Wednesday, May 31, 2006


The Biennial is beginning to come down now but the 2nd floor, home to my slide show, comes down on June 11th.
So if you haven't seen the slide show at the Whitney, I HIGHLY reccomend that you get your ass there come hell or highwater.

Fridays from 6-9 at the Whitney are pay what you wish.

Here are some travel options...
Chinatown Bus

Remember, ONLY 2 WEEKS LEFT.

Please go to my Whitney page and listen to the audio at the bottom where I have the most exagerated Philadelphia accent ever.

Check out these sites-
Whitney Biennial

Whitney Museum of American Art

Photo by Ms. Roberta Fallon

Monday, May 29, 2006

refinery 1_2 web
Kathleen having a fudgesicle web

The Worst Urban Planning Ever

Putting a huge casino at Delaware (Columbus) and Reed Streets is absolutely is one the worst plans for South Philadelphia that anyone has ever heard of. The fact that this idea has come so far as to have all of the neighborhood associations fight it's implementation is a fucking disgrace.

For out of towners...Delaware Ave. (recently renamed Columbus Ave.) is a major thoroughfare that is highly, highly trafficked. The casino expects to service 25,000 PEOPLE A DAY. Yes, 25,000 PEOPLE A DAY COMING INTO OUR NEIGHBORHOOD TO VISIT A CASINO. WHAT THE FUCK?! South Philadelphia is an old section of the city with small streets, including Pennsport where the proposed casino would be built.

Now imagine 25,000 people a day traveling into your neighborhood. 25,000.

South Philly has a strip of commerce along Delaware Ave that has really flourished in the last 10 years; Home Depot, Shoprite, Ikea, Staples, Riverfront Movie Theater, Calumet that I'm at like once a week, and a million other things. I believe that these stores, while creating a tremendous amount of traffic, have benefited the neighborhood. But a casino is FUCKED UP. WE DON'T NEED THAT SHIT.

I-95 separates the commercial strip on Delaware Ave from the neighborhood, which means it's 2 blocks from our homes to a casino that would service 25,000 people a day. 2 blocks. 25,000 people everyday.

Here's who's unilaterally opposed to the Foxwoods Casino.

Queen Village Neighbors Association
Pennsport Civic Association
Passyunk Square Civic Association
Bella Vista United Civic Association
Whitman Council
Hawthorne Empowerment Coalition
and Headhouse Square Special Services

Ok, that's EVERY neighborhood group on the east side of Broad. WE WON'T ALLOW A CASINO TO BE BUILT AT DELAWARE AND REED. Look, I wish I we didn't have to devote time to stopping the building of the casino because it's such an unbelievably bad idea. How this idea even came this far...who can guess.
I am livid about this!

...Check out what the superb Albert has to say about the casino forum.


Cosmo Baker Survives Giant Viper Attack

I have been so busy, that I haven't even had time to digest the horrible news about my brother being attacked by a mammoth snake. He's on a North American tour and this attack really had to put a damper on the trip. What I'm pissed off about is I had to hear this news through the Fader Blog.
Cos, if you can read this, holler at your sister to let me know you're OK.

Until then, I'm going to rock my Get On My Level shirt til a full recovery from the bite.

Older Sister

The Rub.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Important Information

Lynn Bloom is the greatest person on earth.

Friday, May 26, 2006

news that is completely fucking nuts

It looks like I will be getting a "style transformation" courtesy of the fabulous Isaac Mizrahi for my shindig at the Whitney.

Let me present that again,
It looks like I will be styled by Isaac Mizrahi.

Let me present that once more,
It looks like I will be styled BY ISAAC MIZRAHI.

Well, you know I'm out of my fucking mind with excitement. OUT OF MY MIND WITH UNFETTERED JOY.
More later.

Oh, I'm ready for it. I'm ready for it.


First Sunday Tour
sun jun 4 @ 1:00 pm

"Artist Zoe Strauss joins education assistant Brett Dolin for a discussion of her photography and her exhibition for ICA's Ramp Project Series."

This will be great. And the first 5 people who use the phrase "Star Comedy By Democrats" will get a free photo. Top that!

And save the date for this...

Whenever Wednesday: Philadelphia Freedom
wed jul 19 @ 7:00pm

Join us for ICA's fourth annual summer Whenever Wednesday. Artist Zoe Strauss presents her slide show "Philadelphia Freedom" followed by a selection of Philadelphia stories told by local raconteurs including organizer Thomas Devaney. Before we settle in to watch them, join some of Philadelphia's very own Mummers to learn the strut and then watch the movie "Strut."
Good times.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

taken down posters cantrell st web

Nick Hornby

Please click on the above link and read the brilliant article by Nick Hornby about soccer. Nick, I'm so with you.
The schizophrenia of nationalism and racism (and I'll toss in misogyny) right alongside national and regional identity and pride, and real love of place, real love of sport and your whole id and ego is just too damn much for this lady to get her mind around. I ain't kidding.
Loving professional sports is sometimes like the Wide World of Sports "The thrill of victory" and then sometimes it's like when Lucy pulls the football away and Charlie Brown falls on his ass.

Eagles win NFC title. Yeah, one of the greatest days EVER.


Every book ever written by Nick Hornby with
High Fidelity
at the top of my list

but don't miss
Fever Pitch

How Soccer Explains the World : An Unlikely Theory of Globalization
by Franklin Foer

Among the Thugs
by Bill Buford

Yesterday's schedule

noon- meeting with Isaac Mizrahi's people at 1500 Broadway re. "style transformation"
2pm- meeting with Whitney education department re. "Zoe Strauss" night at the Whitney, now scheduled for Sept. 15th.
3:30pm- Trotskyiteish interview with Clare Hurley for the World Socialist Website.
Dead serious.

So pretty much the most surreal day ever. Super great and super surreal.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Philadelphia Museum of Art Benefit

I did this thing at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, a kind of photo performance, at a benefit for the education department of the PMA.
I was thrilled to do it for several reasons.

1. The greatest influence on my work comes from the Philadelphia Museum of Art. You know I'm Philly born and bred and the PMA has had an enormous impact on my life.
I will cite

the 1986 W. Eugene Smith exhibit
Anselm Kiefer's Nigredo
That time I won the chalk drawing contest at the bottom of the steps on Super Sunday
When our car broke down and Pop had to come and fix it circa 1978
The Madness of the Cowherdesses Indian miniature painting
Book on the Care of Horses from Thailand
When the Beach Boys played for some event and the giant sign behind them said "From Sea to Shinning Sea" let me just repeat, "Shinning"
"Da Champ" Duchamp
Diego Rivera
as all involved in life changing moments directly related to the Philadelphia Museum of Art.
diego rivera PMA web.jpg

2. Gabe Martinez produced an amazing work for the benefit and the chance to be in the mix with the brilliant and handsome Mr. Martinez is an opportunity not to be wasted.

3. I am in a show there right now.

At the event I saw Peter and Virgil, who I adore. And I saw Stuart and Patrick, who I also adore.

For the benefit, I took Polaroids during the event and then projected them onto the walls on both sides of Diana. The AV department set me up with a great opaque projector, really a document camera, and I just popped the polaroids into a matte that I made and changed them every 3-10 minutes.

I left almost all of the photos for people at the benefit to take but I took a few of my favorites.

Right, here's me in front of my piece in Summer Vacation. LOOK AT WHERE MY JAWN IS SET UP!! FIRST ONE IN THE ROOM!!! THANKS PETER BARBERIE AND KATE WARE!!! Also, thanks to the security guard who took the photo.
zs at summer vacation web.jpg

my friend looking at mattress flip web.jpg

Gabe Martinez presented this amazing and beautiful piece. About 10 men were adorned in these spectacular showgirlesque costumes with enormous head dresses and they walked down the main stairs stopping and pausing to posture at certain points. The whole performance lasted around 30 minutes They came in to "Whole Lotta Love" and ended on "Kashmir" with Velvet Underground in the middle. FYI, Gabe's man, Lee, is super.
gabe fixing outfit web.jpg

silver face web.jpg

silver posing web.jpg


the guys working in the kitchen web.jpg
I loved these guys.

dancing web.jpg

stuart and patrick getting their photo taken web .jpg
Stuart and Patrick

cup web.jpg
I made someone pose like this and he was very gracious to do so. It needed to be projected on the big screen!

coat check folks web.jpg
Coat check folks

couple dancing web.jpg
Couple dancing.


This is my favorite of the night

Followed very closely by this one. This lady was rocking a Chanel Eye Patch.
chanel eye patch web.jpg

Thanks so much to Stuart, Gabe, Kari and Kelly who got me in the mix.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Report From the States

Yale's ultra-secret Skull and Bones society robbed the skull of American Indian leader Geronimo

A Yale University historian has uncovered a 1918 letter that seems to lend validity to the lore that Yale's ultra-secret Skull and Bones society swiped the skull of American Indian leader Geronimo.

According to Skull and Bones legend, members — including President George W. Bush's grandfather, Prescott Bush — dug up Geronimo's grave when a group of Army volunteers from Yale were stationed at the fort during World War I. Geronimo died in 1909.

The pathology and pure evil of the Bushs is deep and hard.

Report from Behind the Iron Curtain

As many of you know, my sister Savannah Roberts is in the Czech Republic right now. She has generously supplied all of us with an unbiased report from Prague. Here is her list of the "Top 10 Things You Might Not Known About Prague." This list has proven that Savanah Roberts is THE GREATEST!

Thanks, Nan!

Top 10 Things You Might Not Known About Prague

1. The mullet is by far (we’re talking leaps and bounds) the most popular hairstyle.

2. You have to pay extra for plastic bags in the grocery or corner store, and even then you are never allowed to double up. No matter what you’re carrying.

3. Making out is the national sport. You can be standing mere inches from a couple on the tram and they will be in a full on making out session. It is also not uncommon to be eating dinner in a restaurant and glance over to see two people open mouth kissing, tongues all over the places, hand’s under clothing. Try enjoying your goulash after that.

4. They are quite liberal in the painting of buildings (any building) pink.

5. Laws: These laws are abided by the same amount the laws on jaywalking are in New York or Philly.
Though driving on the right side of the road was introduced during the Nazi era, you would never know it since people obey no sort of traffic laws. Mothers with children dash cars at intersections.
Until recently it was legal to not pick up after your dog and there was dog shit all over the city. In the recent past the law has changed, but the danger has not. Every step you take you are risking the soles of your shoes. (Note to my brother and sister in law- if you come to visit me do not wear clean white sneakers).

6. In any restaurant you go to, a glass of water costs more than a glass of beer.

7. Czechs are only named one of a couple hundred saint’s names. The names are displayed on calendars, a different name on each day. The day your name appears on the calendar is your “name day” (floral shops will advertise what name it is on each day) and people have to buy you an uneven amount of flowers. You only present people with even numbers of flowers after someone dies.)

8. Caraway (the seed in rye bread) is one of the main ingredients in the Czech cuisine.

9. Pictures on products are not purely decoration or suggestions, they are going to be involved in the product somehow.
For instance, a can of tuna fish may have a picture on it of the tuna out of the can, on a plate, with some tomatoes, corn, and olives. As Americans we may think this is a serving suggestion for ways to eat the tuna. Here is Prague, when you open that can of tuna it will be in a ketchup-like tomato paste with corn and olives.
Or –my personal favorite- when you go to the store and treat yourself to the doubled up, extra soft toilet paper with cute pictures of strawberry’s on it, the strawberry’s are just for decoration – like the flowers on the rolls from the week before. Incorrect. The strawberries are what your toilet paper smells like. That’s right, your seemingly normal Charmin toilet paper intentionally smells like cheap, fake, strawberries.

10. This is not specific to Prague, but more just living overseas.
You think you can spot an American by the sounds in their voice, but you can’t. On the tram, you hear some guys laughing and you think, “Oh you’re American.” Then they bust out with some (“fantatitsky” and “shpatnik”) Czech.
I overheard some teenage girls squeaking in the store the other day and thought they had to be American because I know that squeaky tone. But sure enough once I registered the words they were saying, I could not understand a single one. Apparently the giggly teenage girl sounds are universal.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Million Dollar Movie

I have become a very big fan of the channel 6 Million Dollar Movie. Sunday Nights, starting at 11:30, a world class film is shown on channel 6.

Tonight was... Tripfall! Starring John Ritter, Rachel Hunter and Eric Roberts.
You know it was great!

Rosita NY Premier

If you're in New York, check this out...

A documentary by Barbara Attie and Janet Goldwater
New York City premiere!

Co-presented by the Film Society of Lincoln Center
at the Walter Reade Theater

ROSITA screenings at the festival:
Friday, June 16 6:15pm
Saturday, June 17 1:00pm
Tuesday, June 20 3:30pm
Thursday, June 22 1:00pm

Filmmakers Barbara Attie and Janet Goldwater will be in attendance.
In English and Spanish with subtitles.

The plight of a 9-year old Nicaraguan girl, who becomes pregnant as the result of a rape, triggers a battle over whose life has precedence. Rosita’s parents—illiterate campesinos working in Costa Rica — seek a legal “therapeutic” abortion to save their only child’s life. Their quest pits them against the governments of Nicaragua and Costa Rica, the medical establishment, and the Catholic Church. When their story gains international media attention, the repercussions ripple across Latin America and Europe.

Tickets for HRWIFF go on sale May 16, and are available at the Walter Reade Theater box office and online at Ticket prices are $10 for adults, $7 for students, $5 for FSLC members, and $6 for seniors for weekday matinees before 6 pm.

For more information go to, or call (212) 875-5600.

Attie & Goldwater Productions
16 Levering Circle
Bala Cynwyd, PA 19004
(tel) 610-664-7316
(fax) 610-664-5423

From Paula's Record Collection

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

OK, I love Woodmere

The Woodmere talk was awesome. It was "intimate" (read 10 people were there, including my mom)
Now, Carol, email me so you can get on Photo of the Week list. Good Lord woman, don't let your stalking slip!


Right now I've got 3 shows going simultaneously.

I'm in the Whitney Biennial
I'm having a solo show,a ramp project, at the ICA
I'm in a show at the Philadelphia Museum of Art

Please see the links below to further explore how much I'm blowing up.

Zoe Strauss

Oh, the Humanity!

"dropped under, one
one thousand, two one thousand, three
one thousand, four one thousand, five
one thousand, came to serving
cocktails inside the Hindenburg"

Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Two shocking, SHOCKING items were in this story about Jodie Foster speaking at Penn's graduation.

"Foster, 43, won Oscars for 1988’s “The Accused” and 1991’s “The Silence of the Lambs.” She received nominations for her roles in 1976’s “Taxi Driver” and 1994’s “Nell.”"

What?!? She was nominated for NELL?

OK, but the real news is where Yakov Smirnoff has been...

"Comedian Yakov Smirnoff, who earned a master’s degree in positive psychology, was among the approximately 6,000 graduates."

Congratulations, Yakov Smirnoff!
What a country!

The Demise of Local News

On the 11 o'clock ABC local news, my preferred local news channel, the big story was "rain." The first story was literally "it's raining."

Then at 10 after 11 the story was "You just watched Gray's anatomy and here's a long story about the set."

Many people get their news via local news programs. And I love local news and local tv in general, so you know I'm pissed off about this mess.

Merriam-Webster defines news as...

Main Entry: news
Pronunciation: 'nüz, 'nyüz
Function: noun plural but singular in construction
Usage: often attributive
1 a : a report of recent events b : previously unknown information "I've got news for you"
2 a : material reported in a newspaper or news periodical or on a newscast b : matter that is newsworthy

"Matter that is newsworthy" is very telling. It's subjective, but most people can agree on what is "newsworthy," even if it's not interesting to them or news that they want to hear.

This is local news; today is the Primary Election for
United States Senate
United States House of Representatives
Pennsylvania Governor
Pennsylvania Lt. Governor
Pennsylvania Senate(even numbered districts only)
Pennsylvania House of Representatives
Philadelphia Ballot Questions

voting is local news

Philadelphia's homicide epidemic is local news Not just the murders, but why they're happening and the cause of the epidemic.

The poverty and health care crisis in Philadelphia is local news

The Divine Lorraine Hotel being sold again is local news

Philadelphia is the 5th largest city in the United States. A story about the Gray's Anatomy set isn't news. Rain isn't news.

In 1958 Edward Murrow excoriated the broadcasting industry in a speech before the Radio and Television News Directors Association (RTNDA) for being "fat, comfortable, and complacent" and television for "being used to detract, delude, amuse and insulate us."

We apparently need much more luck than was ever expressed by Edward Murrow.

Woodmere Art Museum Tomorrow!

Hey, I'm giving a talk at Woodmere Art Museum tomorrow. I'll be showing some slide stuff and Tastykakes will be served.
If you're up in that neck of the woods, come check it out.

Woodmere is a small museum that has a stong interest in local photography and they are cooking with gas right now.


An Evening with Photographer Zoe Strauss

Wednesday, May 17, 7pm

9201 Germantown Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19118
Corner of Germantown Avenue and Bells Mill Road in Chestnut Hill

Monday, May 15, 2006

honestly, I feel overwhelmed and a little sick right now. I'm going to try to recoup, finish orders and return emails this week.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Summer Vacation Show

I've got a piece up right now in a show at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

It's a show of photos from the from the museum's collection. Here's how it's described on the PMA site...

"This exhibition of more than fifty works from the Museum’s considerable collection of photographs reflects the sizzle of the summer season from a variety of perspectives."

Why, it's "Summer Vacation" curated by Ms. Kate Ware.

It's up from right now until September.

This is the photo of mine that's in the show...check it out my friends.
194 mattress flip.jpg

Saturday, May 13, 2006

One Highlight of the 95 Show

I'm just moving on after that difficult news.

My aunt "Triple 3s" took the Chinatown bus down for the show and when she was getting off she said to the people who she sat next to on the way down, "If you're not doing anything between 1 and 3 there's this art show" and then they said they were actually coming down for the show. You heard me right.

Here's the article written by the woman who sat next to "Triple 3s" herself...A barometer of the American cultural zeitgeist: the Whitney Biennial 2006
By Clare Hurley

Friday, May 12, 2006

In Loving Memory of Sam Ryan

There is terrible news, Sam Ryan is dead. I went to grade school with Sam and had known him for over 25 years.

I saw him about 3 weeks ago at the corner of 16th and Sansom and we talked for almost an hour. Later that week, on April 28th, he set his Hicks St. house on fire and pointed a gun at a police officer, who then shot and killed Sam. I am so sorry and sad.

Rest in Peace, Sam.

Sam Ryan
Thanks to Julie Stevens for the photo

Article about shooting

Article about shooting

Thursday, May 11, 2006


74 daddy tattoo woman.jpg

It's been 2 years since I last saw Monique, the above shot was the last time I saw her. I have thought about her quite a bit, I obviously look at her image a lot. So I saw her at 7th and Wolf, about 3 blocks away from my new studio. She had beaten, her jaw had been broken and her eye was almost swollen shut. As we were talking I wasn't sure if the man who had beaten her was a pimp or a boyfriend or her father or more than one of those because she referred to him as "Daddy." I thought I didn't hear her correctly and it's because her tattoo says "Daddy" and that seemed impossible that the man who beat her was "Daddy." This was just so fucking horrible it was almost impossible to believe. Even standing there and listening, it was like a dream, it's so devastating and so unimaginable, whether it's figuratively or literally. The pervasive misogyny in our world is beyond my scope.

She couldn't get a date because of the eye and was jittery and anxious. She didn't remember me, but she did know that her photo had been in Elle, although she thought it was Cosmopolitan. Her sister was reading it and then was like, "Mom, that's Monique!" and they were really happy about it. I told her that the photo was in the Whitney.

Monique said something that I can't get out of my head. When I approached her, I couldn't see how badly she had been beaten. I could see she had been hurt, but her hair covered the whole side of her face and I thought it could have been from a fall until I saw her eye. When I stopped and asked if she remembered me and if could I take her photo, she said something like can we do it in the car, my Daddy's right over there. I was confused and then I turned and looked, I didn't see him and before I could answer, she cleared for a second and said, oh right pictures, and then brightened up a little. We talked for a few minutes and I took the photos. She was into making the photos with me and talking about what she had been doing and she was interested in showing me her face and talking about how she can't get a date. I said thanks and then she asked me for money, anything I could give her, a bag was 10 dollars. And then she said, "I'll do anything. I'll do anything." I gave her 10 dollars because the thought of having to do anything is just so horrible I will never get it out of my mind. I have seen some difficult things, in my work and in my life, but I have never heard someone say "I'll do anything" and mean it. It's one of the worst things I've ever heard.

I went back and forth about making the photos. I wanted to make the pictures with her because she was interested. But there's no photo that can tell this. And I wanted to make sure she really wanted to make the pictures, which she did. The photo below has a unreal quality while being direct, which was how our whole interaction was.

I wish Monique the best; I wish her health and happiness and I'm rooting for her to move her life out of the difficult circumstances that she's in right now.

monique showing black eye web
Monique Showing Black Eye

monique on steps web
Monique on Steps
pepsi_cola web


I now realize that I need a little break after 4 months of non-stop work. I'm not exaggerating. I have worked every single day for the last 4 months without stopping. There have been days where I have had other obligations, but I HAVE NOT had a day with out work.

So it was a little ambitious to schedule the open studio visits for the WEEK AFTER I-95...what the fuck is wrong with me?!?!

First open studio, May 27th, 2006.

PLEASE call or email before arriving.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

The Blow by Blow of the Day Of

I am up at 5:45 and out at 6AM. I drive right to the spot and get coffee at the closest Wawa.

I got to the Cantrell St. Studio and go through all of the photos and check the order. I come home and get up the #1 lady of all time and we go back to the spot.

I have not chalked the numbers because I was waiting to see what the weather would be like and then I forgot the chalk and my lady has to go get it.

Ms. Roberta Fallon arrived and I was very happy to see her. Here's a photo she took when I was just dirty, not actually the filthiest I've ever been like I was an hour and a half later.

zs 2006 95 photo by roberta

As I get closer to the back, I began to see that it was super dirty right at the last aisle. Citizen's Alliance swept the whole thing using a street sweeper but didn't clear the trash in the back. The back had to be cleaned right away so I had to put adhering the photos on hold and clean. Let me just say that this might have been the most difficult cleaning I have ever done. I scrubbed human feces from the bottom of the pillars and picked up trash that was beyond. It was hardcore.

So Manny and Meredith Grant arrived and John Powell and Olga Liu arrived. John Powell was assigned painting touchup and Olga started sweeping. As usual, John and Olga tore up with their help. I am very grateful for their help, they make a huge, huge difference.

Manny set up the table.
Meredith smoothed the photos and swept. Where has she been all this time? You're great, Meredith!

Pilar Berguido, a total stranger!, came and helped to clean and Stephen Millner arrived early and also helped. Thanks you 2.

At one point my nose began to bleed profusely and I couldn't stop it because I was covered in filth and couldn't get a paper towel to stop it. It was really quite a look. I was disgusting.

Ms. Tina Settino and Jorge arrived and went to get some food for me and my lady and also pick up more folding chairs.

My mom brought all of the stuff she was assigned, golf pencils, water and pretzels. I saw her cleaning at the front when I was in the back. Thanks, Mom. I love you.

-As an aside, where were my siblings?
In age order, from younger to older, here's where they were...

Savannah Roberts- Prague, Czech Republic
W-lker R-berts- Osaka, Japan
Cosmo Baker- Chicago, Il enroute to Minneapolis, MN on North American Tour.

We're rocking a worldwide take over!-


Meredith Grant worked the table with Manny this year and did an excellent job. So did John Powell and Olga when they had to jump in. I have now devised an easier system that will be in effect next year and will eliminate much of the waiting and be easier for everyone.

At this point it was 12:30 and LB and I left to go home for changing and clean up. I took a shower and changed and came back and the show was in effect.

What it's all about, Alfie

Here's my MO, check out this photo...

man nude reclining on bed

Yes, among other reclining nude studies that this photo resembles, the position this guy chose is distinctly odalisque and calls late 1700s early 1800s French painting to mind, specifically Ingres and Fragonard.

This particular photo also recalls Goya's Nude Maja, also from the late 1700's.

There is distinct religious iconography at work here in the placement of the reflected window, it creates a halo of sorts above his head. There's a lot of painting history happening in this photo.

But, really, it's also just some random guy who I met and about 2 minutes later was like, "hey, take a picture of my pecker" and I was like, "Dude, awesome."

It's everything happening all at once. WHHOOOOOOOO!

Adding a little something here...I don't this reclining move was a conscious move, I think it was something hidden away in his mind and he just moved into this position. He posed like this with no prompting on my part and one thing that's for sure is that he was beautiful in that moment.

Monday, May 08, 2006

The Match Up

above photo by Albert Yee.

As you can see from the above photo, there's a lot of space between the pillars under the highway. The placement of the photos should create a sense of connection from one to next, no matter what direction you're moving around the installation, but because there's so much distance from one pillar to another I believe that the placement of the photos works best with subtle, formal connections in addition to thematic connections.

Here are some examples...

The pairs of images below faced each other. Click on them to see them larger.

43. Philadelphia, PA (Woman Walking at Berks)
45. Centralia, PA (We Love Centralia)

The above photos have faced other in the installation since 2004 and I'm thinking that they will have a place facing each other until 2010.

160. Fishtown Memorial
162. Christmas Decorations on Front Lawn

This juxtaposition is my favorite of the year.
176. Bushes in Front of Tech School
178. Man Nude on Bed

16. Philadelphia, PA (If You Break the Skin)*
54. Philadelphia, PA (Half House on Boulevard)*


These images were next to each other this year

5. Philadelphia, PA (Civic Center)*
6. Las Vegas, NV (Courthouse)

146. Philadelphia, PA (Victoria's Hysterectomy Scar)
147. New Jersey (View From Train 3 Smokestacks)*

This image ended the first aisle

227. victory annex2.jpg

This image began the last aisle

195. we will win .jpg

I am still recovering from the event and so I'm not going to go on and on, although I could, about the placement of each image. Let me assure you, each image was placed with great care.

This was the first image

1 if you reading this 2.jpg

This was the last image

231 call-unto-me3.jpg