fashion industry's construct of women's bodies. AND, I worry that it will seem as if I support the idea of women needing validation from men as to how they present themselves. AND, I worry that because this is for the Whitney thing that it will seem as if I think people have to dress the part for their jobs.

Please, with my over thinking! Jesus H. Christ, I think many people would be thrilled by the idea of having someone outfit them in good looking clothes and I'm all about gender politics.

One thing that's for certain is that I have been thrown into high gear thinking about and exploring gender roles as well as the construct of gender and that's good for me.

And let me reiterate that everyone should wear whatever they want at any time. This includes men and women having gender equal laws regarding shirts. If topless is allowed for men, it must also be for women. But if shirts have to be worn BOTH men and women must be required to wear them.

And, don't be fooled, no one cares what I wear ever, except for my lady who can't stand when I wear wrinkled things.

Christ on the cross, my contradictions and my constant thinking.


"Grier was serving as a bodyguard for his friend Robert Kennedy when Kennedy was assassinated in Los Angeles in 1968. Grier and Olympic gold medalist Rafer Johnson subdued Sirhan Sirhan, with Grier jamming his thumb behind the trigger of the gun to prevent further shots from being fired."

I didn't know this until today but found it fascinating. Christ, will there ever be a time when I'm not interested in everything?

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Photo Search


I got this email from a woman asking if I had ever taken a photo of her dad in front of Isgro's. If any one can help this lady out, please let me know.

"Dear Zoe: I know this may sound like an odd email, but I hope you read on. I live in Flourtown, Pennsylvania. My dad died in June of 2004. I was talking to my sister and she was talking about a time when her and my Dad were in South Philly standing outside Isgro's Bakery and there was a young photographer taking my Dad's picture. He was pointing to a map of Philadelphia and talking about different places on it. He was about 78 or so, very Italian looking and had a Jeff cap on. It was winter time. I know this is a long shot, but I would love to see those pictures. Is there any way this may have been you? Could you let me know? We miss our Dad and would love to see him in one of his favorite haunts......downtown!"

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Mickey Mouse and swastika

The top photo is closer to what I'm thinking, but not quite there. I'm happy to have it but I don't think it's strong enough to exhibit on it's own. I would love to have Mickey Mouse in the mix, but I can't settle for this, I've got to keep looking.

micky mouse web

micky mouse 2 web

Report from Prague

Savannah Roberts photographed this product in the "Albert" supermarket the other day.
Please click on the above image to enjoy it larger.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Isaac Mizrahi Update

Well, the film crew will be here on Monday to begin "style transformation" filming.
I have requested a look that I've named "Butch Glam." I know this will be a challenge considering that I am "fatite," aka "fat" and "petite" simultaneously.

This is my feminine reference.

And this is my masculine reference.

I am hoping to get right in the middle. They have been fully informed that Marc Bolan is the most femme I ever could be.

But I'm thinking not quite so casual for the Whitney event.

And not quite so formal as this...

need I say more?



Sibling Spotlight Update: COSMO BAKER

Important photo of my brother COSMO BAKER

"After trying to explain the meaning of “Octopus’s Garden” to a bunch of Czech’s, who has the time?"
Important quote from my sister SAVANNAH ROBERTS

"(loud exhale of breath)"
noise from my brother W-LKER ROBERTS

All Zoe Strauss, All The Time

Check out this interview with Clare Hurley on the World Socialist WebSite. I actually loved meeting Clare. She is a painter and I was only able to check out photos of her work on a little digital camera but I really liked them. I can't wait to see them in person.


Next, check out this interview with the engaging and fabulous Christina Vassallo. She's on her way to superstar writer, so don't sleep on her.


Last, I am mentioned in this essay by Nick Hornby, which I thought was only in National Geographic but, NO, it's actually in 'The Thinking Fan's Guide to the World Cup.'

'The Thinking Fan's Guide to the World Cup' features original pieces by thirty-two leading writers and journalists about the thirty-two nations that have qualified for the world's greatest sporting event. In addition to all the essential information any fan needs -- the complete 2006 match schedule, results from past tournaments, facts and figures about the nations, players, teams, and referees -- here are essays that shine a whole new light on soccer and the world."

So I'm "in all good bookshops."

The thing that's so next level nuts about this is I WAS PLANNING ON BUYING THAT BOOK FOR LYNN BLOOM!
Seriously, what if she was just reading it and I was mentioned in this essay? Ok, that's complete craziness.

Just so everyone knows, I love Nick Hornby. He is friends with our friends Dave and Serge and they often perform together, which is not to be missed.

The Thinking Fan's Guide to the World Cup

Read the essay here.


This is an entry for one of 3 bullet wounds.
gunshot 3 web

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Spelling Bee Broadcast

Girls, go on with your bad selves. I believe that some people have an inate ability to spell and the last 2 young women tore up.

I didn't know the definition of the last three words. As a matter of fact, I am fairly certain that I have never read them or heard them used.



Bang head here for stress relief web

Detroit Salt Mine

I really want to go to Detroit and now I feel like I must go and visit the salt mine that is directly under the city. 2006 is the 100 year anniversary of the Detroit Salt Mine and I would love to go during the centennial.

I recommend Salt: A World History by Mark Kurlansky. I didn't love the writing but I am fascinated with the history of salt.

micky mouse 2 web

I don't know about this. But I'm thinking about it.